View Full Version : Flash Cards Do you use them? How?

11-17-2017, 09:29 PM
I recently rediscovered flash cards.

I've been using them to brainstorm scenes via writing and sketching. The small, sovereign and ultimately disposable pieces of paper allow me to feel more free in my creative exploration in a way that I don't experience writing in a notebook. I can work on multiple non-sequential scenes, then arrange the cards in a way that's easy to scan and integrate into my draft.

I've since wondered at potentially applying flash cards for larger-scale outlining.

Do you use flashcards? If so—how?

Do you have an organizational system that you've found helpful in your writing?

How I've been doing it:
* As I go about my day, I get an insight about a particular scene in the middle of the book. :idea:
* I get a fresh flash card and start writing on it, free-form, stream of mind.
* A bunch of stuff comes out, most of which I don't need to keep: brainstorming ideas, contradictions, questions.
* Out of what I wrote there are some lines of great snappy dialogue, vivid description or a core idea. I underline these.
* If I have a bunch of these cards, I write the number and name of the chapter and a description of the scene on top.
* As I sit down to write (on my Neo), I integrate what I underlined into my draft, drawing a horizontal line in the margins to mark the areas that are "done" (as illustrated below).
* Once I integrate everything on the card, I put it into the discarded stack to be burned later (unless there's a pretty picture on it).


Chapter 5—Squirrel Sacrifice
If a magician is serious about dark magic,
they will need to learn the art of catching squirrels.
|If you are reading this book, you are
|a concerned squirrel. And you are right
|to be. Smart squirrels live longer.
Fail to prepare—prepare to fail
as our great squirrel forefather had once said
before he was sacrificed by a dark wizard.