View Full Version : Seeking Beta readers for a comic!

05-14-2018, 03:21 AM
Fun fact: my protagonist is called Beta :tongue
It'll remain in the SYW phase for 1-1.5 months, but I thought better to post early.

Genre: Fantasy
Style: Dark adventure (there's some blood, but nothing too extreme). It's slightly philosophical at times.
Art: Surreal
Story: Prince Beta's beloved brother, the king, gets slain in the war. Now Beta is forced to undergo a series of trials, facing his beliefs and everything he holds dear, in order to succeed him. Meanwhile, an unknown enemy plans his demise and an old assassination attempt still engulfs him in its shadow.
Length: Will be about 10k words.
Looking for: someone who can spot content writing/content flow faults - preferably someone who is good with dialogues, since that's almost all the text of a comic has. This can work in multiple ways. A writing buddy would be helpful, but merely spotting where things go wrong is what I truly need: I've been looking at it for too long to judge where I must make changes (SYW helps, but no one reads the story as a whole there). I'd love a mentor, but I'm willing to exchange beta readings too. (Alternatively, I could always draw some art (https://umbrellafighter.deviantart.com/gallery/) for you)
Experience: I'm a pro article writer, but storytelling is different. I normally only write short stories and poems: this is my first complete big story. I'm not an experienced storyteller, but I have a good eye for detail.

Write here if you're interested. Good luck with your stories, everyone!