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05-10-2006, 07:26 AM
Here's a game I've found to be good fun.

The point of the game is to figure out a way to take over the world, using a variety of weird household objects.
Such as: If I was asked to take over the world using five old computer screens, a bundle of ball-point pens, and sheafs of paper, I might say that I would start by planting the useless screens in media offices, and hovering until someone tried to use them. As soon as this happened, I would claim that there is some kind of mega virus going around which renders computers useless. I would then give them a few sheets of paper and a pen and move on to my next victem. After a while, the story would spread, causing mass panic. I would leak details about the virus, claiming that it slowly infects the computer systems through the web and that it was programmed to take over all systems and destroy them. After a while, the governments would order curfews and stricter regulations about using computers. Soon I and my evil minions would be the only people with free access to computers, and we would not have to worry about competition as we hack into systems under the pretence of fighting the bug. Mwahahahaha!
(sorry, a very quick and silly plan, but I am writing this in class)

The next person posting has to come up with a semi-believable idea on how to conquer the world using these items.
The first person to post gets to make up the next list and so on.
Each list of items should be from three to five, and can include anything, just preferably nothing too destructive.

The items for the first megalomaniac plan are:
Three Lightbulbs, a dozen blonde wigs, all the cassette tapes of the last series of Lost In Space you need, a blunt razor, a spray can of purple paint.
Have fun!

05-11-2006, 12:54 AM
I'd gather up the windex and air fresheners and, force everybody at aerosol spraypoint to give me the remote control for the television.

05-11-2006, 01:09 AM
I'd call over the Brain from Pinky and the Brain and MacGyver and wouldn't let them go until they'd come up with the plot for me.

Being a really good despot requires a certain genius at delegation

On the other hand if MacGyver did show up I'd likely plonk us both in my hot tub and let the world look out for its own dang self.