View Full Version : Term for Widow In the Royal Family

09-15-2017, 06:40 AM
One of the characters in my current WIP is the widow of the former crown prince of the empire (he was killed, along with his father/the then emperor). Based on my research "princess" would be a correct term for her position in the imperial family, but it doesn't really sound right. Is anybody aware of another term for a similarly situated person?


09-15-2017, 07:21 AM
I think dowager princess is appropriate.

09-15-2017, 01:18 PM
Yeah, Dowager Princess would be right.

09-16-2017, 04:09 AM
What is her husband's title? For example, the Crown Prince of Britain is (once invested by the Sovereign) the Prince of Wales. His widowed wife would be the Dowager Princess of Wales.

09-16-2017, 06:28 AM
Thanks, everybody - "dowager" was the word I think I had in the back of my mind but couldn't quite make out.

09-18-2017, 02:02 PM
If "princess" doesn't sound right, remember most royalty are also Dukes/Duchesses so you could go with Dowager Duchess instead. For example our crown prince is the Prince of Wales, but his (second) wife is referred to as the Duchess of Cornwall, and Prince William, the second in line to the throne, is the Duke of Cambridge.