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01-30-2018, 01:09 AM
Hello and welcome! This is a thread open to anyone who wants to start, maintain, or reinforce a writing habit.

The basic idea is that repeating something daily, even in small amounts, will build a habit that becomes stronger over time. You can read more in this blog post (http://thewritemagnus.com/do-something-write/) I wrote.

It's entirely up to you how much and in what way you participate, but feel free to introduce yourself and tell us your goals!

Here are some tips:

Set achievable goals – I can't stress enough how important this is. Habits build over time, so look at your current writing habit and set a goal to increase it a little bit, in word count, time, and/or frequency. (For example, I did a lot better with a small daily goal than with a big, looming, monthly one).
Write every day – even if it's just a few sentences. It reinforces the habit.
Mix it up – Try different types of goals, different times of the day, different tricks to reward or motivate yourself. A good habit is what works for you, not someone else. For example, some people find it works best with a set time. Others – like me – prefer a conditional habit.
Be patient – It takes a long time to build a strong habit and you'll always be facing new challenges. Get used to constantly adapting and you'll be better prepared for whatever problem comes up next.
Don't give up because you didn't hit your goal – When you fail to hit your target, your job is figuring out why it happened. That way, you can find ways to get around your roadblocks (and don't be scared of lowering the bar - doing something is better than doing nothing). If you share your stumbles in the thread, others might be able to help out with tips and tricks!

Good luck, and see you on the 1st of February!

01-30-2018, 03:55 PM
500 words a day. I always hit a slump starting a new WiP because I pants it and spend too much time thinking about where it should go so let's do 500 a day. Just need to sit down and write!

01-30-2018, 04:30 PM
I’m going to join up. I haven’t worked on my novel in too long. Around Thanksgiving I wrote a short story, which I worked on into December. Then my day job ate up my life and my energy right up through a deadline that was a little over a week ago. I’m only just recovering; I managed to write a few short book reviews this past weekend and that’s the first non-work writing I’ve done in weeks.

Well, the short story has been accepted for publication and I’d like to use the good feeling of that as the catalyst to return to the novel, or perhaps to another story.

I’m going to aim for 500 words a day. I probably won’t make it every day; I rarely do. But something every day, something to move either the novel or a story forward in some way, I will consider a successful day.

D.L. Shepherd
01-30-2018, 06:19 PM
Hey Magnus: Thanks for starting up a new thread!

Kitkate and Lakey: 500 words a day seems to be my sweet spot for new drafts too. Good luck with building a writing habit!

Now that I've slogged through the first draft of WIP#2, my goal for February is to spend at least 10 hours per week editing my second draft. I'd like to commit to more than that, but realistically I think I should start low so I don't overwhelm myself, which I've done in the past.

01-30-2018, 07:05 PM
Welcome KitKate and Lakey, and welcome back DL!

My goal for February is going back to establishing a habit of writing after breakfast, which I really think is the best way to go. It's clear I need to tie the habit down better. Unless I head to a café to write (which I don't have time or money for to do much more than once a week), I tend to push my habit to the end of the day, and it suffers for it.

So the goal is:

Write or revise a few hundred words worth right after my morning routine (circumstances permitting, which they should on most days).

Molly Grue
01-30-2018, 07:54 PM
I'm hopping on this train!

Since I'm a newbie and still really trying to get over the paralysis of perfectionism, my goal is just to write for 15 minutes a day. Some days I will get more minutes in, particularly on weekends, but I am not allowed to feel guilty as long as I've written for 15 minutes on a given day. Solidifying the habit is the key (I'm telling myself)!

Layla Nahar
01-30-2018, 08:09 PM
Welcome KitKate, Lakey and Molly!

My challenge is (because I find it hard to do both Adult Life and Creativity)
1) Write *something* every day
2) Do *something* to improve my income
3) Do one item (however small) of self-care or Responsibility

Here's to a wordful and satisfying February for all of us! :)

Molly Grue
01-30-2018, 09:13 PM
Hey, do you all have a favorite habit-building app you like? Do any of you use that Streak app that I've heard about? I'm looking for something to track my writing goals, even though I'm measuring in time rather than in words.

01-31-2018, 02:05 PM
Hello, everyone! Since my editing is done, I'm back on the words-only track with my daily goals, so I only have one now-

Goal: 500 words a day (preferably in WIP #1, but #2 is also good)

Glad to see familiar faces and some new ones in here! :)

Esmae Tyler
01-31-2018, 09:47 PM
Hi all!

My February goal is pretty much what it says on the tin: write every day. I'd really like to get through one scene in my revision stack per day but since I have a different deadline coming up at the end of the month I don't know if I'll be able to pull that off. I guess we'll see how many days I end up with squirrels instead of an attention span.

01-31-2018, 09:50 PM
My goals for February is to either write or revise every day. I have a whole completed manuscript that needs to be tidied up before I give it to more beta readers, then revise again, then to an editor, then revise again... then maybe I can release it! xD

02-01-2018, 07:00 AM
I'm going to try getting my outline version of Chapter 1 finished this month.

It's patches of prose and dialogue interspersed with "or else I could do..."

I am hoping my editor can understand this.

02-01-2018, 02:31 PM
And we're off! It's February 1st here, and I managed 746 words today! It's in WIP #2, which isn't bad (it's a short tied in to my duology that I'm hoping to give as a subscriber exclusive to my mailing list). Starting off strong! (Mostly by telling myself I had to check in with words today, haha - thanks for keeping me on task, thread!) Hope everyone else can get some success, either large or small, right out of the gate!

02-01-2018, 04:28 PM
Oh, crap - it’s February. I’d better get some writing done today. :D

02-01-2018, 05:12 PM
Great thread. I need to focus on getting things done. Doing a degree, so a lot of academic writing, but don't want to let my creative stuff go to seed while I'm doing this.

Plan: spend at least 30minutes on creative writing a day. Try by the end of February to increase that to an hour a day.

Good luck all!

02-01-2018, 07:26 PM
I'll join!

I have 3 chapters left. My chapters are usually awfully long, though. I really need a solid kick in the pants, otherwise I'm going to convince myself that I'm too exhausted to write TODAY, that I can write TOMORROW, and that it's better to go play WoW.

I write in longhand, so I'll try to do a page every day.

I'm also going to try and sleep more than 4 hours every day. Tough stuff.

Good luck, everyone!

02-01-2018, 10:25 PM
I'm going to hop in this thread. I've been lurking for a bit now over the last couple of months.

My goal for February is write for 30 minutes each day.

My plan is to write first thing in the morning during the week and any time on the weekends.

02-01-2018, 10:31 PM
I did NaNo with some of you all and it was quite helpful in finishing the draft. I started getting the notecards out and revising scene placement and that's what I need to finish up before I start the actual revision process. So...I am posting now in order to hold myself accountable to finish this ASAP in order to be able to move on to the actual revision. ;)

02-01-2018, 11:31 PM
Day 1
I did sit down after breakfast but procrastinated to the point of near-failure. I did get some revision and writing done later in the day and I jotted down a fair few new thoughts about another WIP, so I'll give myself a pass on the condition that I do better with the morning writing tomorrow, which is my main goal this month!

Welcome to everyone, good to see some fresh faces along with the regulars!

02-02-2018, 12:52 AM
January totals:
Fantasy Kingdom novel: 7483
Fantasy Space novel: 258
Romance novel: 3124
Coming of Age novel: 138
Dystopian novel: 178
3rd of trilogy novel: 110

11,291 words for the month of January! Not bad, hey??

My goals for this month:
1) Continue tracking words per WIP
2) Write at least 100 words/day for a fiction novel, and 100 words/day for a romance novel
3) Aim for 12,000 total words in February

02-02-2018, 01:00 AM
Okay, organized scenes enough to start revising and made some headway on chapter one today.

Layla Nahar
02-02-2018, 06:15 AM
Welcome Eviora, Lakey, Qwest, Tocotin, tjwriter! Good to the new faces - well, avatars ;)

Esamae, peartree, keithy - keep on keepin on! Here we go February

Alright, Katy, 746 words is a nice strong start :)
Magnus - argh! I've been there. Way to get some revision & some new material in, though!
Melody, congrats on the headway with chapter 1

Day 1: about 3/4 page
Worked one part-time job in the morning, one temp job in the afternoon
talked to another person at this incubation center about his company, (also marketing) I could tell from what they do that they don't need graphic designers… maybe I'll circle back one day if I can do some UX stuff...
went to the library after work to print a form for my 3rd job (!)
made phone calls during the day to prevent a bunch of snafus…

02-02-2018, 07:44 AM
Spent the week working on a writing competition. Submitted just now. Away for the weekend then back on to my book, aiming for 1000 words a day again this month

Esmae Tyler
02-02-2018, 07:55 AM
Day 1 - Ugh, February is off to a mindkilling start. It turns out that having sick kids up all night isn't conducive to writing. Or sleeping. Or thinking. I printed out the SFFSS and made some notes to myself. I have a plan of attack laid out for it, I just need to get in there and get at it. But I'll take the "did something" as opposed to the "did nothing" and call it a day.

02-02-2018, 08:04 AM
Layla - awesome work! But 3 jobs?! My goodness, I can barely handle one. I hope things calm down a bit for you - or at least get more stable!
Melody - congrats! That's a great start!
peartree - look at all your WIPs!! WOW! I am just so impressed that you have that many ideas at the same time, least of all that you can be working on! And your January numbers are GREAT! Here's to an equally productive February!
Magnus - still a start, so good luck with your second day of putting those words down!

And hello to all the new faces here! I hope everyone can find this thread as motivating as it's always been for me. :)

Today I wrote 451 words in WIP #1 and 199 words in WIP #2 (on the train). Over my goal, so I'll take it!

02-02-2018, 08:07 AM
Returning to the novel after a few months, my first task is to type up the last few thousands that I wrote in my notebook before work ate me up. I got about 600 typed up this evening. That's the good news. The bad news is that it's useless work. None of this will survive the first revision - it's just no good. No redeeming features at all - not so much as a pleasing turn of phrase.

But unless I keep going, I won't get to the end, and there won't be a first revision. So, forward ever onward.

02-02-2018, 08:55 AM
Looking forward to February and a new start. My goal is just to write something everyday since my schedule is usually jammed packed. So glad this thread exists. It's been very motivating, and wow, I can't believe how many posts there are to day. With so many posts, I had to just skim a bit. Need sleep! Still, welcome back everyone, and welcome to all the new additions. From what I read, looks like a lot of good goals and lots of good starts. I managed 414 words today. It's a hundred less than yesterday, but hey we didn't have karate yesterday so I'm grateful that I managed that much.

Going to bed now. Good luck to everyone on reaching their goals this month.

D.L. Shepherd
02-02-2018, 06:00 PM
Quick check in today. For some reason, I just wasn't into editing last night. But I forced myself to sit for an hour. I edited about a page and a half, and I also worked on my notes a bit.

Molly Grue
02-02-2018, 07:09 PM
Two days of my small 15-minutes-a-day goal reached. This morning I learned a good lesson: I'm working through a workbook of creative writing advice and prompts, and it said to pick a prompt that I'm not that excited about and just start writing, without letting negative thoughts or doubt prevent me from just going with the flow. I certainly felt at the beginning like what I was writing was super super boring and lame, but by the end of it, I'd inadvertently created an idea for a setting and a source of tension between two characters. I don't know what to have happen to them, but it was a great reminder that I CAN come up with ideas, but usually not just by sitting and thinking. Thus, the writing every day!

Full speed ahead to everyone else on this thread. We can do it!

02-02-2018, 08:05 PM
I'm already behind, but the plan is to make it up this weekend.

02-02-2018, 08:24 PM
Hey guys, thanks for the welcome!

This thread is a life-saver. I'm back on track thanks to it, after half a month hiatus.

Lakey – welcome to the club, but what you wrote is not useless! Nothing is useless, as long as you write, because at the very least you are learning to recognize what works and what doesn't. I can safely say that the page I wrote on the 1st won't make it past the first draft, but it did make me understand what I need to do next, so I'm happy with it. (And it had an erotic scene. On the stairs. I'm sad to see it go.)

02-02-2018, 11:50 PM
Day 2
I've just been lazy today. Not much to report. I'll get back on it, but right now I'm just going to relax and accept that today it didn't work out.

Layla Nahar
02-03-2018, 06:05 AM
disco - wow, that's really great you submitted a piece :)
Esmae - congrats on the victory against all the reasons, and on 'doing something'
katy - yeah, but three part time jobs - not a lot of hours, not steady, but at least I'm pushing myself a bit at last to deal with my money situation -- and congrats to you on a lovely 2 WIP 750 word day!
Lakey! You wrote something. That's the good news. You wrote 600 words. That's the GREAT news :) :D keep at it!
nik - it's a great thread. I love how supportive people are. Congrats to you on getting in those 414 words. (I'm starting to feel the sleep crunch a bit myself...)
& DL - congrats on the Victory & on a whole hour of editing
Molly - congrats on attaining your goal on two days - and on the insights with your writing excercises :)
keep at it tj!
Tocotin - one page ftw!!
Magnus - a lazy day can be a good day :) glad you got to relax

Day 2: wrote 1 page; did some reading in the structure chapter in a screenplay book
the guy who runs the startup incubation center where I'm temping asked me about what I do; I got some useful networking information
did some housemate communication

02-03-2018, 09:34 AM
DL: A page and a half may not be your norm, but it's still a page and a half.

Molly: keep up the good work. I love little exercises like that because they challenge your perspective and often do produce little nuggets to tuck away in your journal for later use.

tjwriter: hope you get some good writing in this weekend.

Tocotin: glad you're back on track.

Magnus: Nothing wrong with a lazy day, but I hope it's not because you're still feeling down.

Layla: I would be exhausted. I don't know how you do it. A page is great.

I don't have much to report. Only 54 words today. I couldn't stay focused. I think it's the meds messing with my concentration and mood. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Heard back from two people I swapped beta reads with. Very positive and lots of good advice that I think will make this the final revision. I hope I can be as much help to them as they have been to me.

02-03-2018, 04:04 PM
Day 3
Right, after yesterday's quite unforgivable lazy day (and it wasn't a nice cozy lazy day, just an angsty one), I decided I needed to pull myself up by the bootstraps. I sat down to do writing/revision after breakfast, procrastinated a bit, then got to it. It was fairly uninspired, but that doesn't matter.

I don't remember who said it, but right now my guiding light is this quote: "I only write when I'm inspired. But I make damn sure I'm inspired at 9 o'clock every morning."

Lakey - The only thing you can't fix in revision is an empty page, right? I'd be much more happy with getting words down than being stuck with nothing. And who knows, maybe you'll discover some redeeming qualities when you read it a bit down the road?
Layla - You seem to be on target! I keep records of my domestic/work habits elsewhere, but maybe I should add them here as well. Not sure if it would be positive or negative pressure, though! :o
Molly - Yeah, the value of writing exercises and forcing yourself to write cannot be underestimated! I had the same thing happen to me several times when I was working my way through a creative writing book. And to be able to force stuff out until something clicks is not just valuable, but I believe it's a vital skill for any dedicated writer!

D.L. Shepherd
02-03-2018, 06:17 PM
Molly Grue: Nice that you found a prompt that worked for you. Interesting that they say to pick something you are not that into...great way to challenge your creativity.

tjwriter: Hope you carve out some time for your writing this weekend.

Tocotin: Glad to hear this thread is helping you! I started participating in these threads over the summer, after an extremely long hiatus of not writing--years--and they have been a great motivator to keep me on track.

Layla: Networking info is always good. Nice work getting another page done!

niknicnac: Glad you got some positive responses from your beta readers, as well as some good advice.

Magnus: Whoever said that, it's a damn good quote! My personal favorite is Jack London's, "You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club."

I managed another hour last night. Need to try to push it a little longer though, 1.5 - 2 hours at a clip, if I want to meet my weekly goals.

02-03-2018, 06:22 PM
Greetings. :e2coffee:

Everyone is off to a great start in this brief bitter month. Thanks for encouraging me and each other - very inspiring.

I didn’t get any writing in yesterday - long day at work followed by a dinner date with some old friends followed by passing out as soon as I got home.

I’ll make up the time today. I’m still typing in material from my notebook rather than writing new material, and once I finish a few household chores this morning I have on my agenda a few quality hours at my favorite coffee house. So it shouldn’t be hard for me to get yesterday’s 500 words, today’s 500, and maybe even a few more transferred in from the notebook. Then I’ll be about ready to start moving the manuscript forward again.

I shall report back later. Wishing a productive day to all!

02-03-2018, 07:01 PM
Nearly finished the rewrite of the first chapter. It's a lot darker, traumatic, dramatic... but I don't know if it fits well with the very next chapter.

Molly Grue
02-03-2018, 08:16 PM
I'm up, I'm at a coffee shop, and I am writing! You are all so encouraging and great. Thanks for all your notes - let's make this first weekend in February a wordful one!

02-03-2018, 11:15 PM
Just finished revising the first chapter.

Esmae Tyler
02-04-2018, 04:49 AM
Day 3 - I appear to have completely skipped over Day 2. Oops. Probably because I got a fat lot of nothing done yesterday. Oops. To make up for it I blew through and finished up my draft, including the massive surgical procedure from Thursday's notes. So it's good. Ish. And joins the revision pile.

Katy - Sounds like you're off to a cracking good start.

Lakey - Not being able to keep words is no fun. It's still wordcount though, and hopefully it was garbage you pushed through to get to some good stuff further down the line. 500 words a day is a great pace.

Niknicnac - Some days end up with more posts than others; it all depends on how many people check in. You're off to a good start this month as well! And 54 words is still a lot better than 0 words. Even if you don't end up keeping them. Sometimes mental squirrels just... happen ...and fighting through their chaos is its own victory. Hurray for positive beta experiences!

D.L. - A page and a half in an hour may not seem like much, but it's still better than nothing. I need to roll up my sleeves and figure out where I can get a couple of hours at a time to get back into my thing again. At least revision momentum seems easier to regain than the writing kind was.

Molly - That's certainly an interesting approach! I admit that I don't really use prompts because I can seldom see right up front what to do with them. Good on you for figuring out a way to make it work though.

Tjwriter - No time to make up like the present!

Tocotin - Welcome back! See above about pushing through to find the good stuff. Or the smutty stuff. Either way!

Magnus - I didn't even have the lazy excuse to use, so it's all good. Even better that you got through to the other side of it.

Layla - Yay! Keep it up!

Keithy - Obviously the answer is that you might have to rewrite the next chapter too...

Melody - Revisions all over the place! Congratulations.

Write hard, guys. February will be over before we know it; fight the page, don't let it win!

Layla Nahar
02-04-2018, 05:40 AM
nic - I am exhausted. But hopefully I'll begin to increase my per hour rate and then I'll be able to do less of this.

I get one page by doing *some* writing as part of my morning routine. I get up, make a coffee put a paragraph (the weather, what I did yesterday forex) in my journal & then I write SOMETHING in a WIP. Then I get dressed, (or exercise and get dressed depending on when I have to be there) and go to work. I usually get 30 minutes to sit at a counter in a coffee shop and that's usually enuf for me to finish the page I started that morning.

