View Full Version : S.W.A.T. season 2

Laer Carroll
09-27-2018, 01:35 AM
Well another interesting program went down the toilet hole of CBS All Access. SWAT next season will only be available on it - and so I'll abandon it. I am NOT going to pay for another streaming service.

Ditto for Disney when they start their proprietary streaming service next year. I'd rather pay for shows only on my preferred service (Amazon). Or spend my money on books.

Laer Carroll
10-06-2018, 06:14 AM
Either Amazon got it wrong or they changed the info on the program. I am now able to stream SWAT on Amazon Video, the only streaming service I'm willing to pay for.

Duncan J Macdonald
10-07-2018, 05:28 PM
I get it OTA from my local CBS affiliate.