View Full Version : Looking for some erotica writers of various genre

05-14-2006, 08:45 PM
Well, I'm new here so bear with me. For some time I've enjoyed writing stories, posting to bloggs, and have done some tech writing in my work with engineers and designers. Since I started learning to construct web pages and message boards some friends have requested that I set up an erotica board for beginners and amatures here in this University community where I reside. I now have ready a new board called Satyr and Nymphs which is a blank tablet. We've been sitting by waiting for the search engines to list it and to find some viable web rings to link with. We just need some people to form the synergy.

So, I'm wondering if it would generate any intrigue to mention it here?

I'd rather do this than post a link and spam the board thus risking committing an indescression. Anyone who would wish to look at the effort please feel free to IM/PM me.


ps....I used to cyber in adult chatrooms some time ago and received many comments from the women that I should write and publish my stuff. One of the women I met was a writer of erotic fiction and explained to me she hung out there to gain some ideas and catalog some current expressions the guys used for her writing.