Magnus - I think it depends on how you look at it. If you look at it as 'accountability' then you can fall in to the 'should' trap & beat yourself up. If you look at it as an opportunity for support and encouragement, then any accomplishment, no matter how small, is gold. As I said, I put the other two items here because previously when I had to deal with income or responsibility writing 'went out the window' - so I see these things now as part of the writing, in a way. I can't escape them. If I want to write I have to do them too.

Congratulations on that hour DL! & keep at it :D

Lakey - Hope the dinner with your friends made up for the long day at work!

Keithy, nice work - rewrites are hard!

Molly, that sounds great! Happy Writing!

Likewise, Melody congrats on the revising

Esmae - the missing day! it happens. & uh, yeah, finishing a draft sure is a good way to make up for it

Day 3: Day of rest - I let myself off the hook but I still read a bit from the screenplay book & got a better idea of how to move ahead on a stuck point in my story; I did a big grocery and I'm currently cooking a giant batch of "Hearty Vegan Lentil Stew". Tomorrow is up at 6:00 for a 4-hour shift at a decent part-time job.

02-04-2018, 08:44 AM
Layla Nahar - you sound like you're kicking SERIOUS ass. Three jobs AND writing??? WOW! Plus 3/3 on day 2, that's pretty badass :) Stew sounds yummy, good luck at work tomorrow!

discodowney - what's the writing competition? And 1000 words a day?? That's a hefty goal!

Esmae Tyler - sorry your kids are sick :( I work part time for the county and the flu is running rampant through my county schools! Way to go on finishing your draft today!!

heykatydid - I actually have 30 WIPs...what I generally do is focus on one or two, and drift my attention to a couple others as I feel like it.
That way I'm never bored, I have lots of genres to work with, and the main thrust of my energy is still content rated on one work. Sounds like you're really kicking butt with your goals, over 600 words in one day!

Lakey - that sucks you think there's no place for what you've been writing/typing, but all work is good work because it helps you think, right?

niknicnac - 400 words is good! Don't brush that off, every word written is better than a word unwritten. Glad to hear you got good feedback from your beta readers!

D.L. Shepherd - keep on keeping on :) Something is better than nothing, but dedicating two hours a day is pretty hardcore!

Molly Grue - "just writing" is definitely how I work. I figure i can edit it later; writing and editing are two totally separate processes and should be treated as such. Writing in a coffee shop sounds fun too!

tjwriter - good luck with catching up to your goals!

Magnus - some days you just need to recharge, right? But it's good to hear you powered through and got some writing done.

Keithy - do you like it better as a darker/more traumatic chapter? Maybe just leave them alone for a day or two and come back to see which you like better?

Melody - good job on revising a whole chapter!

I didn't get any writing done today (it's my dad's birthday and we spent all day cleaning, shopping, and cooking) but I have been thinking over my fantasy kingdom novel and am attempting to solve a problem I have with one of the main characters. I think I have a good solution, but it'll take some time to chew over before I can implement it. Oh well. Onward and upward, right?

02-04-2018, 09:26 AM
Mangus: You got to it and that's what counts. Who knows, what you wrote today may spark some inspiration tomorrow. A mentor once told me that she special orders pens because she can only write with that pen, she plays the same collection of music, and sits down to write at the same time everyday. Her claim is that this triggers her brain into writing mode even when she wasn't feeling it before she started. It doesn't work for me, but I've spoke to many others who have some sort of trick that helps them achieve writing mode. I guess it's kinda like the football players lucky socks? Even though I haven't found that special item or music that doesn't mean others won't so I thought I would throw it out there.

DL: An hour is great, but if you really feel you should be doing more, try adding it in smaller chunks. Push for another 15 mins at a time.

Lakey: A good goal. Wishing you lots of productivity.

Keithy: Congrats on the rewrite.

Melody: Congrats on the revision, my least favorite part of writing partly because sometimes I get a little carried away and end up basically rewriting the whole and sometimes because it kills my soul to cut that scene that is so damn beautiful but completely unnecessary to further the story line.

Esmae: You completed a draft just think of yesterday as rewarding yourself a day early.

Layla: Hope you get that increase. Enjoy your day of rest and your stew!

Peartree: I think the weekend is a busy time for a lot of us, and family time is very important.

The house was way to chaotic and noisy to write today, but I wasn't idle. I worked on some plot points and tried to nail down some of my characters. Got into a huge discussion with my son and daughter about a concept my son has been working on. His concepts and world building skills amaze both me and my daughter. Now if we could just get him to have some confidence in the actual writing portion. Lastly, I put some time into a beta read. Much easier to read than write when it's noisy.

D.L. Shepherd
02-04-2018, 06:56 PM
Lakey: Goals are important, but old friends are even more so. Glad you made time to catch up with them a bit!

Keithy: Oooh, I *love* "darker, traumatic, dramatic." Sounds intriguing. Hope the rest falls into place.

Molly Grue: Enjoy your writing time at the coffee shop!

Melody: Yay for finishing the chapter!

Esmae: Way to make up for lost time! Congrats on finishing another draft!

Layla: Always good to take a day off here and there for self care. I would so love a copy of that recipe. I love lentils, and we both are dairy restricted here, so vegan recipes fit the bill!

peartree: Glad that you think you may have solved the issue with the character. Hope it works out!

niknicknac: Great that you got to work on some plotting even with the house being crazy. Wonderful that your son is creative, and may some day end up writing too. I think the trick is not to push. Not that I'm saying that *you* push, I just know for myself, the more someone pushes me to do anything, the more I resist.

Last night I worked for another hour and a half. But I missed my goal for this past week by a half hour, and I only managed to get that close because I ended January on a strong note. I need to pick up the pace a bit.

02-04-2018, 07:26 PM
Hey everyone! It's already 5th of February in my place... eek!

Magnus: That's some serious willpower to sit and write after an angsty day!

Lakey: I often find that typing in stuff you wrote in a notebook is a great way to get you in the mood for *real* writing. You're back to the world of your novel, so stay in there!

Keithy: Rewrite FTW. Even if it doesn't exactly fit, maybe it will let you see things in a different light?

Molly Grue: Sounds like it's a friendly and welcoming coffee shop :)

Melody: Congratulations!

Esmae Tyler: "Massive surgical procedure" made me smile. Seems that the operation was successful. Fingers crossed!

Layla Nahar: Writing with such a busy schedule? You rock, and you definitely deserve a rest. (I'd love some of your vegan lentil stew btw!)

Peartree: Thinking is good. Take all the time you need, and eventually you'll see that the words will come pouring out onto the paper... or screen?

Niknicnac: Your family sounds awesome – being able to talk about writing with your kids must be a huge encouragement.

D. L. Shepherd: A hour and a half is a lot of work done. Good job, keep at it and you"ll get to your goal!

Day 4: So I thought I would be able to work, because I was home alone, but found myself cooking and cleaning; then my friend showed up on FB, and it was their birthday, and we haven't seen each other for nearly 2 years (and there is a real-life ocean between us)... I ended up writing just half a page, and spent a lot of time looking at a sentence about the sun and snow and snow in the sun and the sun being warm... I swear it's important to the story!

Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Write on, guys!

02-04-2018, 07:40 PM
Greetings, February friends. :e2coffee:

It’s hard to quantify what I did yesterday. I did type up a few hundred more words out of my notebook - slightly more useful stuff than I did on the first of the month. It’s not superbly crafted prose, but the event it describes will almost certainly remain part of the story even if it has to be thoroughly rewritten. So it is moving things forward.

While I was doing that, I decided to recycle back in a few bits of something that I had written and cut a few months ago, so I dug into some old drafts and dropped that into place. But I haven’t smoothed it in yet (catching up with more old friends - a theme for me this weekend). And that’s why I don’t have a good handle on how many words got added to the manuscript yesterday.

So I will do more of that smoothing today - not overediting since the whole thing might yet get rewritten, but just smoothing into general coherence. And then I’ll probably type up a few hundred more words out of the notebook. But we will see - I think I might go watch The Post today, and I need to get an hour or two of day-job-related work in today as well.

OH - I also wrote a few book-reviewish paragraphs on Goodreads yesterday, about a nonfiction book I just finished by way of peripheral research for the novel. And that TOTALLY counts as writing (I was an essayist and film critic before I started thinking about fiction, so critical writing always counts for me). So, yeah, not a bad day.

I will write something more personal to each of you later today but right now I fear if I don’t get up and start moving soon I’ll grow roots. So: as a dear college chemistry professor used to say, good luck and good skill to all!

Esmae Tyler
02-04-2018, 10:22 PM
Day 4 - Dove back into revisions on my novel again. The current chunk is a hot mess. I have three scenes from the draft that I'm trying to combine into one, so right now it's a matter of picking and choosing the best of a bad lot to build into one Frankenscene. Got about 500 words glued back together for Draft #2.

Layla - You still got stuff done, so it's not really resting. C'mon now. Sometimes you just need to sit back and think about what's going on with the writing, which clearly worked.

Peartree - 30 WIPS?! I just abandon mine after a certain point. Yay for finding a solution to in-text problems though. See above, that's not really taking the day off.

Niknac - "Having some confidence in the actual writing portion" sounds like a lot of people I know. I'm slightly jealous that you have a writerly sort of family. Most of my kids are too young to read yet, even. Sounds like a productive day creatively, even if you didn't get words out.

D.L. - Half an hour over the course of a whole week isn't too bad, especially since some of the hours you did pack in seem to have been superbly high quality ones.

Tocotin - Darn those long-lost friends for showing up randomly on their own birthdays! And I'm sure that was totally an important sentence. For you it was sun. For me it's trees. So. Many. Trees...

Lakey - My, you're busy! Sounds like you have a nice Frankenstory of your own going over there. Hurray for patchwork pieces!

02-05-2018, 12:08 AM
Day 4
Didn't get to the writing today, but I forgive myself because I got around to sorting out something I've been promising to do for ages in a community I run. It's one of those things that pops up in my mind nearly every day, but I just haven't had the energy to start. It'll take a bit more time but the ball is rolling now so it'll go much easier. I'm certain that once it's done, I'll have freed up a lot of mindspace for my writing.

Not a lot of energy left over today, though, so just a big KEEP AT IT for everyone!

Layla Nahar
02-05-2018, 05:37 AM
peartree - it's a 'it never rains but it pours situation. One job is temping, so I might get 4 weeks here, 2 weeks there. the other two are part time. One is at a big-box store & I"m getting like 4-12 hours a week. The other is doing product demos - it comes in at the last minute, it's a gig I can't always take (usu coz it's too far). So this week I worked 48 hours all told, but next week my temp gig ends on Wednesday. Getting more money is the priority, but I want to keep writing in spite of that (the $$ situation being a very stressful thing and all)

and 30 WIPS!!! you got me outnumbered by a good two-fold! I guess I have about 15. I usually have one primary wip, but when I'm open & free (as opposed to being stuck) I'll work on 3 at a time. Hope you have some happy & productive cogitation about your kingdome & characters :)

DL - thanks for the prosperous wishes :) & kudos on the 1.5 hour - you'll make your goal next week

Tocotin - congrats on making a half page with everything else that came up - & yeah, those sentences…

Lakey - keep writing, keep writing! (and editing, & everything!)

Esmae - sometimes Frankethings are much better than the sum of their parts!

Magnus - I always feel better when I'm willing to forgive myself. Then you can enjoy the rest of the day. I hope you had a good time with the community project

Day 4: 1/2 page
It was hard getting back to my WIP - I didn't have time to do it with morning routine; sitting down with it at 8:00p felt strange. So happy I managed what I did.
Stopped on the way home at Micro Center to research computers that for running Adobe CC - I'll need something so that if I get a design gig I can actually do the work… & I cooked pasta & steamed broccoli so that I'll have a healthy lunch for the next few days and save some $$

Oh here's the recipe
In a big cooking pot
about 3 med/large carrots, diced, ~same volume dice celery, 2 med/large cooking onions chopped - brown all these in a pot with olive oil & salt
about 4 roma & 4-5 vine tomatoes chopped, put em in when the above is cooked
& cook that for a bit
3 medium red potatoes chopped, ~4 cups of lentils, ~4 cups veg stock* & water
put in the lentils, potatos & liquid & set it to boil, then let it simmer

chop up some kale (~1 bunch)
measure out some spices:
~1-2Tbs cumin
~1tsp cayenne, black pepper
~1 (scant) tsp clove, cinnamon
~1/2 tsp nutmeg
& maybe less pepper & more of the other stuff? play around with it

When your ready to take the stew off the heat, stir in the kale. Then turn off the heat, put in the spices & cover.

I froze 8 servings & had one for dins today with bread & butter. NOM!

*how I make veg stock. I steam broccoli or beans 1-2c a week. I use 1 cup of water & when I take the veg out I let the water keep boiling till it reduces to ~1-2Tbs. I put it in a plastic container & put that in the freezer. After a few weeks you have a cup of really great vegetable stock.

02-05-2018, 08:13 AM
For those who've been at it, congrats. To those who still need to keep going, been there, done that, so you are not alone, and you WILL get back on track. That's why I'm here now, because that was me in January. Finished revising chapter two.

Layla, thanks for the recipe. I had broccoli tonight also. :)

02-05-2018, 09:20 AM
DL: I would say missing your goal by only an hour and a half is pretty damn good.

Tocotin: A half page is better than nothing, and thanks, I think my kids are pretty awesome too!

Lakey: sounds like you have plenty going on, and I would totally count it too! :)

Esmae: Oh, the dreaded revisions! Sounds like you're doing good though. As much as I love being able to have these great discussions and all the other wonderfully talented things they do, it still makes me incredibly sad how fast they are growing up. Or in my daughter's case grown up. She's about to turn twenty! When did this happen? So I too am jealous.

Mangus: Good luck on your community project.

Layla: With everything you have going on a half a page is great. Hope you get what you need and a gig.

Melody: Way to go on the revisions.

Somehow I managed to squeeze out 1094 words today so feeling pretty productive. I also sent out for a new rejection letter. I haven't gotten one in a while, and I'm starting to feel the lack.

02-05-2018, 01:13 PM
peartree - 30 WIPs!!!! I'm so impressed! I'm so jealous that you can juggle so many at once. It takes me a year to finish one WIP when it's the only one I'm focusing on, haha. It sounds like you have a great system in place, though.

Layla - the money situation is the worst, honestly. If I didn't have to be working, I definitely wouldn't, as it drains my creativity so badly. Hats off to you, and here's hoping you get some more done on your checklist! And congrats on getting back to your WIP!

Magnus - sorting out your other commitment could definitely help clear your mind for the writing! As they say in Japan, ganbatte! (Do your best!)

Melody - chapter two, big congrats! I go chapter by chapter in my revisions as well. I will send good thoughts your way for continued success.

niknicnac - over 1000 words is GREAT! Congrats and excellent work! And I'll cross my fingers that your letter won't be a rejection letter at all (though I know how that feels, haha)
D.L. - missing by an hour seems like a very small bit to be behind. You are putting so many great hours in that I think you'll definitely meet the goals you want to meet for this month by the end. Keep at it!

Tocotin - I was intrigued by your comment about it being the 5th where you were, and then checked your location and we're in the same city! If you really are still in Tokyo, fancy a meet-up some time to get some words written? :) And best of luck on your writing for tomorrow! You're right, it's a new day!

Lakey - sounds like you had a GREAT day! I like the idea of "smoothing" - it's definitely something I do with older works as well, and had never thought of a name for. It's fantastic, so I might use that in the future myself. You had a productive day, so here's to another one tomorrow!

As for me, I FELL OFF THE BOAT this weekend (out all day Saturday, video gaming on Sunday... oops) and apparently to make up for the lack of words, today my brain vomited out 2,700 words... in a new WIP. This will probably be the ACTUAL new WIP #3, since I have inspiration to really dig into it. I get why; I finished writing my duology and I spent two years with those characters, and I'm just not ready to leave them. Some people don't know when to quit... and I suspect I am one of those who should just leave it be as two books. Oops! Well, that's alright. It's words, and I'm enjoying the writing of it, so. I'll take it. Good thoughts for tomorrow, everyone!

02-05-2018, 04:36 PM
Good morning. :e2coffee: (And I know at least two of you are in Japan, so good evening to you. What’s it like in the future?)

I did see The Post yesterday (it was great - I love newspaper flicks) and I also spent a little time with the manuscript. All told, between Saturday’s and Sunday’s work, I added about 1800 words to the official manuscript, mostly words from my notebook and from a scene I had written earlier and then cut. That makes up for Friday and keeps me over an average of 500/day for February so far. One or two more days of that, and I should reach a point where I am writing new words, not merely working in words I’d written previously.

Esmae: Haha, Frankenscene! I do sometimes find that, on the rare occasions when I can get into a flow state and just write, that I write things that don’t belong where they are but can be useful elsewhere.

Magnus: Getting a task out of the way that’s been hanging over your head is very productive. I often find that when there’s something I’m feeling avoidant about, not only can I not do that thing, but I can’t really do anything else, either.

Layla: That’s a big 1/2 page, because you fit it in at an unusual time of day. Having a daily routine is important for productivity, but flexibility when the routine gets disrupted is, I think, just as important.

Melody: Good luck with the next set of revisions.

niknicnac: 1094 is a superb total. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope that rejection letter you sent for doesn’t come. ;)

heykatydid: Hi there :) Yay for starting something new!

D.L. Shepherd
02-05-2018, 07:06 PM
Tocotin: Getting a half page done when you had a lot of other stuff going on is not bad at all. Hope you figure that sentence out. If not, maybe leave it for a bit and go back to it?

Esmae: "Frankenscene" huh? Love it! Hope you figure it out soon, so you can move past it. I just combined the first four chapters into three. I liked the flow of the original structure, but my character really making a decision of what to do about the predicament he's didn't happen until the end of the fourth chapter, and since most agents ask for the first three, I decided to look ahead (far far ahead) and reorganize. I don't know about "quality" though. Right now I'm spending time sorting out time frames and factual details and expanding scenes. It'll definitely need another couple of passes!

Magnus: Now that you addressed this issue and freed up some mindspace, I hope the words just pour out of you!

Layla: Thanks for the recipe...sounds pretty straight forward and tasty! I *love* broccoli with pasta. I usually saute some garlic and red pepper flakes in olive oil to top it with. It reheats really well.

Melody: Your revisions seem to be going quick so far. Hope they continue that way through the entire MS. Good luck!

niknicknac: That was a very productive day! Nice work. Oh, and you "sent out for a new rejection letter"? That made me crack up. Love it!

heykatydid: That's a heck of a lot of words to add. You are obviously really into this new WIP! I can understand not wanting to leave characters that you've invested so much time in. As long as you're enjoying the writing, that's all that counts. Go for it!

Lakey: That was a lot to transfer over in one sitting. Nice work. I bet you're just itching to get started adding new words!

