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05-24-2018, 09:15 AM

I am a person who has given a lot with crits in the SYW area. I did a long time ago when I was first starting my novel now complete back when I was more light with it, and now that I've reached "The End".

My main line: When a 17 year old girl discovers Dorothy’s magical slippers have extraordinary powers and are the targets of an evil man bent on hurting America, she steals them herself with hopes to unlock the slippers' powers.

I'm looking for a beta reader with 30 posts or more for the first 3 chapters, 88 pages double spaced, 29,000 words, of my 187,000 word novel, "The Silver Slipper Affair", or any part thereof. I will read 29,000 of your works too if it is in an area that interests me. We could do a test read of 6 pages and/or describe our novels more. I chose 6 pages because it gets past my Epilogue and through the first page of my Chapter One.

I need a read for flow and to let me know where it slows and why, and what you found the strengths to be. If you could rate it 1-10, with 10 strongly like and 0 being it did not interest you at all, like that.

I don't want copy editing or grammar corrections as that slows down your read for flow. I've worked on it for a long time, plus with a freelancer (although some new chapters and rewriting she hasn't read yet), and most likely very few grammar errors.

I would also beta for you in equal length or less. I can't beta horror, abuse, stories with a lot of violence, or LGBT. I can't beta LGBT not because of prejudice, it's just not an area I can understand enough to beta well. Also please only people who have a count of about 30 or more at AW.

Please PM me. In AW there is no way to send attachments. One can send I think 10,000 words in the body of the PM but you end up having to reformat it all to look right. In my case (posting in SYW) it created all kinds of errors that took me a long time to correct. If in your PM you could please give me your email address (Don't give your email address in my thread here as that is public... A seasoned AW'er said it's not a good idea, share email addresses only in PM.) so I can email it to you because AW does not provide sending attachments. I think that's because of internet space or "bandwidth" or some reason like that. If you don't want to give out your email address for the quick test read I would put my first six pages in the PM if you prefer that.

Thanks for your attention! Winfred

05-24-2018, 01:00 PM
Just mentioning- you can send a lot in the body of a PM. A few years ago the limit was 10k- not sure what it is now.