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10-23-2018, 08:07 AM
How's it, y'all?

I'm currently seeking beta readers for my dystopian science fiction novel, which is about 70K in length. To give in brief, it's about a King and a cohort of his soldiers as they seemingly fight a war against a tyrant called Sin. But the King knows something that his soldiers do not. He's one of very few individuals to know this truth. And he's determined to reveal it, what will ultimately end in tragedy.

This is a character-driven story, so I don't focus so much on plot. I've always preferred characters over plot, and world-building, worlds that feel "lived-in". So my intent with this novel was to fashion three-dimensional characters, to explore a part of their identities, while delving into the makeup of my world (I pulled from philosophy, religion, Graeco-Roman myth and even poetry to build this world). These are the two aspects then that I am very curious to see critiqued. I am looking for honest, constructive critiques. I'm also more than willing to swap story for story. And I'll pretty much read anything, I'm not all that picky when it comes to swaps.

Anyone interested, I'd be delighted. Don't hesitate to PM or drop a line below. Thanks!

10-25-2018, 01:10 AM
I am interested. I also have a dystopian fantasy novel. I can share more if you haven't already found someone to be a critique partner yet!

10-25-2018, 01:13 AM
It's about a world where people switch bodies every few years. This rebirthing is done by the government to encourage empathy for fellow man. It follows a 17 year old guy who has to navigate this world to get back home to his family after he switches. A lot of world building. It's also almost 70,000 words. Looking for general critiques on how the characters come off and whether the world is convincing. And whatever glaring structural errors there may be as well.

10-31-2018, 12:19 AM
I will beta for you. Send me a PM with more direct contact info to start.

12-11-2018, 12:59 PM
Still interested? I have been a beta reader before. I wrote a 76k dystopian Riding the Apocalypse on Amazons.com.

I have a romantic thriller 80 kk words. Wanna trade?