View Full Version : Ladies...please

05-12-2006, 02:31 AM
Anyone who watches "Deal Or No Deal" would get that. Sorry--no suitcases with $$. I'm on the hunt for women to profile for a national women's publication who have experience with the following topics:

1. Debt: Have you come close to bankruptcy, but found another way to clear up her debts, perhaps debt consolidation?

2. Have you had a life changing experience from reading a blog? Found a cure from a medical blog? Something else happen from reading a post that had a positive effect on your life?

3. Do you suffer from annoying cold sores but found a great way to keep them at bay?

4. Found an herbal remedy that works like a charm?

5. Recovering Shopaholic?

Please e-mail me at Janemscrl@aol.com for more info and details.

Thank you so much!!!!