View Full Version : Boo Hag 31: wackadoo 70k Contemporary seeks beta/swap

M.S. Wiggins
09-07-2018, 08:18 PM
*Thank you to everyone who helped me out with this manuscript. I'm grateful to you all. :)

Sometimes reality is crazy.

Boo Hag 31 follows the meltdown of Ashley Tipton Barrineau, who checks herself in at a private psychiatric hospital six months before her 31st birthday, hoping to avoid the hag who numbered her days with this prophecy: “You’ll not see the dawn of thirty-one.”

It is adult contemporary on the surface yet pulls you beneath to wonder what paranormal fantasy percolates inside the mind of madness.

I’m willing to swap a similar ‘head-trip’ genre, or other (YA or adult): science/speculative fiction, fantasy, paranormal, horror. I can handle some straight-laced/lollipop contemporary, but keep in mind it’s not my beta-reader forte.

Sample of chapter one’s opening scene:

The First Day of the Rest of My Life

It went something like this:

I yanked my hand free from that hag’s sudden vicelike grip and stared at her; my palm still tingled where her knobby finger had traced a line. Her fixed gaze mirrored my study. What lurked there in her watery-grey eyes? Malevolence? Yes, definitely something toxic, but also a trace of relief mingling with sport.

“Remember what I said, girl.” The hag’s wrinkles folded in on themselves when her lips curled into an indiscernible smile. She jabbed her crooked, life-reading finger in the air between us. “You’ll not see the dawn of thirty-one.”

When I stood and stumbled backward a few steps, she cackled from across the small decrepit table. I couldn’t look away. Something changed, shifted, in her eyes. For a second, there was youth.

“Ignore her,” my friend Kayla Sinclair said to me from the door-less doorway. “Let’s go.”

A late autumn breeze blew through every missing board of that hovel, chilling me to attention.

“You’re crazy,” I whispered and turned away.

Renewed cackling followed us out. We’d not yet reached the end of the rickety porch when I heard, “But I’m right, Ashley, live every day like it’s your last.”

The warning cemented in my thoughts. I hadn’t told the hag my real name.

“Stop referring to me as a hag.”
“Then you should’ve looked like something other than a hag.”


PM me if interested or have any questions.