View Full Version : Seeking Beta Reader for Adult Dark Fantasy (65k words)

07-20-2018, 10:52 AM
Seeking a beta reader for my adult dark fantasy novel, To Betray a Master. Looking for strong criticism that doesn't just look to tear down my work. This piece is very dark, with graphic depictions of violence and explicit sexual content, it also includes heavy subjects like sexual assault and PTSD. It is book one in a three-part series.

Paladin Aurianna Kallekos wages war on the demons who seek to subjugate humankind. Proud of her service to the goddess, her greatest regret is falling into an infernal ambush and getting her mentor Matthias captured and turned a demon. A decade of fighting fiends has prepared her to face him on the battlefield. If she can kill him, she can free him from his torment as a soulless monster.

Stripped of his conscience and soul, Matthias also blames Aurianna, and sees this opportunity to capture her as retribution. She too will know how he suffered at the hands of the Demon Lord. But the breakdown of her dignity and strength is too much for Matthias to bear. A fragment of the man he was remains, and remembers why she was worth his sacrifice. Rising above his demonic taint, he carves up her defiler. Together, student and teacher fight their way out of the demonís fortress, and make for safety.

Back at the order he betrayed, Matthias is imprisoned, awaiting trial for his decade crimes. Aurianna struggles against lingering anguish. Festering within her mind, her trauma puts her paladin calling at risk. If Matthias can help heal the wounds within her soul, perhaps he can find atonement. But if she canít save him, and correct her biggest regret, she too could fall from grace.