Me: Nothing yesterday, but I had to take my dog to obedience school, which is an hour away, so it ends up becoming like a 3 1/2 hour trip, and then I had food shopping (and forgot it was Super Bowl Sunday...what a madhouse!), and then my parents came for dinner. Busy day. Today I hope to make up for it.

02-05-2018, 07:45 PM
Day 5
I'll be doing drivebys a couple of more days, as I've gained steam on this community project and it feels ridiculously good to get stuff done that I should have gotten around to ages ago. Once I've cleared that up, I have no doubt that I'll have way more energy to spend on writing.

D.L. Shepherd
02-05-2018, 08:23 PM
Oh here's the recipe
3 medium red tomatoes chopped, ~4 cups of lentils, ~4 cups veg stock* & water
put in the lentils, potatos & liquid & set it to boil, then let it simmer

Layla: Where I underlined, is that supposed to be potatoes? (I saw the tomatoes listed separately). Thanks again for the recipe!

Layla Nahar
02-05-2018, 08:45 PM
OH YES!! that is supposed to be POTATOES THERE


D.L. Shepherd
02-05-2018, 08:46 PM
OH YES!! that is supposed to be POTATOES THERE


Perfect! I had a feeling...
Thanks again!

Esmae Tyler
02-05-2018, 11:20 PM
Day 5 - About 600 more words stitched into my Frankenscene. And here I thought revisions were going to be quicker... on the up side this is, I think, the only chunk of the original draft that is in this bad of shape so hopefully I'll get momentum up again once I get past it.

Magnus - Good for picking your battles. Are you familiar with the spoon theory? You only have so many...

Melody - Yay for getting another chapter down.

Niknic - I don't dread the revisions, exactly. They are at least not quite as challenging as coughing up the last draft was. And yeah, kids grow up way too fast. I can't believe the older one is supposed to be ready for kindergarten in the fall. Like, what? Where did that come from? 1000+ words too! Congrats!

Katy - Hey, at least you know how to swim. Some days you really do need a mental break to let things settle and shift. And come up with new words and new ideas. Or old ones that won't quite let go, huh? Hey, why fight inspiration when it hits?

Lakey - Chugging right along, I see. An average of 500/wpd seems to be the most sustainable average in this group. And hey, it's only February, that's an awesome pace to be on to finish something this year...

D.L. - At some point I need to commit my story to a set length of time. I have one pivot date but everything before it is kind of vague. The ol' "how long does this really need to take to happen?" problem. You went shopping on Sunday? Gold star for making it out of the store!

Layla - You know, extra tomatoes probably wouldn't hurt that recipe...

02-06-2018, 01:23 AM
Clocking in before I start dinner. Got another two chapters revised today for a total of 35 pages so far. The first bit is fairly clean so I'm not having to do much rewriting, editing only. That will change when I get past page 60 in a few days. What helped me get through NaNo and finish the draft was to have a rough outline in my head and on paper. Then I took December and Jan to rework the outline. The beginning, writing the draft and then doing the first revision, is the hardest part for me because I am making plot and character decisions and end up second guessing myself. Joining this group forced me to go ahead and go with my gut and make those hard decisions. Not sure if that will help anyone else move forward or not, but if I feel like I am shooting in the dark and know I'll have lots of rewriting to do later, that trips me up. If I have a pretty good idea of where I am heading, that motivates me to get moving and get it done so I can find out if it is going to work or not. So, FWIW, sometimes stopping and planning is helpful in the long run.

Hoping to see some others 'clocking in' today, even if it's just to report a little bit of progress.... :)

02-06-2018, 04:35 AM
*Peeks in because I've been a bad birdie.*

I'm not quite ready to start working on my stuff yet, I'm still outlining/scening my rewrites. But I can definitely make a promise to work on the outline everyday :D So I think I'm going to do that. (This book is turning out to be far more epic than I thought it was going to be. Crazy.)

Layla Nahar
02-06-2018, 06:56 AM
nik - wow nice, N. The 1K+ club.

& holy crap Katy. uh. You get two lunches and a drink at least at the 1K club. Congrats on that wordful, wordful day!!

Lakey - congrats on that productive weekend :) Keep those words coming!!

DL - sounds like one of those days of constant moving. That’s a good day to give ourselves a break - hope it was a nice dins the the parents :)

Magnus - good to see you on the drive by :D - hope that community project is a lot of fun :) :)

Esamae - ‘stitched onto your Frankenscene’ - I see what you did there ;) (& nice work)

Melody, congrats on all that progress!

reeness! good to see you!

Day 5: ˜1.5p
Called someone who said he would help if I got design gigs, he's still available.
Moved in the new housemate.

very tired & it's bedtime now

02-06-2018, 08:36 AM
Lakey: Finding that perfect place for what you've already written is just as important as writing new, and it's a lot of work. When I'm done with a piece, I like to print it out, get the scissors and cut it into scenes. Then I lay them all out on the floor and move them around to see what it would look like in a different order. Sometimes I end up finding something that flows much better or has a stronger impact. That's one nice thing about short stories. I can't image doing it with a full length manuscript. Sounds like you're getting a lot accomplished. Keep at it!

DL: Don't laugh. A girl needs wallpaper. Paneling is boring!

Esmae: Sounds like you're making good progress. Oh, and now I'm super jealous. Your kids are at that wonderful stage where they do all the super adorable stuff like cry every time they take a drink because "Mommy! The sippie cup keeps drinking my chocolate milk."

Melody: Glad the revisions are going well.

Thereeness: the prep work is just as important as the writing.

Layla: You keep me inspired. You consistently make progress despite everything. Hope the new housemate works out.

I decided to set aside the WIP tonight and spend the evening revising the piece I got back from the beta readers. I need to fine tune it and send it out soon. After all, one 8x11 sheet doesn't cover much wall.

02-06-2018, 08:50 AM
niknicnac - Family time is totally important to me. If I don't "live" what will I write about?? Sounds like you've been productive though, and I love that your kids are into writing too! 1094 words is a *good* total too, and lol at sending out for a new rejection letter.

D.L. Shepherd - thanks! An hour and a half is so good; don't beat yourself by being off by half an hour or so.

Tocotin - a half a page is half a page more than you had before!

Lakey - that sounds like a LOT of progress, congrats!

Esmae Tyler - I never work on more than 5 or 6 in one month. I can go months or years without touching one, then write 10,000 words, and then leave it fallow for another couple months. No story is really ever "dead" to me, and I imagine I'll always itch to "fix" something even after I publish it (God, I hope I get something published!). Good luck on your Frankenscene!!

Magnus - having a clear mind is so important. Sometimes I write out the mess to clear my head; but mostly I need to sit down and just let it flow.

Layla Nahar - something, something, make hay while the sun shines!! Sounds like you're really kicking butt, congrats!

Melody - you're really knocking out this revision!

heykatydid - like I said above, I let them fallow and then hoe in on them at various intervals. I've spent most of the past two years working feverishly on my YA fantasy trilogy, with nips into my standalone fantasy kingdom novel and a YA coming-of-age I rather fancy, but I have over two dozen others that I take refuge in from time to time. It helps me clear out the debris from the seven million hamsters in my head, and it helps me not feel too hemmed in. Also, WOOHOO at 2700 words and a new WIP!

Today I wrote 155 words in the romance novel, and decided to split the chapter I'm working on into two. I think it'll help the flow a lot more. I spent most of yesterday's writing time going through the first four chapters of my fantasy kingdom novel line by line and working in the common thread I decided on, fixing words, changing dialogue, etc. I'm really pleased with it, and can't wait to get to the next nine chapters, but I have a big JOB INTERVIEW tomorrow and I'm shaking in my shoes so I'm off to bed with a cookie now and praying I can sleep.

02-06-2018, 02:05 PM
Everyone's doing great! =D

Peartree - you'll nail it! Good luck with your interview!

6 days into February and I managed to do over 500 for the first three days. Stepping back from it while I think about its next steps so I worked on another WiP at the weekend and finished a chapter. Took a break yesterday when I got the lurgies from work and felt like death warmed up. >_< Think I managed a few sentences before I gave up and slept the day away. Feeling a bit more human today so I'll get myself writing tonight.

D.L. Shepherd
02-06-2018, 05:41 PM
Esmae: Great that you are still stitching, and that you're starting to see the end of the difficult part in sight. Hoping that timeline falls into place while you're working on it too. Just think about how much easier you're next pass will be, since you're fixing all the majors during this one!

Melody: Glad all that planning was helpful for you. Everyone has their own methods that work, and it seems like you are figuring out yours. Nice!

thereeness: Outlining *is* working. Keep at it.

Layla: I somehow missed that you had chosen a new housemate. Yay! I so hope it works out well. One less thing on your list!!

niknicnac: I can't wait to start collecting letters again! My goal is to be ready to submit by July. Although, if I get done by then, I might try Pitch Wars this year. I'm on the fence about it.

peartree: How exciting about the interview...good luck!!!

KitKate: Hey at least you had a good start with those three days. Good luck tonight with playing catch up. I'm hoping to do the same.

I was *supposed* to make up for lost time yesterday, and instead I ended up being just plain lazy. I edited for an hour, but it was mostly forced and I didn't get much done. I also didn't even get around to any other projects that I could say I was busy with. Ugh.

Molly Grue
02-06-2018, 08:29 PM
peartree - good luck with the job interview! You have lots of fellow writers rooting for you!!!

KitKate - sounds like you're doing well at managing your time and energy level. Like books I'm reading, I always think it's helpful to have more than one thing in progress, so that you can pick a task to match your mood.

D.L. Shepherd - you SHOWED UP. That's the important thing. Keep going.

As for me - 250 words on my first short story that I will have ever finished ever, and before 7 am this morning. WOO. Made me feel pretty good on the drive to work. Hoping to get a little editing done on my flash fiction piece tonight.

02-06-2018, 08:59 PM
Molly Grue: Wow, congratulations on the finished story!

D. L. Shepherd: It's okay! I'd bet that editing you got done will help you when you need it most.

KitKate: That's quite a lot of work. Keep it up!

Peartree: Fingers crossed. You can do it!

Niknicnac: Revising feels good, doesn't it? Good luck with sending the piece out.

Layla Nahar: Thanks for the recipe. Sounds delicious.

Thereeness: Go go outlining!

Melody: Plot and character decisions are tough. Good luck.

Esmae Tyler: Hopefully it's alive and well! ;)

Lakey: The future is dark... the past is bright :Sun:

Heykatydid: Yay! I'd love to meet up. Looks like we're both using Japan for inspiration? :)

Day 5 & 6 and a bit of 7: I didn't do anything on the 5th due to, well, nausea from lack of sleep, so I did this sensible thing and went to bed. Yesterday/today I managed to write 2 pages, so yeah! Mostly dialogue, which I don't like, so I'm going to go over it again later. Hello 7th of February, be a nice and happy day to everyone in this thread, please ;)

02-06-2018, 09:02 PM
Hello everyone. :e2coffee:

I didn't work on the novel yesterday evening. I spent a little time picking at a short story but I need a breakthrough on it. I think it has potential to be as good as the one that was recently accepted and I want to get it there. At the moment, though, it's only 1000 words, and is really more of a snapshot than a story with any movement and character development.

Today, though, work is piling up (so, here I am posting on AW, of course). This evening, I'll have to discipline myself a bit.

Melody: Two revised chapters sounds like a superb day! You have me intrigued - what happens at page 60?

thereeness: Working on the outline definitely counts!

Layla: Sounds like a productive day and tiredness well-earned. Hope you got some good rest.

niknicnac: I love the idea of sitting on the floor with my work spread out on little pieces of paper around me. :) I do think I'll do some scene-level rearranging when I get to the revision stage. I've been thinking about it a lot - when to introduce this idea or that one, when to introduce this character or that piece of backstory. I've also realized that I can merge certain scenes together and strengthen the manuscript that way. I have SO many ideas of things to do; I just have to get to the end of draft 1, first.

peartree: Good luck with the job interview! I hope it went well. Good job on the writing too.

KitKate: I'm glad you're returning to the land of the living. It's nearly impossible to write while sick. Sometimes I think I'll be able to do it and then - just, no. Even when I'm on my way to mending, too sick to lie around doing absolutely nothing, I'm often still not well enough to write.

D.L. Shepherd: I think sometimes one needs to just turn off the thinky parts of the brain for a while.

Molly Grue: Great work on the short story! I love getting writing done in the morning before work. I wish it were something I could work in more regularly - I even find that I am less inhibited about my writing with my first cup of coffee; it flows better. But it tends to just make me late, when it's productive.


Tocotin! <3 We simul-posted. Rest is so super-important; don't skimp yourself if you can avoid it. Hooray for 2 pages of dialogue!

Esmae Tyler
02-07-2018, 06:25 AM
Day 6 - Taking one of the pass cards today. I think the flu has finally arrived.

Write well, all! Or plot well! Or think well! Or... sleep well?

Layla Nahar
02-07-2018, 06:33 AM
nikinac - hope that revising was productive and … reviving(? helped to refill the well?)

peartree - congrats on the 155 new words, and on the revising & rethinking. fingers & toes crossed for you - I hope you get a job/gig that lets you take care of yourself without having to give up everything else…

Kitkate - not the dreaded lurgies! I haven’t heard about those since I was little… Congrats on keeping at it and good to see you!

DL - editing for an hour on your *lazy* day. (Winning. you know that, right?)

Molly - good to see you, too! Congrats on getting those 250 in bright and early.

Tocotin - sleep is gooood. & two pages is goooood! Congratulations :)

Lakey! I understand that 'waiting for a breakthrough' I think. Did you ever hear of 'No Plot, No Problem' - it's about Nanowrimo - basically he says if you keep following the characters a story *will* turn up.

lets keep at it every one!

Day 6: 1/2 page of my main WIP - then got to lunch & left that notebook on my desk :(! Fortunately, I randomly still was carrying another folder, the short story I reviewed like a week ago (?) so - I did a half page in that;
made a several 'take care of this now instead of waiting till the last minute' phone calls - and - the guy who told me about the networking meetup told me today about a mini UX class next week, so - signed up for that

bedtime. Sweet, sweet bedtime

02-07-2018, 07:40 AM
Hey all. Interview...well it was a bloody mess to start with. I got there 5 minutes early (instead of the 10 minutes I'd planned, because of traffic), went to the front desk and asked them to call the [department] as the woman on the phone interview had instructed me, I watched the girl make the call, and she told me someone would be right out.

35 minutes of standing in the lobby later I finally lose my temper and politely ask what's going on. The girl says, "I THOUGHT you were standing there awhile!" and makes a second call. Turns out the guy on the other end of the line had said, "Sure, I'll get the [people], tell [me] they'll be right out," and then didn't tell anyone.

So the interviewers thought I'd bailed, and I thought they were stonewalling me!

My gravity was pretty upset, but I went ahead with the interview and I think that part went pretty well.

I'm so mentally and physically exhausted. I've tried so hard to get work done today and I just can't. I can't do anything. I'm a huge mess.

I hope you guys are doing so much better than I am today.

02-07-2018, 08:40 AM
Kit: I hope you feel better soon! Sounds like you've made a good start on your goals this month.

DL: I had to look up this mysterious Pitch Wars. It's like a job fair for authors. I had no idea such a thing existed. Of course, I'm probably the only one here that didn't know that. "Peeks out from under rock." I hope you meet your July goal and good luck whichever way you decide to go!

Molly: Congrats on the that first completed short story! I'll drink a glass of wine in toast. :partyguy:

Tocotin: Taking care of yourself is top priority. The biggest goal is to keep moving forward, and two pages is definitely moving forward.

Lakey: I'm sure you'll get there. Hope this short isn't just a good as the first but better even!

Esmae: Sorry you have the flu. Hope you feel better soon!

Layla: Thanks, I feel pretty good about it. Hope the class goes well, but, WOW, are you trying to kill yourself? Glad you said "sweet, sweet bedtime" because I was starting to wonder if you ever sleep.

Peartree: What a nightmare. Hope you get the job.

Didn't really get anything accomplished today. Tried to work on my WIP. All those words and something just feels off about it. So basically, I just stared at it and contemplated using a different POV, and tried to work out the different possibilities. Looks like I might be starting over.

D.L. Shepherd
02-07-2018, 09:06 AM
Molly Grue: Congrats on getting those words in. And so early too! I'm total opposite. I can't seem to get my brain to function until the afternoon or later. At least for creative stuff.

Tocotin: Oh, yeah, dialogue is tough. Writing two pages of mostly dialogue is even tougher. Nice work!

Lakey: That's great that this story has so much potential. Have fun working on it! Hope you carved out some time tonight.

Esmae: Ugh. I hope it is one of those really fast moving types of flu. And if it isn't, I hope it makes you dream really vivid dreams that end up helping you snag those plot bunnies. (Sleep with a bottle of Nyquil and a Pen!)

Layla: It was an hour of really crappy editing. I mean, bad. Like changing chapter numbers bad. Hey, good thing you had that back up story with you today. Nice save!

peartree: Oh, wow, that sucks about the start of the interview. But on a good note, maybe they felt bad about making you wait all that time. Could be in your favor! Fingers crossed.

niknicnac: I only found out about PitchWars this past year, and not until after it was already halfway through, so you are definitely not alone. But it sounds pretty awesome. I'm just nervous about the publicly posting your pitch and your first page on their blog, which is why I'm on the fence. Oh, that, and the "Oh god what if I don't get picked" fear of failure. There's that too.

Managed an hour and forty five minutes tonight, and much better work than the other night of fluff work. I still need to pick up the pace, but I made some headway. I'm on chapter five! Only twenty seven more to go...

02-07-2018, 11:57 AM
I missed yesterday, so forgive me if overlook anyone...

DL - chapter five! You are making great progress. Sometimes we need the fluff days, right? Keep it up!

Niknicnac - I'm sorry that today felt like just staring at nothing. Maybe starting over isn't terrible? Either way, I hope your inspiration and motivation comes back pronto!

Peartree - OMG that sounds awful!! What a terrible start to an interview, which is already stressful enough! I'm so sorry that it turned out to be such a terrible situation but I hope you managed to get something good from the interview itself. Definitely take somebody time to relax and get that anxiety out.

Layla - half a page is still great! Although it sucks that you forgot the notebook. Here's to some more words tomorrow!

Esmae - oh no!! I hope it turns out not to be the flu and you feel better!

Lakey - 1000 words is a solid start if you feel it's got some good potential! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you continue feeling good about the idea.

Tocotin - awesome! I'll PM you later then. I definitely am using Japan as inspiration, so it's fun to see someone else doing the same! :)

Molly - congrats on the words! And before 7?! I'm a zombie until at least 9 am... haha. Best of luck tomorrow, too!

Thereeness - welcome back!! Hope you can find your footing again.

As for me, this silly WIP I shouldn't be working on has taken over all my words and I already have 6500 words written? It's a lot easier going back to the world I know and have spent so much time on. I hope everyone has more success tomorrow! Fight-o! :)

02-07-2018, 01:37 PM
Esmae - Hope you get better soon! The flu is really going around this year.

