View Full Version : Seeking Beta for 4000-Word Paranormal/Literary Fiction

10-16-2018, 07:04 AM
Hi All,

I have a short story that's just a little too long to post to the SYW boards that I'd love some comprehensive feedback on.

It's a first-person literary/paranormal short story just under 4,000 words. The paranormal portion is somewhat tame.

I am particularly having difficulty when it comes to garnering sympathy for my main character, and it would seem that my plot elements, even though they do work together, do not seem cohesive to my readers so far.

I would prefer a partner who could provide feedback in the next couple of days, since I'd like to have it polished to submit to a contest by this Sunday. I am also not averse to multiple critiquers :-) If you have a short story you'd like feedback on, I'd be willing to swap. I have to decline novel-length pieces since I'm beta-reading one already.

As far as credentials, I'll take anything, but if you've published a short story or two, that would give me added confidence.

Thanks, all!

10-16-2018, 09:55 PM
I'll give it a look-over if you like. I, too, have had difficulties garnering sympathy for the MC so I feel your pain there and I'm happy to help. Drop me a PM :)

10-17-2018, 07:11 PM
This sounds up my ally. I'd be happy to take a look.