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09-14-2017, 10:17 PM
Genre: Mainstream
Feedback: I'm okay with general impressions and general constructive feedback. Elaborate, line-by-line feedback isn't necessary unless it's of particular interest to the BetaReader. As for tone - honest and constructive is good.
Publishing: I am starting with traditional publishing. Not closed to self-publishing. Will be querying agents. All of this is on hold while I write the book.
Credentials: Okay with any level of beta-reading, any publishing status.
Status of MS: Just finished fifth round of edits.

First chapter, since revised, can be accessed in SYW by clicking here (http://absolutewrite.com/forums/showthread.php?331719-Of-Metal-and-Earth-First-Chapter-1797-words).

My BetaReader Credentials
Experience: Limited. I've never beta'd. But I am not afraid to read because reading isn't painful...
Genre: ... unless it's Erotica. Mainstream / literary are my favorites. Can stray into other genres (not Erotica. I'm not a prude, I just don't find it interesting on paper.)
Feedback. Line by line might be harder for me because I'm mobile so often but I'm not opposed to it, as long as it isn't War and Peace. :)