Layla - It's so frustrating when you leave your work behind! At least you found another project.

Peartree - I'm sorry about the beginning of the interview. But you were on time and you did what you were instructed to do. Nothing was your fault and I'm sure they won't turn that against you. Sounds like THEY need to be better prepared and organised! You had every right to be peeved.

niknicnac - I hear plenty of people say you should just force yourself to write to overcome the block but sometimes you really need to take a step back and have a think. Forcing words doesn't always help so don't worry about it.

D.L. - An hour and 45 is a great achievement! It's good you feel happier about it.

heykatydid - Sometimes you have to follow the inspiration. ^_^ If the WiP is coming along naturally, go with it!

709 words yesterday and 715 so far today. Think I'm starting to get into the story now. I'm always slow with the first few chapters of a story. It's getting it all set up and diving into the introduction which holds me back.

02-07-2018, 05:17 PM
What a brilliant thread! Very inspirational, and great to see the ups-and-downs of everyone's journeys. Some brilliant word counts here and there - heykatydid... 6500!? Wow.

Sorry I've been a bit scarce... fell off the wagon on the 2nd (helped at the scene of a car accident we came across - pretty traumatic) but I got back on the wagon on Saturday, and have been working diligently since. I reworked an odd (nope, super-weird) short story over the last few days and subbed it to today. Really fun seeing the piece come together - if nothing comes of it, I've enjoyed the journey.

Now I'll start on something new. Happy scribbling all!

Molly Grue
02-07-2018, 06:14 PM
heykatydid - sounds like you are feeling super inspired! I dream of doing 6,500 words in anything less than 2 weeks. Way to go.

KitKate - I'm at a similar place in my WIP, and I'm also struggling a bit with the setup, which feels boring compared to what I have planned in my head for these characters.

Qwest - Way to be a good Samaritan and proving that whole fiction-increases-our-empathy thing correct. Enjoy starting a new adventure and good luck on the submission.

I did my 20 minutes of handwriting my way through this WIP this morning before work. It wasn't very inspired, but hey, I showed up. I also got some good editing done last night on a flash piece I want to submit before the end of the week. That was pretty impressive for me, since usually once I've eaten dinner I'm like NOPE NOPE NOPE.

02-07-2018, 07:51 PM
Day 6-7
Still working on my side project thing, but I'll get back to regular programming tomorrow so the break doesn't become a habit!

Esmae -

02-07-2018, 08:47 PM
Hello :e2coffee: quick check-in from me. I didn't discipline myself to write yesterday evening. Instead, I volunteered myself to spend the evening at the home of a grieving friend. By the time I got home (it's a good 45-minute drive from her home to mine) it was far too late to do anything but climb into bed. I did pour a whiskey first, so I'm keeping my head in-period. ;) I thought about the short story a bit on the drive home - that's as close as I got to writing yesterday.

02-07-2018, 09:39 PM
Hey writing people!

Lakey: I'm sorry about your friend. She's happy to have you. Sweet dreams, dear! (It seems we post at the same time, doesn't it? :Hug2:)

Magnus: Good luck with all your projects.

Molly Grue: Yay for handwriting!

Qwest: Congratulations on your submission. If you enjoyed it, then it means that you've got good results already!

KitKate: Ah, the slow beginnings. But what a good word count!

Heykatydid: So happy! I'll PM you too. Looks like this little "silly" WIP is going pretty strong. Enjoy!

D. L. Shepherd: An hour and 45 minutes of writing is impressive. You have much better attention span than me >.<

Niknicnac: I feel you. Sometimes it's necessary to change a POV. Not necessarily the same thing, but I switched from 3rd to 1st person halfway into the book and it made a world of difference. (Still have to rewrite the 1st half.)

Peartree: *HUGS* Don't worry. Take some rest & eat something nice, you deserve it!

Layla Nahar: I'm sorry to hear about the notebook! It sucks >.<

Esmae Tyler: Oh no! Get well soon! We have a flu epidemic in Japan too, except for Hokkaido...

Day 7: Finished a scene, 3 pages. It's a bit ho-hum right now and lacks details, but at least it's done. I was offered a beer while writing, and I accepted, so maybe I'm in for a surprise when I look at it tomorrow :gone:

02-08-2018, 04:56 AM
D.L. Shepherd - Congrats on getting to chapter 5 and clocking in almost 2 hours! Way to go.

Niknicnac - I wouldn't say you didn't get anything done just because you didn't write anything new. You ruled some things out, and thought things over. That counts, IMHO.

Peartree - Hang in there. Interviews and dealing with 'normal life stuff' can be draining.

Layla - It sounds like u r plugging away....

Magnus - looking forward to having you join in since you started the 'club'. ;)

Esmae - It is indeed flu season. Feel better soon.

Lakey - I wrote several 'shorts' before I was even able to think about completing a novel, so good for you. It all counts. As far as what happens at page 60? Capitalized notes are everywhere. And though scenes are written, they are horribly out of order. So today I pulled half a scene from page 190 that had to be moved to page 55 because now I want a character to appear much earlier in the story. Had to finish rewriting it, but managed to get it into decent shape today.

So for me, my goal is 8 pages of revision - or 2000 words - a day. I revised thru page 58 so far, so I am on track. Right now. It will get tougher to do as the scenes get skimpier and rougher....

Layla Nahar
02-08-2018, 05:36 AM
peartree - OMG - if you don't get it remember "rejection is God*'s protection" - and if you do get it - congratulations :) You just never know with these things.
* 'God' as a placeholder for whatever works in this context ;)

nikiniak - yeah, probably kind of - BUT - to be fair for a long time I've been working part time & from June - Sept I only have 3 days I can work - so I have to get as much ducats as I can while I have the time. Though, if I was making more/hour, I'd be doing less job. & congrats to you on managing to sit with your writing even if it was tough going

Congrats on that 1.75 hour of satisfying editing DL - keep at it!

Kitkate - congrats on the ˜700w days, and on getting the clarity on your story. Happy Writing!

Qwest - it's a really nice thread, isn't it? Congrats on getting back on the wagon - & on subbing! That's no small cookies (cookies?? or is it beans???)

Molly - nice work getting in those 20 minutes, and then getting in BIC time after dins & likewise on the editing :) I'm like that too, partly because food coma...

Magnus, Lakey! Hello & good to see you!

Tocotin - congrats on the 3 pages! (& wondering where you write - nice to get a beer!)

& Melody! 8 pages of revising a day - that is some *mad* productivity there!

Day 7: 1 page written, also started mapping the first of three screenplays I'm using as structure guides by key points & list of scenes; Responded to an agency about a temp gig; paid a bill
keepin on

02-08-2018, 05:37 AM
You guys, I got the job. I'm so in shock. I've accepted it (it's only part-time, but it's a foot in the door for the career I want [besides writing lol] so it's huge for me), and I start in a couple weeks.

Thanks so much for all your kind words and support! I'm getting back to my fantasy kingdom novel because I've been really kicking ass with it, and I'm hoping I can have something more concrete to post soon.

Thanks again...really, thank you all.

Layla Nahar
02-08-2018, 06:22 AM

I'm so glad for you you!!!

You know, these things are so funny. You think you've aced it and you never hear from them - you think you blew it and you get a job.

It will be so nice to relax, work toward you goals and be able to meet your responsibilities, wont it?

Go Peartree!!

02-08-2018, 07:06 AM

I'm so glad for you you!!!

You know, these things are so funny. You think you've aced it and you never hear from them - you think you blew it and you get a job.

It will be so nice to relax, work toward you goals and be able to meet your responsibilities, wont it?

Go Peartree!!

Haha I don't know if I'm on my head or on my heels! And thank you :)

02-08-2018, 09:02 AM
DL: Not getting picked is not necessarily a reflection of your work. One of my mentors told me he had a story that was rejected fifteen times before he got it published. It went on to win the Pushcart Prize and was translated into I don't remember how many languages he said. All those rejections and it turned out to be one of his most successful stories. His point and mine is, don't take rejection hard, take it and keep going strong.

heykatydid: Wow, that's a lot of words! Sometimes you just have to get it out of your system. Sounds like it's going well.

KitKate: I agree. Sometimes you do have to step back. What a great word count. Glad it's starting to flow for you.

Qwest: Glad your piece is coming together.

Molly: Inspired or not, you kept at it. Good luck on your flash piece.

Mangus: Wishing you lots of words tomorrow.

Lakey: Being a good friend is not slacking. Writing is important, but so are friends and family.

Tocotin: congrats on the 3 pages. The details will come.

Melody: Glad you're on track. That's a hefty goal!

Layla: Hopefully you get that raise soon, and way to keep moving forward.

Peartree: :hooray: Glad you got the job. You deserve it. Glad things are going good with the novel.

I think one Esmae's plot bunnies escaped it's box. It wandered up and started nibbling at my toes. It was so damn cute that I just had to scratch it's ears and rub it's belly. So now I have WIP2. Got in 831 words so I'm not complaining. It'll give me time to think about what I need to do to make the first WIP better. Esmae hope you feel better soon.

02-08-2018, 05:54 PM
Peartree: Wow!! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you :PartySmil

Layla Nahar: Screenplays as structure guides? For novels? Sounds absolutely intriguing! Btw, about the beer: I don't have my own room, so there's always someone around, and stuff happens.

Niknicnac: Hey, looks like you're taking good care of that bunny!

Day 8: I was able to write about a page at work – on various scraps of paper, so I'm not sure exactly how much I wrote, but I did flesh out the yesterday scene and I like the results. And today is Fat Thursday, so I'm totally off to eat sweets and play WoW. Happy writing!

02-08-2018, 06:15 PM
Quick check in because today was crazy busy - worked from 8 to 5:30, hour train ride home, and then had a Skype interview at 9:30pm. It actually surprised me because I went in thinking I didn't really want the job (bottom of my list) and came out feeling really positive about it and the interviewers. What a shock! Hoping for some good news about it now in the coming week or so. I did manage about 1000 words in the WIP I shouldn't be working on, so it was a productive day! Will get to everyone tomorrow, but peartree - HUGE congrats!!! You rocked that despite all the weirdness that happened, that's amazing! Keep on, everyone, let's smash these goals!

D.L. Shepherd
02-08-2018, 06:19 PM
heykatydid: I'd say that your new WIP has really grabbed hold of you. Have fun with it!!

KitKate: 700+ words two days in a row is awesome!

Qwest: Good luck on the submission! Hope it gets snatched up.

Molly Grue: Nice job just showing up. Hope you make your goal for the flash piece.

Magnus: Wow, that must be some important community project for you to be throwing yourself into like this. Nice work following through on something you are passionate about!

Lakey: A grieving friend is more important than any goal, and I'm sure they appreciated your presence. And hey, thinking about a story often leads to a story, so you weren't entirely unproductive.

Melody: Glad to hear that you are right on track with your revisions. 8 pages in a day is a nice chunk of work to get done!

Layla: Nice work keeping on. Hope the temp gig pans out. They often lead to permanent positions.

peartree: Congrats! Such exciting news. Part time or not, it's a foot in the door. I hope it leads to something BIG.

niknicnac: Thanks for your thoughts on not getting picked. It's funny, I don't mind regular rejections so much, but they are private. You know? That Pitch Wars thing is like a public slap in the face. LOL! Then I think, what if agents see my entry, remember my name, and then when I query them they think, "She wasn't even good enough for Pitch Wars...REJECT." I know, silly, but still. Glad you got a new idea and have a second WIP to keep you occupied. I always feel if an idea grabs me, go for it.

Tocotin: Way to go, multitasking at work, and re-purposing scraps of paper too!

I managed another hour of editing yesterday, and it was a good hour, as I'm on to chapter six. I feel good that I'm making progress, but I also feel that I should be dedicating more time to this. Especially if I want to meet my July goal. I'm guessing I will need at least three more passes after this one, the first to tighten up all of my sentences and double check plot lines and facts. The last pass would be to check for overused/unnecessary words and phrases and to proofread. Then I usually print it out and proof it a second time, as I tend to find mistakes on paper easier than on a screen. Better get moving!

02-09-2018, 12:14 AM
Day 8
Right, I'm back on track. I did poke at some stuff after breakfast today but did most of my revision and editing later in the day. I'm definitely going to keep picking at the loose ends of previous promises (while staying away from fresh commitments), as sorting this project cleared my mind immensely. The focus of my life is switching slowly but surely towards writing, which means there will be less space for other things, but that's okay; it's what I want, and a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

Oh, and I had some good news: The publication that ran the competition I placed in went off the radar and that's been gnawing on me, but they got back to me two days ago and apologised -- the guy who runs the competition had some health issues in the family -- but now they are back on track for publishing and I've been paid my prize money. Once I got that message, it was a huge relief and I realised it had been weighing me down more than I had cared to admit.

Anyway, back to the regular programming! I can see a lot of words have been written while I've been passive, good on you!

Tomorrow I won't write after breakfast as I plan to go to my café in the afternoon -- that always yields words.

Esmae Tyler
02-09-2018, 06:15 AM
Day 8 - Back on the wagon. Sent my Sisyphus story off for actual beta reading. Finished up the Frankenscene, sort of. It's going to need some more revision in another pass but at least I got it stapled together into a single piece instead of the three things that it was. One more old scene to revise and one new scene to write and I'm done with this act!

Magnus - I'm jealous. I think I would probably get a lot more done if I could relocate to someplace quieter. Atmosphere can be so helpful, especially if you can find a space that triggers whatever it is that informs the word-production part of your brain that it's time to get with the producing.

D.L. - Huzzah for good hours! I feel you on thinking I need to dedicate more time, but that's partially because I haven't felt like doing anything at all this past week and making time to do anything except vegetate has been super low on my priority list. I'm wondering if I might not need three more passes myself... though I'm afraid that after three (+the one I'm currently working) I might want to wrap this mess around some rocks and toss it in the river.

Katy - Congrats to you! I'm glad the interview went well, even if it isn't necessarily the job you want. Here's hoping there's good news to follow.

Tocotin - Mmmm junkfood and WoW. The latter may possibly have eaten more of my time this week than usual. GG Blizzard on your timing...

Niknic - Sorry about the plot bunny. Hopefully it gave you something nice and useful to distract yourself with, instead of something that is just nice and shiny and otherwise useless. I get a lot of that, myself.

Peartree - Wow! Congrats! I imagine it said a lot to them about your work ethic that you stuck out that really peculiar situation, since a lot of other candidates might've just tossed up their hands and walked out, or gotten otherwise unpleasant.

Layla - More congratulations to you too! Seems like things are really picking up on your end as well. All that 3/3ing is paying off!

Melody - Hah. You draft like I do, huh? Run out of words toward the end of the draft, figure you can patch them over later.... I still technically don't have an ending for my WIP. Oops.

I'm probably missing some people in this list who posted since I last checked in. Apologies, my brain is still a bit mooshy. Check in again and I'll correct that next post.

Write hard all!

Layla Nahar
02-09-2018, 07:01 AM
nikinac - bunnies! And this once came with 831 words. Wot a nice bunneh!

Tocotin - I'm writing a screenplay - it's one of my WIPs. Congrats on cobbling together a satisfying page while working! (& then sweets, WoW oh and hey, Japan(!) lucky!)

katy - all right! crossing fingers & toes that you get a great gig. Oh - and a 1K day. Nice!!

DL - congrats on getting in a productive hour. & here's to getting the bandwidth for more of those :)

Magnus - congrats on getting back in to it. & I'm really glad to hear that affairs with the publication have fallen into place.

Esmae - congrats on getting back on the wagon, & getting that scene nicely worked up. :)

Day 7: ˜1/2 page, went to the dentist, decided to got back to the beginning of my online classes because I got totally scattered last month; I watched the first html/css video

D.L. Shepherd
02-09-2018, 07:12 AM
Quick check in to say I got no editing done, but I did get a lot of personal stuff done today, so there's that. Hope everyone else had a productive day! Will read through the posts tomorrow.

02-09-2018, 08:07 AM
Peartree - Congrats on the job and being able to get back in to your fantasy world.

D.L. Breaks are good. U can come back refreshed and ready. Those second and third revisions will go much faster than the first. At least they do for me.

Layla - Every little bit adds up

Magnus - Glad to see u back on the writing train. A similar thing happened to me where I got a pittance in royalties on my first check for the first novel in the series, and it didn't make me feel very motivated to write what I am working on now, the second in the series. But this last check was double the pittance of the first check and I'll get another this week for some paperback sales on another book, that will be triple the pittance, ;) , so it is slowly adding up....

Esmae - Looks like you've got lots going on but u r being productive

Heykatydid - 1000 words rocks!

I usually email my daily updates to myself so I don't lose work. (It's happened in the past.) Yesterday was crazy busy and I didn't write at home, so I didn't email. Wouldn't you know the day I don't do it I lose half my edits and new stuff. So, I had to rewrite 4 pages from scratch. I edited 4 pages so I did do my 8, but lesson learned about emailing daily work. Every. Single. Day.

02-09-2018, 04:05 PM
Oh, folks. :e2coffee:

I didn’t write last night. I was just too tired. It was a moderately late night - I didn’t tear myself away from the office until after 7, ran an errand and got dinner, and by the time I got home it was after 9; I fed the cats and showered and fell into bed. I remember when 10PM felt like early in the evening to me. Not anymore.

The night before, I added about 450 words on the short story. It had been a snapshot of a woman’s funeral, attended by her best-friend/ex-lover and her bereft long-time partner. I am trying to expand the story now into a picture of an unlikely friendship between the two surviving women, covering how it grew during the years of the partner’s relationship with the deceased, and ending with the sense that the friendship is what will get the two of them through their grief.

Doesn’t that sound like a great story? I have no idea how I will pull it off.

I also realized that another stray chapter I had written early in my experimenting with the novel (and then cut) could possibly work as a stand-alone short story as well. So, look, I suddenly have a pipeline.

I will write some individual comments to all you lovely people later - I’m on a tiny screen at the moment and it is too difficult to see what I’m writing and what you have all written side by side. >.<

02-09-2018, 10:42 PM
Day 9
Success! The café always works. I revised two different WIPs and added a few hundred words to one of them.

Esmae -- it's the opposite for me; I need background noise for interference, so a busy café is excellent for me. But my home is quiet and I have more trouble focusing.
D.L. -- You don't have to read them all. You can just check in, if you want! :D
Melody -- The money was nice, but this will be my first proper publication, so not knowing if it was happening or not was tougher as it's a big step.
Lakey -- Some days you're too tired and it's better to rest up. And you don't have to write individual responses to everyone. The main purpose of the thread is to report progress of your goals! :)

D.L. Shepherd
02-10-2018, 04:08 AM
Esmae: So glad you got your Frankenscene sort of figured out and you're back to work. Don't you even consider tossing your work in the river. As hard as these passes are, just remember it's getting better and better with each one. You got this.

Layla: Hope the dentist visit was just maintenance. Nice to hear that you're still on track, 3 for 3 again!

