View Full Version : Separate agents for different genres?

07-01-2018, 09:13 PM
What would be the protocol if one is querying at the same time a middle grade book and an adult thriller, and the MG is liked by an agent who doesn't do adult, and the adult is liked by an agent who doesn't do MG?

Marissa D
07-01-2018, 09:20 PM
I wouldn't be querying agents with both at the same time; I'd choose the manuscript in the genre/age group that I'm more interested in writing more of and query agents with that one. Then if/when an agent makes an offer of representation, you can bring up your work in other types of fiction.

07-01-2018, 09:40 PM
I've finished at the same time two things which look equaly good to me. I sent them out to agents who represent the respective 2 genres. Then I started asking myself what my end game is.

07-02-2018, 10:25 AM
What genre is your next book going to be?

07-02-2018, 02:14 PM
I hope to keep on with both the middle grade and the adult stuff. But not until this winter, until then I'll be sending around the finished stuff and doing other things... So until I sit myself down some months from now and braistorm a bit no idea if I'll start with something for kids or something for adults.

cool pop
07-06-2018, 08:34 PM
If you write genres that have hardly any crossover such as horror and romance, you might need different agents most likely down the line unless you self-publish one of the genres on the side. If you're a new author, don't worry about this yet. Try to get an agent for one genre you write first. Pick the genre you're most passionate about and work with it and focus on the other at a later time. Who knows? You might get lucky and meet an agent that represents both of what you write. But, it is not uncommon to have different agents if the genres you write for are so split in the audiences there is hardly any crossover. If you get an agent, maybe your agent can lead you to someone who represents your other work.

07-11-2018, 12:33 PM
It's not unusual to have different agents for different works. Just yesterday I came across an author who has different rep for her YA and her picture books. But I'd choose my strongest genre, and also the one that if I had to pick I'd choose to carve my niche in, and try to get an agent who reps that first rather than querying both at the same time.

08-17-2018, 07:19 PM
Thanx cool pop, thanx, RaggyCat!