View Full Version : Looking for sounding board, discuss-plot-and-snippets partner

09-08-2018, 07:20 PM
Anybody interested in a sounding board partner?

I'm NOT ready for a beta reader or critique partner or even another round of SYW.

If you are ready in helping and being helped in juggling plot threads, POV choice for a scene, overly complicating things, and so forth, let me know. Verbally explaining something related to writing to someone else, having them ask a question or two, and refining my thoughts are very beneficial for me, and I'm happy to try to return the favor. This would be similar to what some writers get from a local writer's group.

Although I'm not requiring to work with someone who is published, I'd prefer someone who isn't quite a rank beginner. I have no published works. My WIP is science fiction, but I have other projects on the back burner in mainstream fiction and essays. I read science fiction, fantasy, mystery, adventure, Christian, and mainstream fiction, with a sprinkle of non-fiction. In terms of craft, I follow Jane Friedman and Austin Kleon and like the style and terminology of the podcast, Writing Excuses.

You're welcome to view my website via my sig. If you're interested in conversing for a few minutes to determine if this is a good fit, we can do so through AW to start with.

If this fits, I can handle discussion via phone, Skype or Discord and start with 2-4 times a month, most likely Saturday late morning or early morning weekdays CST.

Don B
09-28-2018, 07:12 AM
Hi, Cindy,

I would be interested in talking about this and seeing if we are a good match. Like you, I am looking for someone who is not so much a shoe-horn critique partner or beta, but a constant, close "literary sounding board." Where I live (rural mid-Michigan) there are no close writing groups or meetups, and I have not had this experience, really, since college a couple decades ago. (*sigh*) I have been in an online group called Inked Voices for the past year, and before was in Critters and others, but these haven't produced what I really want and need: a writing partner.

I see from your website/blog you like genre-bending, literary works, so you may like my style. I wrote poetry for a long time, then shifted to genre fiction, and now I write speculative fiction that I imagine would fit best on literary shelves. I have published a few really, really poor poems and flash fiction pieces over the years, and I have a nice collection of rejection slips, but only recently decided to take writing seriously. I am just about done with a really, really rough draft of a novel. And it only took me a year. Lol

Anyway, let me know if you'd like to chat. Take care.

10-20-2018, 04:47 PM
Don B, saw your PM. Sending you a PM back.

SR Wittmann
02-10-2019, 03:45 AM
Hello Cindy,

Are you still looking for a sounding board partner?

As my current novel progresses, I am looking for an outside perspective of plot devices, dialogue, POV etc. Very much as you stated in your post.

My WIP is sci-fi, fantasy adventure and is currently at about 90k words.

I am already a published author of non-fiction as I write academic texts for the college where I work.

If you’re interested, PM me to discuss this in more detail or contact me through my author site below.