Melody: So sorry you lost your work. That's just awful when stuff like that happens. What a bummer. Great that you still made your goal, despite all that.

Lakey: Sorry you had a long day yesterday. I bet you'll figure out a way to pull off that story. Have fun with it!

Magnus: So glad the cafe came to your rescue...and that you know longer have to worry about not hearing back from the contest. I'm sure a big weight was lifted!

As for me, if I don't read the comments and respond, what other excuse will I have for not getting any editing done today? Again. At least I can cheer on everyone who is working! I was on a roll with the revisions at first, but this past week has been pretty forced. I had hoped to make up for lost time tonight, but it didn't happen. Tomorrow I'd have to edit for 6 1/4 hours to make my weekly goal, and um, for some reason I just think that's not going to happen either. Hopefully next week will be a better week.

Esmae Tyler
02-10-2018, 05:00 AM
Day 9 - Finished tidying up the pages for the last scene from the first act. Now I need to go back and add a few things that weren't even conceptualized in the previous draft, and I should probably do that before moving on to the next bit.

Layla - Ooooh the dentist. Possibly my least favorite sort of medical-related chore. *twitch* I hope your appointment went well! I think that earns you 4/3 for today, myself...

Melody - Oh yuck. Sorry about your lost work; that's always super frustrating. I hope the rewritten material looked better than the original draft, at least.

Lakey - I remember when dawn was nature's way of telling me it was time to go to bed. Now it's not quite 8 PM and I'm starting to think bed sounds like a good idea already. Yikes. And congrats on finding productive ways to corral your ideas. Mine just kind of end up in the bin until they escape to plague other people.

Magnus - It never fails to amaze me how very different everyone's writing process is! Yay for getting the words out today.

D.L. - That really sounds a lot like my last week or so has been. Sometimes the will is there but not the focus; sometimes the focus shows up but there's no will to actually sit and do anything with it. Sometimes you sit and stare at the screen until the Netflix fairy shows up...

02-10-2018, 12:22 PM
heykatydid: Hope you get some good news. Isn't it nice when something surprises you? Also, wow! A 1,000 words! Sounds like the WIP you shouldn't be working on is coming along nicely.

DL: You've been hard at it for awhile now. Sometimes we need a little break as long as it doesn't turn into a really long break, which I've been guilty of doing.

Magnus: Glad you're back on track and congrats on your first publication!

Esmae: Glad everything is coming together for you, and glad you're feeling better. The flu has struck my house now. My son woke up yesterday with a fever. Poor guy, he's been miserable. Lysol has taken over my house. They took my spleen back in August so now anytime someone sneezes around me, I panic. So far it's been a totally unnecessary panic, but I can't seem to convince my brain that all is well.

Layla: A dumb question from someone who is terrible at internet and texting jargon. What does 3/3 mean? I keep seeing you post it, but can't figure it out. I'm assuming it has something to do with your daily progress? As much as I hate to admit how ignorant I am, my curiosity has gotten the better of me.

Between medicating a sick child, lysoling my house, a two hour wait at the doctor's office, and work there was no time for writing yesterday. I tried to make up for it today and managed to pull off 944 words in the fantasy novel that I have started, chunked and started again about a thousand times. Here I am starting over again, but I feel like my writing has grown so much since the last time I pulled it out of the drawer that it would be impossible to start from where I left off. People would think two different authors wrote it. I really need to get a grip and reign in my focus. I've been all over the place this week. I think my brain has gotten a little overexcited about getting back into the writing habit after such a long break.

02-10-2018, 10:52 PM
Day 10
Great success! I wrote after breakfast and did a book review, finished a part of one WIP, and took some notes on another.

Some of the techniques I've been training to maintain focus are starting to pay off.

Keep it up, folks!

Layla Nahar
02-11-2018, 12:53 AM
DL - it was exactly maintenance (so that's why I'm kind of proud of myself for getting to it.) I'm with you - I hate that feeling when I was doing good on something and then that goes away - for whatever reason. But you'll get this :)

Esmae - congrats on finishing Act 1; Happy Layer 2!

Nik - 3/3 is relevant only to my posts in this thread! It's because in the past I've either been able to write OR deal with life. Generally, when some stressful life thing would show up my writing would go out the window. So my commitment is, while keeping my writing habit, to to one action toward increasing my income and one action of self-care/responsibility; Congrats on the 944 words! That's a big beautiful number.

Magnus, that's awesome!

Day 10: I'm taking a pass-day & doing all kinds of self-care/responsibility actions. Hope everyone is having a relaxing and productive weekend.

D.L. Shepherd
02-11-2018, 02:08 AM
Esmae: Sounds like you are making good progress and are staying on point. Nice work! And yeah, I know what you mean about distractions like Netflix. Gotta try to stay focused!

niknicknac: I've been guilty of those way too long breaks as well, which is why I'm finding these threads so helpful! I think its great that you have so many ideas right now that you are finding it hard to focus. Much better than not writing, right? Great job on the 900+ words!

Magnus: So happy to hear that you're back on track. I'm sure it helps now that your mind is clear regarding the contest and your community project. Keep it up!

Layla: Phew for maintenance. Never fun, but much better than the alternative! Enjoy your pass today, you haven't taken one in a while!

I managed an hour and fifteen today, making my total for this week 5 hours. My goal was 10 hours, but at least I got some work done today and ended on a good note. I will try harder next week.

02-11-2018, 04:00 AM
Lakey and D.L. - Sometimes it doesn't always go as planned.

Magnus and Esmae- Good for you all for hanging in there.

Worked on a finishing up a short story yesterday, so I could send that off to try to sell, so that ate up my time for my WIP.
But, met my goal today so I am up to editing through page 66.

02-11-2018, 10:25 AM
Mangus: Happy to see you're back at it and having so much success!

Layla: enjoy your pass day. You've earned it!

DL: I agree, this is a great thread. I hope you meet those goals next week.

Melody: You met your goal and finished up a story, sounds like progress to me.

It was a rough start today. I had a bad headache, a noisy house, a really needy cat that kept laying on my keyboard (his standard behavior), and I couldn't really concentrate. Once the headache finally subsided, and the house settled down, I really got into it and squeezed out 1087 words in the FN.

02-11-2018, 08:15 PM
Hello all :e2coffee:

I don't have a word count, because of moving things around and rewriting and shoving and squeezing, but so far this weekend I have added about 1000 words to my story about a dead woman and her lover and her best friend. I also added a wormy ex-husband and an ending I love. Except I've also made the characters Jewish, and the ending isn't consistent with that, so I'm going to have to think some more.

Once I finish writing this post I am going to do some household chores, and then I'm going to my grieving friend's son's piano concert, and after that I've got some cooking to do, but if I'm still awake once all that is through, I'll either pick at the story more or do some more notebook-to-manuscript transfer of the novel. Forward ever onward.

Esmae Tyler: Sounds like you are at a fun stage of revision. I really can't wait to get there myself; though I admit I am not working on the novel in a way that reflects how much I want to get there.

Magnus: Yay for success! Can I hear about the techniques you've been practicing? As a person who struggles with getting off the dime and with focus, I'm always very interested in the psychological games we can play with ourselves to overcome (or at least mitigate) those issues. And by the way, I know that I needn't write responses to everyone, but I want to - because it is so delightful to read everyone's responses to me. :)

Layla Nahar: You've earned that pass. Sometimes on the weekend I feel I cannot do anything but lie in bed and read. My day job is very demanding of mental energy and it just leaves me sapped. Whatever it is that is sapping you, you deserve a chance to recover.

D.L. Shepherd: 5 hours sounds like a great total for the week. It's surprisingly hard to find that much time for something.

Melody: It almost always doesn't go as planned. :D Glad you got your story finished. Good luck with the editing! On the lost-work thing - that sucks. I once lost an entire draft chapter. After a lot of screaming and cursing, I rewrote the thing. It wasn't any fun.

niknicnac: It sounds like you overcame that rough start with some serious progress. Nice work! I hope your kid is feeling better.

02-11-2018, 08:57 PM
Day 11
Did some final edits on a short and posted it to my Patreon, and I was at it as soon as I could after breakfast (decided to take a walk and do some yoga first, but that's always okay to prioritise). It wasn't a whole lot of work, so I might try to get some more done today. But it's Sunday, so it's okay if I don't.

Layla- Yep, sometimes we just need to clear our minds and schedules so we can set it to writing in the future.
D.L. - I'm sure you'll get more hours in this week!
nik- Over a thousand words, that's great considering all those distractions!
Melody - Sounds like you've been very productive, achieving both those!
Lakey - I try to write blog posts about what it is I do to help my focus and productivity, but I admit I've been terrible at getting around to it lately so I can't link you anything new. It's too much to explain here, though, as it's a combination of things -- little and big. Meditation has helped me a lot; I do 15-20 mins every day.

Layla Nahar
02-12-2018, 04:42 AM
DL, 1.25 hours still seems like a good chunk of work. Keep at it DL!

Melody, congrats on meeting your goal & it's inspiring to hear about people putting their work on the market :)

nik - wow 1087 - nice - you get your lunch at the 1K club today ;) (& glad to hear you felt better as the day went on)

Lakey - congrats on getting those 1000 words in!

Magnus, congrats on finishing and putting your work out to the world.

Day 11: 1/2 handwritten page
watched more training vids & took a quiz. If reading a book and taking it easy is self care, I did 3/3.

Keep on keepin on yall!

02-12-2018, 04:56 AM
Niknicnac - Good for you for writing over 1000 words with all the distractions.

Magnus - Some days won't be big output days, but can set us up for output the next.

Lakey - reorganizing counts because it still has to get done at some point

Layla- whenever I hand write, I know what I wrote will be a keeper, because putting pen to paper is the best way to open up the writing brain cells.

On track today with the page count, but only because I have the Olympics on in the background. This may actually help me write if I say to myself that I will only let myself watch them if I meet my goal that day....

Taylor Harbin
02-12-2018, 05:13 AM
I'm just throwing this up here since February has been a real pain. Today was probably the most difficult day of my writing life. I was up since 2:30 with terrible stomach problems, and when I realized I couldn't go back to sleep, I decided to get down on a draft I've been aching to finish. Between trips to the bathroom, a nap, and first draft jitters, I finally did it (made the maximum word count), and I still have seventeen days to let it cool, decide if it stinks, and what to do next before the contest deadline. Ugh. I want ice cream.

Esmae Tyler
02-12-2018, 07:17 AM
Day 10 - Went to my monthly writing group meet-up... and was the only person who showed up. Everybody else was sick. I plowed ahead through two scenes. And on

Day 11 - I cleaned up a third, so I'm at 16/55. It's still a mess but kind of less of one than it was; apparently I had a major info dump in this one and I trimmed it but... erm. It's going to need more work later, for sure. It can really only get better though, right?

Niknic - The sick is definitely the suck, so hopefully there's a win in there somewhere for Lysol. And your wordcount, which you seem to be chipping away at quite admirably.

Magnus - Even a little bit, every day, helps reinforce the habit. Good to see that you're getting back into it.

Layla - Reading books is one of the very best forms of self care. And you earned your pass day the other day. Glad to see you still diligently working away at stuff.

D.L. - 5 hours is still an okay benchmark. Not a great pace, but a pace, and a bar to use to measure next (this?) week against. It's a slow, steady plod. And any day now it'll suffer major upheaval from your editorial letter, right?

Melody - Hey, whatever you can find to use to stay on track with works. If it's the Olympics? Well... that excuse works for a few weeks every few years, so use it while you can!

Lakey - You definitely seem like you're keeping busy. Often times it isn't the quantity so much as the quality of the work. And the revision stage is definitely a totally different animal than the writing stage! Though to be totally honest unless you're just doing a literal transcription from notebook to computer you're probably doing as much revising as I am at this point, since I'm transcribing from printed pages and fixing stuff as I encounter my notes. Such as they are.

Taylor - Welcome! Sounds like a rough ride so far. Not sure ice cream will help your stomach problems, but hey! I hope the writing problems calm down a little, at least.

02-12-2018, 08:41 AM
Lakey: 1000 words is fantastic, especially considering all the other work you're getting done. Editing is hard work, and life is distracting. I have a friend that hides out in a cabin for a few weeks at least once or twice a year so she can focus on her writing. I'm very jealous. I love the quiet when I write, but if I tried hiding out in a cabin it wouldn't be five minutes before someone tracked me down because they can't find the scotch tape or the hair clippers or some other thing that we have kept in the same place for the past 13 yrs. Apparently, I'm the only person who knows where anything is in this house, lol.

Magnus: You got something finished and posted, sounds like a good Sunday to me.

Layla: I definitely think reading counts as taking care of yourself. If I don't get to settle down with a good book every now and then, I get really cranky, and you got in half a page!

Melody: Maybe I should try that. I never thought about bribing myself, lol. Glad you're on track.

Taylor: Welcome and hope you feel better.

Esmae: The lysol appears to be winning. So far, no one else has succumbed to the dreaded crud. Hopefully, I don't jinx us by saying that. Also, Gannon is feeling much better. Little or big, I've always hated my kids being sick. They're so miserable, and there's so little you can do to make it better. Sorry everyone was sick in your group, but it sounds like you got plenty accomplished, and ignore those editing blues because it does get better. That's why we do it even when we dread it. Hope the next chapter goes a little easier.

I was hoping to hit a thousand again. Didn't quite make it, but I did get in 789 words in my FN so I'll count that as a good day.

02-12-2018, 09:42 AM
Hey everyone - sorry for the driveby! - but thanks again for all the congratulations and support :)

I'm currently sick as a dog (it's probably the flu fml) but I did manage to get 326 words written today and I'm taking tomorrow off (new job doesn't start for a while thank goodness) to help recuperate. Hope everyone else is doing well and not hocking up your lungs!!!!!

02-12-2018, 08:50 PM
Been some Chronic slacking this month so far. Submitted for the writing competition im taking part in, but after that I'd only written about 500 words until Saturday. got 2000 in then. Nothing Sunday but gonna prob get another 1000 tonight to finish the chapter. Then hopefully back into the swing of things proper again

02-12-2018, 10:25 PM
Day 12
Did revision and editing of my competition story which is taking a lot of time for mostly surgical changes, but that's allowed. Nothing more to report. Not a great day, but certainly not a bad one.

Layla Nahar
02-13-2018, 05:09 AM
Hey Taylor - I *think* I remember you being on this thread before so, Welcome/Welcome Back! It sucks to have such a bad day but - you're still writing!

Esmae - Day 10 - zomg - thought stuff like that only happened to me... congrats on the two scenes tho! & Day 11 - 'it can only get better' - akshully I needed to hear that, so thanx

Nik - I'd definitely count 789 words as a good day! :) :D

peartree - ugh. It sucks to be sick :p & you still got in 326 words! That's a respectable day regardless :)

disco! that's some productive slacking! Good to see you :D

Congrats on the productivity, Magnus - revising is its own special challenge

Day 12: 3/4 page
Started the W3Schools javascript lessons
called about the health insurance (still more to do with till that's closed, but glad to get on that start); paid a bill

Taylor Harbin
02-13-2018, 06:01 AM
I technically wrote today, but it was crap. Tried to write a flash story about an obsessive English teacher who kills a man because he has a stupid, nonsensical name: Gym instead of Jim. It had me chuckling all day and I couldn't wait to get home. But then I sat down and spent an hour trying to fight past the air raid sirens on my head screaming how stupid it was to base a story on a gimmick like that and no one would like it. I might have written 100 words, then quit in frustration.

02-13-2018, 06:48 AM
Niknicnac - If you round up 800, you hit 1000. ;)

Peartree - Feel better. Something written is something.

discodowney - You gotta do what you gotta do, but glad u r back in the swing of things.

Taylor - U did not waste your time. You spent time seeing if something would work or not. Now you can move on and it is not muddling up your brain. Also,
you never know when you can use that tidbit in a scene of a bigger piece, or rework it into something else. I recycle stuff constantly.

Layla - every little bit helps and will add up to a big bit by the end of the month

Magnus - Revising and editing has to happen, so it counts. BTW - I am pretty much only revising.

Got my page count today, but as the mss. gets longer and rougher and I've got to beef scenes up or rewrite and not just edit, I may have to be happy with 5 pages. We'll see.

02-13-2018, 08:00 AM
Peartree: So sorry you're sick, but at least you're productive sick. I would have just pulled the covers over my head and called it a day. Hope you feel better soon.

Disco: I wish I could squeeze out 2500 words when I'm slacking.

Taylor: Don't beat yourself down. Most first drafts are crap, then we edit.

Melody: I love rounding up, lol. You've been hitting your page count pretty consistently, way to stick with it.

No writing today. I created an account at Duotrope. I didn't even know it existed until a couple of days ago. I organized and checked over my pieces that I feel are ready for submission. Checked out a few magazines that I think might be a good fit, and searched for a few more beta readers so I can get a last bit of feedback before I send my pieces off into the harsh, harsh world.

Esmae Tyler
02-13-2018, 08:28 AM
Day 12 - 17/55. I need to figure out some way to start bulking my scenes up. They're averaging about 1200 words right now and that's less than 4 book pages. Yikes. Something to worry about on the next pass, I guess, but...

Niknic - Tis the season for the sick, alas. And you're brave; I still have not attempted to send anything at all out into the wide, terrible world, outside of a crit group and a handful of beta readers.

Peartree - See above. Feel better soon!

Disco - Sometimes you really do need a mental break; sometimes it helps you regain the momentum you need. Sometimes...

Magnus - We've unanimously agreed that revision counts as writing. Even if, technically, it isn't exactly. It still counts!

Layla - I love how bill paying counts as adulting. (This is my serious, totally not sarcastic "I hate being a grown-up face." No, really....) Keep it up!

Taylor - I'm sure you know this but at the end of the day you are your own worst critic. I think that might be a really entertaining story if written, nevermind written well...

Melody - I'm in that same boat. And these aren't even scenes that I skimped on during the last drafting round! They've got all the right moving parts, but it's hard to add content and not fluff and filler. Ugh.

Taylor Harbin
02-13-2018, 03:18 PM
Taylor - I'm sure you know this but at the end of the day you are your own worst critic. I think that might be a really entertaining story if written, nevermind written well...

You think so? I want it to be entertaining but when I try to be funny it always ends up feeling contrived and forced.

D.L. Shepherd
02-13-2018, 06:00 PM
Lakey: Wow...you really are diving in and developing that story. Great job!

peartree: Feel better! Nice work getting some writing done despite feeling sick.

discodowney: Sounds like you're getting a good amount done. I wouldn't call that slacking!

Magnus: You got some work done. That's a good day in my world.

Layla: Good luck getting the health insurance sorted out. That's always a fun task.

Taylor: If you have an idea that has you thinking about it all day, write it for you. Worry about finding an audience for it later.

Melody: 5 pages of hard editing is a good amount. I agree, its hard to judge just how much work you've done when you count editing by pages. It's why I switched to tracking time spent working this time around.

niknicnac: Nice that you have some subs in the works. Good luck when you send them out there!

