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05-22-2018, 06:46 AM
I see accidents and cops pulling people over fairly often. But today was weird.

To get to one client, I drive a dozen miles through a neighborhood as no freeway covers that commute. On my way down the road there were five police cars. They had a man in handcuffs dressed in a bright orange jump suit. It hasn't hit the news yet, this was about 4 PM. I'm sure the police were arresting an escaped inmate Never seen that before.

Then on the way back, there was more police activity with the fire department this time. There was a car sticking halfway out of a building! It's a busy street that is one lane each way with a turn lane in the middle, not a whole lot of room to get your car perpendicular to the street, a foot or so off the ground and into the side of a building. It didn't look like anyone was hurt, no ambulances were there.

There was one other little thing. There's a bobcat in the neighborhood today, just down the street. Neighbors have posted pics of it. Couple people freaked out because they don't know the difference between a cougar and a bobcat. A cougar killed a man about 20 miles from here 2 days ago.

Anyone else have a weird day?

05-22-2018, 08:35 AM
I spent two hours calling around to various sprinkler repair companies, trying to find one that knew what a stop and waste valve is and had the key tool long enough and fat enough (basically enough torque) needed to unstick it without damaging my water line...preferably within the next two weeks, or able to take a late afternoon or weekend appointment:

First two companies I called asked me what a stop and waste valve was...
Next two I got voicemail systems (if you're that busy, hire a $10 an hour virtual receptionist online to forward your calls to...or put a message on your line saying not taking new customers for sprinkler turnups/activations)
Fifth said they don't do sprinkler systems...(but you're a sprinkler repair company - it says so in your business title!)
Sixth couldn't hear me because there was too much construction noise at the job site (why would you answer your phone there?)
Seventh said closest appointment is 2 months out

Anyway, you get the idea - the good news is, the third one I called (where I left a VM) called me back and said "Dude, if I got your address right, I am like five minutes away and have my key tool with me - mind if I stop by to give it a whirl and see if we can't keep ya from dragging hose for the next two months?"

Sprinklers are running as we speak! :)

Plus I learned a new irrigation-speak set of lingo - "dragging hose" LOL

05-22-2018, 09:22 AM
I couldn't find anyone years ago at Lowes or Home Depot that knew what an anti-siphon valve was for a dishwasher. I finally found one in the shelf myself. Though I don't know what a stop and waste valve is. ;)

05-22-2018, 05:35 PM
One of the great things about local hardware stores, besides customer service, is that they know what's failing in the houses in the area. Lowes and Home Depot don't have the parts to keep the screen working on the sliding glass doors to my back yard, but the local people have two brands! So we got it sliding again, and of course within a few weeks Kid Two didn't see it was closed and literally ran into it, attempting to go right through it. You can replace the screen itself, with mesh, but the bent frame, not so much.

Anyway, my weird day yesterday was a small thing. I had to go to the DMV. Lots of screening, checking of paperwork, forms handed out, forms checked, waiting one's turn at every step. I dealt with four employees. I had on blue nail polish. All four of them did, too. As I was leaving, I saw an acquaintance. Guess what color nail polish she had on.

Maryn, whose toes match

05-22-2018, 05:43 PM
... I dealt with four employees. I had on blue nail polish. All four of them did, too. As I was leaving, I saw an acquaintance. Guess what color nail polish she had on.
Hmmmm, guess it was Blue Monday. :tongue