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01-21-2018, 05:35 PM
Update: I've received quite a few offers to read, so I am not seeking anymore readers at the moment. THANK YOU!!!


Sooo, my agent is requesting purty significant revisions on my latest MS. I think it'll take me about a month to complete (that's 1 week to weep and suck my thumb while rocking back and forth in a dark corner, and then a few more to do the actual revisions), and then I'll need a couple of readers. I'm looking for people who read MG and are willing to be brutally honest. The MS will be sent along with my agent's notes so hopefully you'd be able to tell me if I've addressed all of his edits...which is a lot. *weeps again* I'm not looking for a line-by-line, just a very straightforward "Have I made the changes okay" sort of thing.

I'm happy to send just a couple of chapters to begin with so you can tell me if it's not your cup of tea. Also happy to do a swap, of course. I read pretty much everything.

Erm...Okay, that's all. Oh, here's the pitch:

Twelve-year-old Rowan just wants to be a normal American kid and learn normal American magic. Unlike her perfect older sister Marina, she wants nothing to do with their Chinese heritage. Why waste time studying Chinese mythology or ancient Chinese spells when you can rely on modern Western magic? Then Marina dies in a car crash, and Rowan accidentally inherits her magical companion—a fox spirit named Kai.

Kai’s presence is too painful a reminder for Rowan. And Kai, as grief stricken as she is, makes it clear he finds the idea of being her companion about as appealing as eating toenail flavored Jell-O. But when it turns out Marina’s death may not have been so accidental after all, the two find they have one common goal: raining vengeance on Marina’s killer. Great plan. Except it’s a lot harder to accomplish when one of you knows precisely zero about the ancient magic you need, and the other one is an untrustworthy trickster.

Rowan has to rely on Kai to cheat her way into a cultural outreach program that Marina was interning at before she died. Not only does she have to learn all about the yawn-worthy ancestral stuff she’s always scoffed at, she also has to dodge shady instructors whose motives for teaching kids about their culture seem more murky the longer she's there. But the greatest danger may come from Kai. Because even as the two bond with each other, he’s hiding the fact that every lie or con he helps Rowan pull is turning him a little less fox spirit and a little more demon…