Esmae: I'm in the process of bulking up my scenes too. I've been trying to add to the tension, as well as the descriptions. More show, less tell. It's a hard balance though, as I want to keep the fast pace going and don't want to bog it down too much. Have fun sorting it all out!

I didn't get any editing done on Sunday, but I did manage a strong hour and a half on Monday.

Esmae Tyler
02-13-2018, 10:46 PM
Day 13 - 18/55. Sloooowly but surely.

Taylor - I said entertaining, not necessarily funny... probably I'm envisioning something like Falling Down but with an English teacher instead of an engineer.

D.L. - I've actually been cutting description! That's about the only thing I have in spades, though I expect there will be a few places where I have to go back and turn it up again a notch or two for clarity. For sure it is a delicate balancing act. Too much and things become unwieldy and bog down, too little and the pace is too breakneck and choppy. Congrats on the hour and a half; that's solid time right there.

02-13-2018, 11:02 PM
Day 13
Did a good amount of revision/editing on my competition story. It's tough work and on a level I haven't really been on before (fine polish, needs to stay close to the original submitted draft but some general issues still need smoothing out). I'm getting into it and enjoying it more. I feel good about where I'm heading.

And yeah, revision counts. It's what's at the top of my list at the moment. Anything writing related is a pass. Word count schmord count.

Taylor Harbin
02-14-2018, 05:55 AM
Day 13 - 18/55. Sloooowly but surely.

Taylor - I said entertaining, not necessarily funny... probably I'm envisioning something like Falling Down but with an English teacher instead of an engineer.

Thanks for the tip! I will look that up. Who's the author?

Layla Nahar
02-14-2018, 06:24 AM
Taylor - I really feel like I've been there! (((hugs))) fwiw - the thing that made the difference is to learn how to write merely and only for the pleasure of it

Melody - that's nice to get you count in - keep at it!

Nik - good to still take time to put some care into your writing work, nice :)

Esmae - keep going! keep going! Those scenes will definitely grow!

DL - congrats on your Monday editing session :)

Likewise, Magnus, sounds like a nice solid challenge with that revising. Way to level up! ;)

Day 13: Wrote a page (!)
Did some drug-store shopping (I always put that off); did some W3Schools java training

Esmae Tyler
02-14-2018, 06:54 AM
Thanks for the tip! I will look that up. Who's the author?

It's a movie! It came out way back in '93, staring Michael Douglas.

Taylor Harbin
02-14-2018, 07:08 AM
It's a movie! It came out way back in '93, staring Michael Douglas.


As for today, I put the one story aside to cook and started another one based on SYW feedback. I think it has potential to be good.

02-14-2018, 07:50 AM
Esmae: You don't have to be brave. Rejection letters don't bite. They sting a little, but they don't bite. I've never gotten one that wasn't very polite. They're usually just a standard that's sent out to all rejectees. Think of them as boy scout badges: You have to get so many before you achieve that sought after eagle scout badge. The sooner you start collecting them, the sooner you get that golden acceptance letter.

Taylor: Esmae's right, we are our own worse critics. Write it, even if you think it's terrible. Then put aside. Give it a few days to breathe. Come back to it, and read it again. Will it still have problems? Yes, but you might find that they're not as bad as you thought, and you'll probably have fresh ideas on how to fix them after giving yourself some space from it. Good luck on bulking up your scenes.

DL: The worse thing about submitting is the wait. For me, the rejection letter is easier to handle than the wait. A strong hour and a half, that's great!

Magnus: Revision definitely counts. Good luck!

Layla: What kind of design work do you do? I'm nosy. I actually considered taking web design when I started school, but ended up taking networking instead before deciding to follow my dream and changing my major to creative writing.

Only wrote 320 words today. I got a late start and have to get up a lot earlier than usual tomorrow so it's off to bed.

Before I go I thought I would share what's going on in my hometown. When I travel and people find out where I'm from, this is why they ask me if we have running water and electricity.

https://scontent-dfw5-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/27867342_2022751564420514_7160226538122233444_n.jp g?oh=230f5b447a9be99a54bb6aa8be6a1a26&oe=5B1EBD5F

02-14-2018, 08:16 AM
Will just have to make a quick check in today, but I got to read the posts.

Have to start beefing up scenes and writing 'segues' to connect them, so down to 5 pages revised, but I figured that would happen. Hope everyone else can get work done this week.

02-14-2018, 04:12 PM
Good morning. :e2coffee:

When I say I aim for 500 words a day but rarely manage it on weekdays, I really mean it.

I wrote nothing on Monday. I worked a little bit late, got home, and was just too tired. Yesterday, I worked even later, but I was picking someone up from the airport and still had an hour to kill. I had planned for this and brought my laptop along, l managed to spend the hour picking at my story. I might have added 200 words to it but I also killed 100 other ones.

D.L. Shepherd
02-14-2018, 05:19 PM
So I didn't get any editing done last night. Some of you already know from previous threads that I've been caring for a dying pet, my cat, Cinder. He has an inoperable, moderate sized liver tumor, as well as a mast cell tumor on his flank, which also can't be removed due to the liver tumor. He had been holding his own, but last night he had a terrible night, just spacey and not eating well and staring at his water bowl, but not drinking.

He is so very very skinny, and he gets sick often, but he has still been very social. So my vet had said as long as he is eating, that we will just monitor him and wait. I thought maybe last night it might have been time, and I was just so upset about having to make the decision. I lost two senior dogs in the past two years too, so I'm just spent. Anyway, this morning he seems better again, so I will see how he does over the next few days. It is an emotional roller coaster though, and the only way off the ride is filled with sadness.

02-14-2018, 11:00 PM
Day 14
Epic success. Recent events have definitely given me some momentum. I've spent most of the day doing a tight revision/edit of my contest story, and then I worked over some of my notes and first draft scenes for the prequel story, and then I wrote 5-600 words on top of that. It feels great. Now, I need to remember not to take this energy for granted and stick with the program.

D.L. - I watch a dog 10-12 weeks per year and I can only imagine what it would be like to see him sick like that. All I can think to do is send strengthening thoughts your way.

Esmae Tyler
02-15-2018, 01:49 AM
Day 14 - 19/55. Slightly baffled by the fact that I'm closing on the halfway mark already. Would love to go back to last February and kick myself a few times so I could've finished the first draft a bit sooner. Oh well!

Layla - Hah, I actually had to run out to CVS myself last night to pick up Valentines' day cards for a pre-K class. Came >< close to jumping out of line to ask the guy three people ahead of me if his SO's favorite color was yellow, otherwise saving him from making an epic, disastrous mistake, because yellow roses are a symbol of jealousy and infidelity and not actually what you want to be giving out on V-Day. But I didn't. Awesome job on your page!

Taylor - Good luck with the new(er) story. And good luck turning off the inner critic until you make it good.

Niknic - I don't actually have anything I could even send out to bring home rejection letters yet. That's my big End Of The Year goal. But we'll see! That sign though... it gets funnier the longer I look at it.

Melody - Five pages isn't bad. Keep at it.

Lakey - Sometimes it's quality over quantity. If those are 200 words you can keep when you go to revise later, it was a really productive use of time. (If not... well that's a whole other problem but we won't talk about that now.)

D.L. - Your poor kitty. That really is the absolutely hardest part about having animals and there's nothing that makes it easier, ever.

Magnus - Wow, that's definitely progress! Hopefully you can keep some of that energy now that you've come through the other side of the slump you were in.

Happy Middle-of-the-Month, all!

Taylor Harbin
02-15-2018, 03:22 AM
Continued with newer story and edited some of a second manuscript. Said draft is looking much better than when I finished it. What a difference in perspective 72 hours makes!

Layla Nahar
02-15-2018, 07:05 AM
Nic - rejection letters as boy scout badges. *WIN* (srsly - it really helps me to hear your perspective)
I'm kind of all over the map w/ design. I'm self-taught. I've done some clothing design (but the manufacturing costs were a problem). I got a gig making web images & doing powerpoint work) right now I'm trying to set myself up as a designer to put $$ in my pocket while I work on the Dream. I like best working with Adobe, but I can't afford a strong computer now, so I'll try to set myself up as a UX designer.
ps: Next time they ask you that, ask them if they know Bill Clinton's IQ.

Hey Melody - yeah, sometimes we just have to do a drive-by. & I hear you about that slow-down - especially as you get closer to the end. Keep at it!!

Hey Lakey - I'm looking forward to the time when I can write 500/day. For now, I'm just happy to get something on paper. Glad you got to fit some words in while you were on an errand - that's a *win*

DL - (((hugs))). & (((hugs))) again.

Magnus - 'epic success' sounds really great! way to go!

Esmae - yeah. It was CVS. (and ... so *that's* the deal with yellow roses...) Closing on the halfway mark sounds good.

Taylor, glad to hear you're writing happier :)

Day 14: 1 page :)
did more W3 javascript
called the car insurance company and took care of something - it was simple, but ... I stress out when I get those envelopes that I'm not expecting.

02-15-2018, 08:39 AM
Layla, Taylor and Magnus - Glad you got some work done today.

Esmae - Couldn't tell how you did by your post.

D.L. So sorry about your cat. Went through that with a dog a couple of years back and it is heartbreaking and distracting, so I feel your pain. :(

So far this month - 100 pages edited at this halfway point. If I can do 100 more by the end of the month, this novel just might be in decent shape. First was over 300 pages. This one should land at about 200,

02-15-2018, 08:55 AM
Quick check in. I hurt, it's late, and I should have been in bed an hour ago considering what time I got up this morning. 524 words. I consider that a good night since I fell asleep several times while writing them.

02-15-2018, 10:37 AM
There's no way I'll be able to properly respond to everything I missed while going AWOL, but I promise I actually didn't stop writing - I just failed to check in! From Saturday to Wednesday, I wrote about 4,200 words (in scattered WIPs), so that's above my daily goal if you average it (it wasn't done necessarily daily, but I can't recall the word counts per day). Today, to get back on track, I wrote 604 words in WIP #2. I finally got some beta notes back on WIP #1, so I feel like maybe I can move forward with that again now. But I clearly am favoring this second idea more since that's where all my words are going, haha. I'm going to try to stop failing at checking in here and seeing what everyone is doing. It's been kind of a deluge lately. Hope everyone is well!!

02-15-2018, 06:33 PM
Well, hello. :e2coffee:

Friends, I'm starting to wonder if I should even be at this party. I say that i want to write every day, but day after day, I don't. I won't even say that I can't; most days I never get as far as trying. Back in January I thought it was exhaustion from the difficult deadline I had at work. Now, I just don't know what it is.

I'm concerned about it.

Last night, I did open up the story and pick at it for a little while, enough to realize that an element I'd put into it didn't make any sense at all and was going to have to be removed. This is a separate issue from the ending, which also doesn't make any sense once it's established that the characters are Jewish. So now I have a story with two elements that make no sense. With that, I closed the notebook and set it aside. And that was it for last night.

It's almost President's Day weekend. Last year, I took this weekend as a little retreat up on the shore with a friend of mine. She did more processing of a failing relationship than writing, but I wrote. I wrote a chapter and a half of my novel that actually aren't bad and will probably mostly survive the first revision, if I ever get there. I don't have a retreat planned this year but I'd like to figure out something I can do with the weekend to kick myself out of this place where I just .... don't write.

And for you:

D.L Shepherd: I am so, so sorry. My cats are such a joy and comfort for me - watching one of them suffer, and having to say goodbye, is just one of the worst things there is. Take care, and know that you cared for him well and he had a good happy life with you as his companion.

Magnus: Enjoy your epic success! If you don't mind scooting over and making a little room, I think some of us will enjoy basking vicariously in it. :D

Esmae: A friend of mine used to say, "The best time to have done something might be a year ago, but the second best time is now." We converted the latter half of the phrase into a little acronym: TSBTIN, which we pronounced "tis button." Then we we would say it to one another whenever we found ourselves lamenting having stalled on some action or other. So, when you talk about kicking last-February-Esmae, I will say: Tis button!

Taylor Harbin: Welcome to the thread. I'm really glad you're seeing quality in your draft. It's nice when perspective helps you see the strengths of something rather than just amplifying its warts.

Layla Nahar: Thanks for the encouragement, and the reminder that I'm not alone in falling short of 500 a day. I appreciate your recording the responsible things you do - I sometimes chafe against "adulting" and can get terribly avoidant about it. It's worth celebrating the times when one manages to accomplish it!

Melody: You're editing at a fair clip; wonderful. We'll all cheer you on for next 100 pages.

niknicnac: That sounds like a very good night, especially when you're very tired. Congratulations!

heykatydid: I love your productivity and envy it. I hope you're having fun with it! Good luck and good skill.

02-15-2018, 07:48 PM
Day 15
Will give myself a pass today, just couldn't get to sleep yesterday and I'm knackered. I'm probably paying for all the coffee I had during my revision/writing marathon yesterday. I'll try to get a bit of work in, but I'm guessing it won't happen. It's okay though, yesterday makes up for it and I'll get back on it tomorrow!

Taylor - Time away from the draft makes a huge difference. After I finish a big draft I leave it alone for at least two weeks.

Layla - Those small tasks (filling out a form, cold-calling people) can weigh so heavy, yet when you've done them you feel such a relief and you wonder what you were fuzzing about. I always get like that.

heykaty - Welcome back, nice to hear you've been missing check-ins because you've been busy writing! :)

Lakey - This is exactly where you're supposed to be. The fact that you're not hitting the goal you set means you need us to support and prod you. Right now, I think you should just set a small and easily achievable goal. Getting away is also a good thing, but try to find a way to "get away" while you're at home. Find a special spot to write in, or associate it with some small ritual. When I was building my meditation habit, I didn't allow myself to drink coffee until I had at least sat down and tried to meditate for 5 minutes. That worked very well!

Layla Nahar
02-16-2018, 05:03 AM
Melody! wuuuwiii for those 100 pages & here's some cheers for those other 100

Nik - wow, that's a wonderful number for a bad-feeling day :) keep at it!

Katy - it's ok, glad to see you & glad you had such good productivity :) Keep riding that wave!!

Lakey - You absolutely should be at this party! Who else is going to wear that gorgeous red dress? Everything you've said sounds familiar to me. I think it's a lot of complex things with that interfere with our ability to act on our creative desires. It helped me a lot to drop any thought of wordcount goals and be satisfied with *something*. I think it was last month that I often had days where I only wrote 3 lines, or 5 lines or 2 lines. & if it's hard to write now, it's ok to stop. I stopped for 14 months and I didn't know when I would ever get back to it. Keep hope alive and above all, be kind, be compassionate with yourself. (check out Old Hack's posts in Outwitting Writer's Block about self-compassion)

Magnus, enjoy that pass. It's nice to be able to take one :)

Day 15: Glad to say I managed a 1/2 a page (today was a two-job day...)
Did a little bit of W3 javascript
made pasta so I have lunch for tomorrow...

Taylor Harbin
02-16-2018, 05:40 AM
Thanks to everyone who mentioned me. Feeling sickish, so pardon me not replying to all individually.

Finished editing the draft, all 6100 words of it. It felt good cutting out entire pages and getting a sharp focus on what direction I needed to take (which involved maintaining the sense of wonder). The hard part will be staying at 6000 words.

02-16-2018, 08:32 AM
Hey all. Still pretty sick. I've been trying to work every single day, but I've barely gotten any writing done...I just get headachey and no words come out. Hope you're all doing better.

02-16-2018, 08:58 AM
Magnus - We do what we can, when we can. Hopefully, the next few days will turn out better.

Layla - Impressed with what you got done, with all the other jobs you are doing. Good for you.

Peartree & Taylor- Hope you feel better soon. Sickness is hitting our house too.

Had to write a couple of new scenes so wrote 5 new pages today. Figure that is equal to or more than editing 8. (Oh, the benefits of changing the rules midstream....). ;)

02-16-2018, 09:20 AM
Peartree & Taylor: Hope you guys start feeling better soon. Being sick is the worst.

Melody: 5 pages! That's a good day.

Layla: Bill Clinton has an IQ? It's so hard to tell. A page and half since I last checked in. You're like the energizer bunny. You just keep going no matter what. Also, thanks. I worry sometimes that I ramble too much. I was a tutor at the university and sometimes I think I have a hard time turning off the "tutor button."

Lakey: Don't beat yourself down. Keep pushing. It maybe cliche, but it's true that we are our own worse enemy. I think most of us go through what you're feeling right now. I know I certainly have. I just got back in the writing habit last month after way too long a slump.

Heykatie: Glad to see you back. We missed you, and wow what a word count. You've been hard at work!

Somehow I ended up writing the same exact number of words as I did last night, 524. I was tempted to write just one more sentence so I wouldn't have the same number, but I was at a good stopping point and couldn't bring myself to do it. I knew I wouldn't want to stop and would end up being up too late.

02-16-2018, 05:39 PM
Niknicnac - Maybe your word count two nights in a row is fate?! That's cool! Here's hoping that every night is that productive?

Melody - writing or editing, at least you are interacting with your words! Great job!

Peartree - hang in there, and I hope you feel better soon! Being sick is the worst. Sending good thoughts your way.

Taylor - 6000 words? Good luck! I'm a "add unnecessary words" person so I would have trouble with that! Hope you start feeling better, too.

Layla - thank you! I missed everyone haha. And I hope I can keep it going! It's hard sometimes. You, too!

Magnus - pass days are always okay, those words will have some time to grow more pronounced before they eventually come out. Hope you had good luck today!

As for me, I did manage to write 586 words today, so that's a win. Yesterday was a really bad mental health day for me due to the next round of immigration paperwork and it being a huge trigger for my anxiety. Last night was a total waste of everything because it took me the entire time to work myself down from the freakout. I'm hoping that the weekend away from work will help a bit with my anxiety problems as of present. At least I'm still getting words in, yeah? :) Hugs all around!

02-16-2018, 07:47 PM
I've had my editor's opinion of my first chapter outline/semi rewrite and it's favourable. But.... there's a few things I need to address in it and also the effect this will have on the rest of the main storyline.

So that means more rewriting, and probably new chapters.

(am I supposed to get this finished this lifetime?)

D.L. Shepherd
02-17-2018, 12:43 AM
Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts about my cat, Cinder. We did end up having to let the little guy go this morning, as he continued to decline. It's been a long road with him the past few months, and I'm glad he is at peace. Doesn't make it any easier for me to say goodbye though, and I'm pretty down right now, so I'm taking the weekend for some me time. Hope everyone else is doing well with your goals, and I'll see you all next week.

Esmae Tyler
02-17-2018, 01:02 AM
Checking in quick. Got one scene neatened up yesterday, another one today, bringing me to 21/55. This flu season needs to pack it in and go away though, for reals...

D.L. - That really is a hard, hard thing. Take care of yourself, we'll see you when you get back.

02-17-2018, 04:34 AM
Niknicnac, Heykatydid - Good for you that you got in a few pages.

Esmae - Glad u r hanging in there.

Keithy - I feel the pain of editorial rewrites and have felt the same way at times as far as some manuscripts seemingly taking decades to write....

D.L. - So sorry for your loss. That is such a tough call to have to make....

Had to write in some scenes that were bare bones only. So up to 115 revised pages with a goal of 200... We'll see if anything gets done this weekend....

Layla Nahar
02-17-2018, 06:31 AM
Taylor, glad to hear it's coming along, congrats on editing that draft

peartree - hope you feel better soon

Nik - congrats on the 524 words. I like to leave off rather than over-write, I can relate

Katy - (((hugs))) I'm so sorry to hear you had do deal with such a big whammy

Kiethy - good to see you! Glad to hear you got some good feedback and - prolly the best approach? Keep Swimming!!

oh, DL, I'm sorry to hear this

Esmae - congrats & the work done & take care

Melody! You're a boss! Keep at it

Day 16: A little over 1/2 page;
did more W3 javascript
Did laundry tonight so that I can have more more down time on Saturday
3/3 -

02-17-2018, 08:58 AM
Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts about my cat, Cinder. We did end up having to let the little guy go this morning, as he continued to decline. It's been a long road with him the past few months, and I'm glad he is at peace. Doesn't make it any easier for me to say goodbye though, and I'm pretty down right now, so I'm taking the weekend for some me time. Hope everyone else is doing well with your goals, and I'll see you all next week.

I'm so sorry about your sweet Cinder! Losing a kitty is the worst feeling ever, and I hope you feel better soon.

Taylor Harbin
02-17-2018, 05:29 PM
Still editing...

Esmae Tyler
02-17-2018, 10:51 PM
Day 17 - One more scene cleaned up, so 22/55. This was a long one, too, almost 2700 words in today's form. (It lost a few during clean-up.) There's clearly room for improvement though. Ugh.

Melody - At least you have the bones now to start putting some flesh on! Good luck getting stuff done over the weekend.

Layla - I hope your weekend is fairly restful, even with trying to keep up with the daily task count.

Taylor - You're really just making it better, right?

Write hard, all.

Taylor Harbin
02-17-2018, 11:09 PM
Day 17 - One more scene cleaned up, so 22/55. This was a long one, too, almost 2700 words in today's form. (It lost a few during clean-up.) There's clearly room for improvement though. Ugh.

Melody - At least you have the bones now to start putting some flesh on! Good luck getting stuff done over the weekend.

Layla - I hope your weekend is fairly restful, even with trying to keep up with the daily task count.

Taylor - You're really just making it better, right?

Write hard, all.

I sure like to think so, lol. I'm at a point where I cut a few pages and have to rewrite a scene, so progress will be a bit slower but in a better direction.

Layla Nahar
02-18-2018, 05:07 AM
Esmae - you'll be on to the halfway point soon!

Taylor, nice to hear about the good direction :)

Day 17: Saturday. Taking a pass on everything
(ok, I did a bit of laundry ;-)

02-18-2018, 12:49 PM
DL: I'm so sorry to hear about your cat, Cinder. Losing a pet is always rough. They mean so much to us! I wish I could send you a real hug, but know that you're in my thoughts.

Esmae: You're really making progress. Don't get frustrated. Even the best works have room for improvement, or at least that's the way our writer's brains are always going to see it.

Melody: You're over halfway there. The weekends are when I get the most done. Maybe that's a sign that I don't have a life outside of work and karate? Anyway, wishing you lots of progress.

Taylor: Good luck with the editing.

Layla: You could come do my laundry. I won't complain. Hope you enjoy a bit of rest.

HeyKaty: *Hugs* Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. Hope your anxiety settles down and the paperwork goes okay. 586 words is definitely a win.

No writing yesterday. I tried to enjoy a nice evening with the family, but my health issues decided to kick in about the time we made it to the restaurant. It kinda of took some of the joy out of it, but it's the first time I've went anywhere besides work or dropping my son off at karate in weeks so I'm just grateful that we got to go out. I made up for the lack of words yesterday by getting in 2,486 words today. I don't think I've ever felt so productive. I hope I didn't deplete my brain for tomorrow!

02-18-2018, 05:11 PM
Day 16-18
Sorry, I dropped off the radar a bit. Had a bad day earlier in the week because I slept badly, and then I had to focus on not letting that bring me down into a slump. I've succeeded, no slump, but it's taken most of my time just staying on top. I've also had some social engagements (which helped!), so there hasn't been much time/energy for writing. Today is Sunday, I'm taking it easy and aiming to get back on track tomorrow!

Taylor Harbin
02-19-2018, 03:53 AM
FINALLY done with the updated story. Took me the better part of the afternoon, but it's ready for final polish. 6500 words long, so it's going to require cutting, and while I'm going to be nervous until I get beta feedback, I'm glad to have the hard part finished.

02-19-2018, 05:52 AM
Not getting anywhere at the moment apart from a few lines of new chapter outlines. Hopefully one new chapter is enough to bridge the gap between the rewritten 1st chapter and the rest.

02-19-2018, 06:40 AM
Wow, sounds like Esmae made some progress but it was a rough weekend for everyone else.

Only wrote 5 new pages over the weekend because new scenes are needed. Probably will have to slow the pace anyway to fill in the gaps with new stuff and having to beef up the 'bones'....

Layla Nahar
02-19-2018, 07:45 AM
Hey Nik - it's so easy to get caught up in do, do, do, that we forget to just be… Glad you had made it out and OH, btw - way to slay it in the writing arena - two free lunches that the 1K club.

Magnus, glad to hear that you're staying on top of things

Sounds like a good afternoon's work, Taylor, keep at it!

A victory over the blank page is a good victory, K

Melody, slow & steady wins the race, I believe

Day 18: 1 handwritten page, and I looked at the calendar and if I want to make a deadline on another project, I'm going to have to get cracking from today. (But I'm SCAAAARED!!!!) & I managed to do some work on it.
Met a friend for dinner
Watched a CSS video
3 of 3

02-19-2018, 10:04 AM
Layla: A handwritten page and work on your new project, that's great. It's alright to be scared, but remember you have a great cheer team here on this thread. With the dedication you have, you'll definitely meet that deadline!

I guess I did deplete my brain yesterday. I stared at the computer screen several times today and didn't write a single word. It didn't help that I was having a rough day. Hopefully, since I have an extended weekend, I can get back on track tomorrow.

02-19-2018, 03:22 PM
When is the next challenge starting? I want to be a part of it since I am too late for this one :(

02-19-2018, 06:12 PM
Day 19
I think I'll give up on the morning writing goal and try doing a routine where I get some work and self-care done first. I'm hoping that will free up my mind a bit more. Also, I tend to be more creative after having had a walk, some exercise, some meditation etc. I guess the blood to the brain and the opportunity to throw some ideas around help. So I'll redesign my goal to write/edit in the afternoon. Not the evening, as it's often come to lately, but afternoon.

Looks like I'm not the only one with some troubles. Remember, when things don't work, we have to forgive ourselves and approach the problem in a new way!

Don't give up, friends, we can do it! Hugs of strength to everyone.

02-19-2018, 06:13 PM
When is the next challenge starting? I want to be a part of it since I am too late for this one :(

I start a new one every month, but you don't have to wait. You can start today. In fact, not waiting until tomorrow is very much part of the point. Forgive yourself your past failures, and then start! That's it. Set a small, achievable goal and start today! Good luck and welcome!

02-19-2018, 08:24 PM
Well done to everyone so far! Can't believe it's March next week.

I was away for the school holidays all last week with no internet and that really helped up my word count. I did up to 1000 each day. Think no internet wasn't such a bad thing at all! Still need to get some writing done for today but it was first day back on the new half term so... we'll see how much energy I have left. I'm on the verge of collapsing.

Esmae Tyler
02-19-2018, 10:30 PM
Yuck, what's today? Day 19? All I got accomplished yesterday was pulling out the stack of pages and flipping through the old 22 and 23. 23 in particular is a hot mess; it's the first scene I directly cut out of the original version of the story and dropped into the last draft so what I did with it today was basically a slash-and-burn; cut 1400 words down to about 300 and it's not done even done yet but today has been frustratingly full of distraction. I swear people have a built-in work detector because every single time I try to work on this they pile on. Literally. Cats have nothing on toddlers for work interruption. Oh well.

Taylor - Speaking of cutting! I imagine the process to be like sculpting out of clay. You start with a rough thing-shaped blob and hack away until you see the actual shape of what you're trying to make, then shave until it more or less matches up with what's in your mind's eye, then grab a bunch of random strangers and ask them what they think it's supposed to be. And then sometimes pat some more clay back on because ooops you cut too far here or there. I can't help but wonder if this is somehow related to the footnote piece you had in SYW the other day.

Layla - You can do it! Don't be scared! Embrace the deadline. Think of it as a finish line, not a ticking clock.

Niknic - If you average yesterday's 2500 words out across today you're still cranking out a fantastic number of words. Holidays, especially these random ones (I had to explain to my 4 year old that today is Presidents' day, not Presents day, and no the President is not coming to our house to visit...) always throw things out of whack. I'm sure they're really awesome for people who get them as days off from the regular grind of work, but man do they gunk up other gears.

Magnus - There's a lot of science on your side, backing up the idea that those things help creativity a lot. If afternoon works better for you, it works better for you. You ultimately have to carve out the time somewhere, but there's no point in trying to carve where it ain't yielding. I'm looking forward to seeing it pay off for you.

Keithy - One chapter might be enough! Hopefully...

Melody - More clay for you too. Sometimes I wish I was an overwriter and could get away with just cutting things, but alas.

Butterfly Effect - It's never too late! You've got over a week of February left to get in on this "write every day" thing, even if your writing is more like revising, or outlining, or whatever you happen to be doing.

KitKate - Holidays are supposed to recharge you, not exhaust you! Or did they get you too relaxed and unprepared for your first day back? The no internet thing is definitely a good get-the-words-out strategy...

Write hard, all!

Taylor Harbin
02-20-2018, 01:19 AM
Taylor - Speaking of cutting! I imagine the process to be like sculpting out of clay. You start with a rough thing-shaped blob and hack away until you see the actual shape of what you're trying to make, then shave until it more or less matches up with what's in your mind's eye, then grab a bunch of random strangers and ask them what they think it's supposed to be. And then sometimes pat some more clay back on because ooops you cut too far here or there. I can't help but wonder if this is somehow related to the footnote piece you had in SYW the other day.

Good giess! But no, this is a completely different story and the submission window opens March 1.

Layla Nahar
02-20-2018, 06:21 AM
Nik - You've earned your brain break that's for sure.

... a great cheer team here on this thread.
ˆI don't think I could overstate how true I find that - I'm so grateful to everyone who participates, and to Magnus for starting it (((hugs)))

Magnus - yeah, observing what we *actually* do and then allowing our labor-of-love work to fit into that is, IME, a really great way to find happy* working habits
*I like that old-fashioned, broad sense of "happy", which includes the ideas of 'fortunate' 'beneficial' (as opposed to just describing a state of mind)
I typed my hugs above before I read your post! ;)

Nice work Kit Kate, what a wordful February!!

Esmae - ugh. Sounds frustrating & difficult, with making end meet like that, so to speak. But toddlers and cats are cute, right?

Day 19: 1 page handwritten; some work on the new project
2 units of W3 javascript; started (just a little) making a new ad for my online language class
Went to the hardware store to get a battery for my watch (which isn't running now) but they didn't have that kind :(

02-20-2018, 09:06 AM
Butterfly: Now is as good a time as any to start. I joined right at the end of January, and it's been great.

Mangus: Go with what works for you. I've tried picking a set time, and it never works for me. I do better just sitting down whenever I can squeeze the time in. Usually, reading over a small portion of what I've already written helps me get back in the right mind set. Hope you get it figured out.

Kitkate: I would die without internet, but it sounds like it worked great for you. 1k a day! Way to go!

Esmae: Save enough clay to sculpt. Cats and children are definitely a big distraction, but Layla's right. They're so damn cute! Hope it goes smoother with the next chapter.

Taylor: Keep at it.

Layla: We should all give Magnus big hugs for starting this thread. It's a writer's lifeline. So kudos to Magnus! Sounds like you got a lot done today. Don't you hate it when the store doesn't have what you need? Ugh.

I only got in 424 words today. I managed to burn both hands because I'm a klutz. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad, and they completely stopped hurting after about an hour. That's a relief. I was worried I might not be able to get any sleep tonight. The most dangerous thing in my life is me! :Shrug:

02-20-2018, 10:41 AM
Hi y'all. I'm better, but not WELL yet. But I'm definitely better - busted out 561 words today! First I've written in over a week!

I slept 13 hours last night so I can't sleep now, but I'm at least getting things done in my exhaustion...

02-20-2018, 03:06 PM
peartree - congrats!! You are back in the saddle now with more words! Here's hoping they keep coming!

niknicnac- omg that sounds awful! I once picked up a pan straight out of the oven without thinking and burned all my fingertips. I really hope you don't have pain tonight - what a horrible thing to impact writing! Sending non-burny wishes.

layla - I'm always impressed by how much you get done of your list each day. You make such great progress on not just writing!

esmae - slash and burn! Do you get sad when you cut words? I can't seem to cut them unless I copy/paste them into another document just in case I want to keep them, haha. Good luck with moving forward!

kitkate - wow! That's some incredible numbers there! No internet seems to be the way to go for productivity (uh oh... haha)

magnus - sending strength right back to you! I've been in a bad place the past few days mental health-wise myself as well, and the words definitely didn't come. Crossing my fingers that you start feeling better soon.

keithy - good luck on the chapter bridge! Hopefully it won't take more than that to bring things together.

taylor - congrats on being done with the story! At least it's easier to cut words than add them...?

melody - hope your 'beef'ing goes well! Haha I love that phrasing, I might use it myself.

D.L. - hope you can find some peace in this awful time, and sending all the good thoughts I can manage to you and yours. I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. :(

Well, I got nothing done Sat-Mon due to some anxiety issues and things at work getting really hectic again. But I did manage to write 626 words today on my way home, so I'm counting that as a win - especially since I finally got back into WIP #1, which I should be writing way more of!

02-20-2018, 09:28 PM
Esmae - Not when we do a holiday with the Mr's parents. XD We're talking all day hikes every day around the Northumberland coast with no breaks. In weather that could send you flying around like Mary Poppins and so cold you need five layers. They don't believe in relaxed holidays. But we saw some amazing places. <3 I'm with you on cats. Ignore you for most of the day but as soon as you write they're on your lap, blocking your view and trying to push the laptop off your lap.

Layla - Well done on a whole page!

niknicnac - Ouch! Sorry about your hands. =( Hope they're getting better quickly.

peartree - Glad you're getting better. Keep resting! Your health is much more important.

heykatydid - That's great you got some inspiration for WiP #1. And well done on your word count.

I gave into exhausation on Day 19. Way too tired so only managed about 400 words before I gave into a headache. Did 658 before work today for Day 20 so I'm chilling for the afternoon.

Taylor Harbin
02-21-2018, 06:23 AM
Plotting new idea.

Layla Nahar
02-21-2018, 07:34 AM
Nik - ow! I'm glad you're ok & you still got 424 words in!

peartree :) good to see you! I find that when we sleep that much - we really needed it. Congrats on the 561 words!

katy - congrats on those 625 words, & sorry to hear about the job disrupting things.

Kit - congrats on the 400 words despite the headache, and on the 658 this morning.

Taylor - keep at it!

Day 20 - a little over a handwritten page, & more work on the new project
some W3 javascript training
& got a book from the liberry
I'll call that 3/3


02-21-2018, 09:18 AM
Peartree: So glad you're feeling better!

Heykatie: Sorry you're struggling so much with your anxiety. Hope it gets better soon, and 626 words, definitely a win. Thanks for the non-burny wishes. Thankfully, it didn't hurt anymore last night, but when I got in the shower this morning my left hand decided to remind me it was burned. It didn't last long though. It was just a minor burn from some really hot water.

KitKate: That puts you over a thousand words. Way to push through.

Layla: Still going strong I see. Can you bottle it? The rest of us want to borrow some. If you write a self-help book, I'm definitely buying it.

My hands are doing great, just very minor burns. You might could see some redness if you squint hard, lol, but it sure did hurt bad for a little while. Today's word count is 1,009. Not sure how I managed that, but I'll take it, makes up for Saturday's flop.

02-21-2018, 04:07 PM
Hello all. :e2coffee:

Just popping in quickly to say... I haven’t been writing at all. Just not at all. I can tell you where the time went - some family things came up that I had to take care of over the long weekend and have continued into the week; I had some responsibilities relating to my condo association hanging over my head that I finally took action on; I’ve done a nice amount of reading and sleeping. But mostly I just haven’t written. I could have if I had wanted to; I could have found the time. I just didn’t.

I hope things are going better for all of you.

D.L. Shepherd
02-21-2018, 07:25 PM
Hey Everyone. Thanks so much for your kind words about Cinder. I am feeling a bit better. I miss him, but he was very sick, so letting him go was a kindness. The hardest part about sharing our lives with these four-leggers is that they don't live long enough.

I haven't done any work on my novel since I last posted, but I'm planning to get some work done tonight. There's seven days left to this month, so my goal is to get those ten hours of editing in before the end of the month. I think I might revise my goal in March, but that's my plan for February, and I hope to finish the month on a good note.

Taylor Harbin
02-22-2018, 02:47 AM
I started a new short today. Beta feedback for the old one came in universally negative for all the reasons I feared. Going with an angle that is more "me" and hopefully will ring home. Man, I don't like having to write multiple drafts only to figure out a story is rotten. That's what brainstorming is for!

02-22-2018, 03:07 AM
Finished rewriting the first chapter, it's much better. ~2500 words, of which only 5% or so came from the old version.

swim swim swim!

Layla Nahar
02-22-2018, 06:41 AM
Nik - speaking of bottling - I'd like to write 1K in a day - congrats on that. It's funny you make that observation because I had been thinking that I needed more energy - I guess when I needed it I got it? (Had a lot of stuff to deal with this fall...)

Lakey - I totally understand that whole thing of - life & everything showing up & then -- no time/energy for writing. (((hugs)))

DL - (((hugs))) for you, too. & heaven (((hugs))) for your small friend who has left this world

Keep at it, Taylor!

Keithy, you're a pretty good swimmer by now :D

Day 21 - 1 page handwritten, a *wee* bit on the new project
another unit of W3 javascript
paid moar bills - all up to date now; (and got $15 taken off my monthly cell bill (how'd that get there???)); traded in 5 books and a store credit and got the Ukio E tarot deck - responsibility & self-pampering ftw!

02-22-2018, 07:27 AM
Congrats on getting some work done, Layla and Keithy.

Sorry others have had distractions and have not been able to write.

We r under the weather at our house, so I am doing what i can and will check in when I can. Up to page 135/200, so slowly making progress....

02-22-2018, 03:50 PM
Drive-by check in because my depression and anxiety is so bad that I can't keep my eyes open anymore, but somehow I did manage to write 523 words on the way to work today before the worst of the symptoms hit. I hope everyone else is having a better week!

Esmae Tyler
02-23-2018, 12:20 AM
Hey guys. Kind of a drive-by from me. I swear all it takes is one day of not working/writing and all of my previous momentum grinds to a screeching halt. I'm still stuck on this scene, mostly because I haven't really worked on it, because I'm wondering if I should just cut it entirely. It's a mess. (Like, there is a section that pretty much says 'And they find a thing, a magical super awesome amazing PLOT DEVICE, oh and also take cell phone pictures.') Plus I've hit the point where the inner critic is insisting the whole idea is a complete waste of time anyway so why not abandon ship and start the newer, more interesting one and.... ugh.

I'm glad some of you are making progress. It gives me hope!

02-23-2018, 01:49 AM
Day 20-22
Days pass on by and I'm not getting a lot of anything done. I don't really have any excuses. While I'm not feeling great, I haven't dropped into depression either. I'm just... indifferent.

Tomorrow I'll head to the café. It should help.

I don't have a lot of energy, but I can see I'm not the only one going through a rough patch. Hugs of strength all around.

02-23-2018, 02:40 AM
Congrats to everyone who is maintaining their goal! I am up to 15k words on my third novel. Here's hoping I'm up to 20 by the end of the month.

Quick question to everyone, how much editing do you do while writing? Do you just write and edit later or edit throughout the process?

02-23-2018, 05:48 AM
Carrying on with my slow brainstorm relating to the new chapter.

My goal is to do something every day.

Swim swim swim...

Layla Nahar
02-23-2018, 06:09 AM
Hey Melody - keep at it, look forward to hearing from you when you're ready to check in

Katy - congrats on the 523 words in the face of all that stress.

Esmae - it's so true. Even one day away can make what was easy(ish) the day before seem incredibly hard. Hang in there!

Hey Magnus, hope you have a nice session at the cafe tomorrow :)

Hi Fantomas, and welcome. Congrats on getting all those words down. There's actually a thread on the Basic Writing Questions devoted to exactly that question! (my quick answer is neither. I write two versions - I write to the end, review, and then start a whole new document and write it again. On the 2nd version I edit as I go/write *very* carefully)

Keithy, keep at it!

Day 22 - Just shy of 1 handwritten page, faced a *lot* of resistance to working on the new project but I managed to get to it, only did a little, but - ... I got to it.
half a unit of Javascript.
I did a few small Self-care/Responsibility items -
I'm going to give it 3/3

02-23-2018, 08:59 AM
Lakey & Taylor: Success is about not giving up. Don't let the writing blues get you down.

DL: Big hugs. They really don't live long enough, but for the time we have them we love them so much.

Keity: Keep swimming! You're really packing a big lunch.

Layla: Life really likes to pack it on us. I don't know who's writing my story, but I feel like they decided to drive me up a tree, make the branches brittle, place a giant bear at the bottom, called in a storm, and then set the @#! tree on fire. Our job is to figure out how to survive the mess which you seem to be doing. Keep at it!

Heykaty: See above. Hope things get better soon, and way to keep pushing through.

Esmae: I'm sure it's not that bad. You'll get through it. Just keep pushing, or you can swim like Keithy does.

Magnus: I'm sorry to hear you're still having a rough time. For me, indifference is a big part of my depression. Don't let it get a sneak attack in on you.

Fantomas: Welcome to the thread, and congrats on the 15k! In answer to your question, I force myself not to edit while I write because I end up rewriting the same chapter about 15 times if I don't and never move forward. Just a little OCD. *straigtens a book on the coffee table*

Nothing yesterday. I came home and crashed. 634 for today.

02-23-2018, 03:59 PM
Hello! :e2coffee:

I’m off on a family trip this weekend which I am expecting to be ... exhausting. There was a blowout in my family this week (not involving me, thank goodness, except as long-distance moral support) and the trip was salvaged by an uneasy truce. I hope that everyone will be on good behavior, but the rift is between the oldest and the youngest members of the family, and neither the very old nor the very young are known for their tremendous restraint.

Well. That which doesn’t kill us gives us material to mine for stories, does it not?

Anyway I’ll at least have a 2.5 hour plane ride each way; I usually find those pretty good for writing. I don’t anticipate much peace or writing time the rest of the weekend. Many martinis, on the other hand - I anticipate those. If nothing else I’ll continue to read, which I have managed to do throughout this recent writing drought. And I am convinced that reading counts in some way as work toward my writing, for I am an analytic and absorbent reader.

One thing I like about this thread is that it selects for people who are struggling and need support to keep their work moving. It is reassuring to know that one can struggle this way and nevertheless finish our stories and advance our writer identities. I thank you all for that, and wish you good luck and good skill this weekend.

D.L. Shepherd
02-23-2018, 06:58 PM
I had planned to get back on track on the 21st, but I just didn't feel like working. Last night I forced myself to sit down and edit. I only worked for half an hour, but it did get my brain working again, and I caught a minor plot hole, so it was a productive session. Tonight I plan to work some more. Honestly haven't had a chance to catch up on this thread, but will be more active going forward. Hope everyone else has been meeting and exceeding their goals!

Taylor Harbin
02-24-2018, 05:51 AM
Made some very good progress into the draft. Hoping to finish tomorrow or Sunday at the latest.

Layla Nahar
02-24-2018, 06:04 AM
Hi Nik - congrats on the 634 :) especially after a crash (I might seem like I'm on top of things but, boy, when I was up that life tree with the fire and the wolves and everything… what you're seeing now is Layla's recovery phase)

Lakey - yeah, you're right! & I have benefited so much from the feeling of being encouraged that you get here. I really like it that we all take an interest in each other's progress

(((hugs))) all round, you guys are the best!

Hey DL - congrats on the half hour of work! I'm glad to hear that the juices (are there editing juices??) are starting to flow again

Taylor, 'very good progress' sounds great!

Day 23 - 1/2 page handwritten, a wee bit of work on the new project - almost gave myself a pass because:

I DID MY TAXES - (or got them done for free by law students - still took 2 hours...) 2017 and *2016*. When I did my 2016 taxes last year I owed a lot (saw the amount and just went into shutdown...) because I was self employed without making enough to live off; I ended up using my estimated tax payments for rent… One of the law students, when he heard about being me being a '1099 employee' - I forget his exact words but he expressed a desire to go on a legal crusade against companies who pay employees as contractors. They were so nice & so helpful - & volunteers.

Finished the W3 javascript unit I started yesterday - just a wee bit of work but -


D.L. Shepherd
02-24-2018, 05:20 PM
Taylor: Nice work, and good luck finishing the draft over the weekend.

Layla: How awful that you ended up owing so much because an employer took advantage. Glad you were able to find assistance to help you straighten it all out. It must be such a relief to have that burden off of your shoulders!

I am back into the groove. I edited for 2.25 hours last night! Plan to get more done today.

02-25-2018, 06:36 AM
Yesterday I did some useful work on the new chapter 3. But today was a washout, too busy with a million things to do.

Anyway, I'll keep on swimming tomorrow.

Layla Nahar
02-25-2018, 06:51 AM
DL - yeah - they were a shitty company - although the work itself was fun and my boss was great. BUT - I made mistakes, too. Like failing to look for more work then when they cut back my hours - it was easier to decieve myself that they'd get back on track & be able to give me more hours (even with the lousy 1099 thing) than it was to put myself out there and look for work... Live and learn... (and the filing is off my shoulders but - I still have to pay that taxes, of course.)

Anyway - congrats to you on the 2.25 hours of editing groove!!

Keithy - & congrats to you for the new work on ch. 3 :D

Day 24: Saturday, unstructured day, so a pass on writing a pass on income increasing work, but I did a lot of tidying/sorting


Like the K says - keep swimming!

02-25-2018, 09:55 AM
DL: glad you're back in the groove and making good progress!

Lakey: Sorry about the family drama, never any fun! This thread is very helpful. We provide the nudge, but ultimately you've got to make the push.

Taylor: Glad to hear you're making good progress on the new draft.

Layla: Good to hear you're in the recovery stage and not still up the tree. Ugh, and taxes. Enough said.

Keithy: Keep swimming, and if you see any pretty lights, swim away!

Yesterday I enjoyed some family time and took a break from the writing. This morning, my husband and I meet with a consultant about getting some new kitchen cabinets. I'm still searching for the part of me that melted into the floor when I found out how much it's going to cost. They're cabinets, not Jaguars! We have to replace our cabinets and counters because they're falling apart, but I might have to sell a kidney or something! I did manage to get some writing done tonight. 871 words. A nice distraction from this morning's shock.

D.L. Shepherd
02-25-2018, 07:06 PM
Keithy: Glad you made some headway on your chapter. "Keep on swimming." One of the best lines from a cute cartoon in a while.

Layla: Yeah, paying them is going to be a new stress that you don't really need right now either. I hope the re-payment plan is fair, so that you don't get completely overwhelmed. As far as the job, we've all learned lessons the hard way, unfortunately. At least now you know what to watch out for when you do find your next job.

niknicnac: Sorry the cabinet quote was that bad. Home repairs are so expensive! Hope you manage to find the funds without selling off body parts.

Making up for lost time...I edited for 3 hours yesterday, and I'm now 1/4 of the way through this draft. I'll need to pick up the pace in March and April though if I want to finish by mid-July. My busy season at my day job starts in May (bookkeeper for a pool heater repair company), and I get very little time to work on writing from then through the early fall.

Taylor Harbin
02-25-2018, 10:58 PM
Finally FINALLY finished the draft! And I've still got four days until the submission window opens to clean it up.

Layla Nahar
02-26-2018, 05:23 AM
DL - way to go - 1/4 of the way through! Congrats on getting those three hours of work in

Taylor, congrats on the finishing :)

Day 25: just a little work* on the new project; I filled some of a form (ugh. forms) and found a nice tutorial for making an online multiple-choice quiz.

*I'm glad to have done anything. I came this close to bailing. I worked 7 days this week. I'm not exhausted, but I am pretty tired.

02-26-2018, 08:40 AM
DL: Glad you were able to make up for lost time. Don't you hate when that pesky work stuff gets in the way. I love my job (or maybe I just love the benefits, lol), but wish I had more time to write.

Taylor: Congrats on getting that draft finished, and good luck with the submission.

Layla: I don't even want to think about 7 days of work, eeek! At least you got some work done on the new project.

Today I worked on plot points and character building, but did squeeze in 632 words putting me over 10k in the FN this month.

02-26-2018, 02:45 PM
Day 23-26
Any attempts at getting back on track were completely derailed this Saturday as I was hit with a sudden and ferocious fever. I've spent the last 48 hours or so laid out in my bed or on the couch, semi-awake and having fever dreams. I'm feeling better now, though not good. I'll make sure to get the new thread up and I'll aim for picking it back up then. Right now, I'm just glad I can type a cohesive sentence.

D.L. Shepherd
02-26-2018, 07:17 PM
Layla: A little work is better than none, especially when you feel beat. Hope you get some more energy today.

niknicnac: Nice that you love your job (and benefits). Sure makes it easier to show up everyday! Sounds like you made some good progress with your writing, great work.

Magnus: Wow...that's some whopper of a fever! Maybe you can turn some of those fever dreams into writing fodder? Glad to hear you are a feeling a little better.

Yesterday was dog school, family over for dinner, and "The Walking Dead" mid-season premiere. But I did manage to edit for just over an hour.

02-26-2018, 10:40 PM
Had my first day at my new job today! It was...interesting. Nervous for tomorrow where I'm "shadowing" someone to learn the ropes.

I've only written 3179 words this month, which is depressing, but I did spend 12 days half-dead in my bed so I guess that mitigates some of the damage. Maybe I'll get some more written today!

Layla Nahar
02-27-2018, 07:48 AM
congrats on 632 words, Nic - that's a goodly amount

Magnus, wow. That sounds awful. Sending healing vibes your way

DL - likewise, congrats on getting to some work on your editing

peartree! good to see you :) glad to hear the job is interesting & glad to hear you managed to fit the writing in despite being pretty sick - however, it was really hard to bring myself to deal with the new project

Day 25: ˜1/2 page handwritten. Feeling pretty good about that because it was just seeming so difficult to get back to it yesterday that I took a pass on this project. And it was hard, I almost didn't get to it, but - managed a bit of work on my new project :)

I made a copy of the tax related form, found the address & put it in a stamped envelope; Also rsvpped a person with whom I'll do a language lesson exchange - he'll be my beta (alpha?) tester, if he larns good it will help me to pitch the lessons as a class to the local Adult Ed center. I'm considering this my income action.

On the downside, one of subtenants (I rent out furnished rooms, average stay is 4 months) gave me her notice. So - I got to do the thing again...


Hope everybody is finding those words & treating themselves nice :)

02-27-2018, 08:03 AM
Magnus: Sorry to hear you've been sick. Glad you're starting to feel better.

DL: It does make it easier when you like your job. An hour of editing is good in my opinion. Keep it up!

Peartree: Hope it was a good interesting. Good luck tomorrow. 3179 words is excellent considering how sick you were.

Layla: Glad you're making progress on the new project. Sorry you have to find a new tenant.

It was a rough day today. I knew I wasn't in the right mindset to write so I worked on a beta read instead.

02-27-2018, 04:53 PM
Magnus: Glad you're feeling better. Keep up the resting!
peartree: Rest and health is top priority. This winter's been a nasty one for bugs.
Layla: Well done for the progress on the new project!
niknicnac: Sometimes you need that step away and focus elsewhere. :)

Day... totally losing track of the days. >_< Caught a stomach flu (I love my diseased job *rolls eyes*) so nothing got done yesterday except binge watching some TV shows. Recently stepped away from current WiP and got completely distracted by Shiny New Idea. Wrote the first 500-odd words and really feeling the muse for this one so I'm switching to this project for a while. Gonna try and push some words out today while I'm bedridden.

D.L. Shepherd
02-27-2018, 05:35 PM
peartree: I hope once you learn the ropes that the new job goes from *interesting* to "I love it!!" As for the words, that's 3000+ words that you did not have the month before. Progress is still progress, and you should be proud of that.

Layla: Great that you got past your hurdle and managed to get some writing done. Ugh about the tenant. Just when you thought you were done with *that* issue. Fingers crossed that you re-rent the room fast.

niknicnac: Sorry that you had a rough day. Hope things are better today.

KitKate: Oh, no! You are sick too? Maybe I better stay off this thread. It seems to be full of viruses! Feel better...and have fun working on the new shiny.

I didn't get any editing done, but my husband and I did finish another painting project in the house. Little by little, we are sprucing the place up.

Taylor Harbin
02-28-2018, 06:00 AM
Got the new story off to betas and will likely submit asap. And in this moment I ask myself: "Well, what next? Another short or back to the novel?"

Layla Nahar
02-28-2018, 06:56 AM
Nik - Hope the beta reading was a good change of gears

Kit - 500 words is good - sometimes we need a Shiny New to remind us why it's fun to write!

DL - yeah. The housemate thing. It's very hard for me to find people I can share with. I need to live with people who are *out* a *lot*. I'm really glad this person gave her notice, actually. I was glad she took the room when I was really in financial straits, but she doesn't have a job so she's here during the day. For the first two months I was working five days a week, but my change in schedule has put our needs in conflict. I didn't want to ask her to move out, but I'm glad she'll be going. Except that I have to look for a housemate... That will take up a lot of my bandwidth...

ETA: I missed Taylor! hmm - a choice. Choices are nice! & congrats on the submitting. You're brave :D

Day 27: ~1/2 page on the handwritten; put the tax form in the mail; logged on to my server and uploaded one of the pages for the HTML quiz form, then managed to do a (very) little on my new project

3 of 3!! (tiny tasks, but I covered the spread. very tired & going to bed now)

keep swimming yall

02-28-2018, 08:15 AM
Just a quick drive by. I got poked and prodded by the doc today which sent my pain level through the roof. More tests to come. Bruh. I wanna be a real girl again. :( Wasn't really in the mood for writing but did manage to do a little research and squeeze out 250 words. Not much but better than nothing I suppose.

02-28-2018, 03:22 PM
Day 28
Just checking in to tell you I'm okay. The fever is passing, but slowly. It was/is the flu. Makes me feel foolish for skipping the vaccination because it cost something like $12. I had the flu once before, so I am sure it will take me another week or so to fully recover, but I should be able to get some basic tasks done over the next few days if I get some ibuprofen in my system and work in focused shifts. Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone. See you in March!

02-28-2018, 03:55 PM
Hello all. :e2coffee:

Magnus, glad you’re on the mend. And best wishes to niknicnac and others who are not feeling your best.

February was an abject disaster for me, writing-wise. March is a new month. I’ll try again. Good luck and good skill to all.

D.L. Shepherd
02-28-2018, 05:57 PM
Taylor: How exciting to be just about ready to submit a story...good luck with it. Can't answer you on your choice though, only you can decide what you really want to work on next.

niknicnac: Ugh. Fingers crossed that the doctor drums up some answers for you. Amazing that you got some writing done, despite that. Nice work!

Layla: I can see how distracting it must be to have someone home, especially when you are trying to get writing and work related projects done. It would be great if your next tenant is a work-a-holic! Congrats on the 3 for 3!

Magnus: Glad you made it to the better side of the flu. Hope each day is better than the one before as you continue to get well.

Lakey: I didn't get anywhere close to my goals for February either, but like you said, a new month is here. Cheers to a more productive March!

I ran short on time last night. I managed another hour of editing, but would have liked to do more. But that means today I'll be knowing exactly where I'm heading as I open the file, and hopefully I'll get a lot done. Especially since today's my last chance to make up for lost time this month.

02-28-2018, 08:43 PM
Well done everyone for all achievements. Hopefully March is better health-wise for us all! ^_^

Day 28
Added another 500 words to the Shiny New Idea. Overall, 2,155 words into the new WiP.

02-28-2018, 11:06 PM
Congrats, Taylor, on finishing your draft.

Knew I would have to spill over into March, with the end of next month as my final date for finishing the first round of revisions.

Thanks for all the updates and encouragement, all....

D.L. Shepherd
03-01-2018, 05:58 AM
Ended the month with a solid 2 hours of editing tonight. On page 66 out of 202, and have been adding pages as I go. My goal is to speed up the pace next month...and I hope to see everyone in the March challenge!

Layla Nahar
03-01-2018, 07:28 AM
Magnus, glad to hear you're feeling better :)

(((hugs))) Lakey, good to see you, give yourself a hug, too

DL - Thanks for your words of understanding & congrats on that productive hour. I think it feels good when you can leave off in a way that let you jump right back in the next session.

Kit - keep writing!!

Melody, & you - keep revising ;)
(oh, and DL, too - page 66, sweet!)

Day 28 - whew! Did little bit the handwritten project I've been working on. I'll use 'The Duchess' as a working title. Took my rent to the landlord, worked a little bit on the online-quiz form, and did a very wee bit on the new project.


See you in the March thread!