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07-05-2017, 06:23 PM
The first Willing Beta Readers thread (http://www.absolutewrite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=52392) started in 2006. It was replaced by Willing Beta Readers Volume II.

Many embers who posted in the Volume II are no longer active on AW, or they can no longer act as beta readers.

I've started this new thread.

Procedure To Volunteer To Beta Read

If you are interested in becoming a beta reader for someone on AW, please leave a reply in this thread with your genre preference and any other info you'd like members to know. See the template below for an idea of what to post.
Please turn on PMs so members can contact you privately to ask if you would be willing to Beta for them.
Should you become unavailable to beta in the future, please you return here and edit your post to reflect your status.

DO NOT POST in this thread asking for a beta reader. I will move any requests into their own threads. Or I might just delete it.

Feel free to peruse the previous thread (http://absolutewrite.com/forums/showthread.php?154927-Willing-Beta-Readers-Volume-II/) for potential beta readers, just be aware that tht thread (especially the earlier pages) is not current.

Beta Reader Template
A typical post about your willingness to Beta includes:

What I write:
Beta Style:

You can include more; but these are the basic points to provide.

Don't forget to return and edit your post if your interests or availability change.

07-05-2017, 06:48 PM
Edit (7/8/2017): currently full. Will update when ready for more.

Availability: Seeking 3 full-length novels to read in the next three weeks (through 30 July 2017).

Preferences: SF/fantasy of all types, but I have read everything and will read anything GOOD.

Why me: Many readers have told me my critiques are the best they’ve ever gotten. They’re right. I’m old enough to know what I’m good at, and I’m good at this. I read fast and write fast. You’ll have your beta-read complete in a week. What you do after that is up to you.

How I work: I edit in MSWord using comments and track changes.

Experience: 30+ years as an SF/YA reader, have written four unpublished novels, with the first to hopefully appear this winter. Since joining AW, I’ve beta-read for 30 members, totaling 1.7M words. I count them because that’s the only thing you can do with them. I’d like to be over 2 million words by the end of the summer.

I’m always honest, and polite if you don’t try anything colossally stupid in your book. If you do, I get grumpy in the comments, and you’ll know I hated it because I’ll tell you so. That doesn’t mean it’s not fixable, and I like tossing around ideas for solutions.

∑ No first drafts, in-progress works, or any of that. It needs to be done, and not on its first-ever read, either.
∑ I don’t like being told how to read. I’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t. Don’t tell me you don’t need close editing—if I see a problem, you need close editing.
∑ If your book has major issues that make it impossible to continue, I will stop and give you what I have, as well as telling you explicitly what I think is causing the problem.
∑ I know nothing about markets, what is popular, etc., nor do I care. Don’t ask me if it’ll sell. I’m not an agent.
∑ Extreme content (define as you will) doesn’t offend me. I’m only offended by terrible writing and stupid plotting.
∑ If you give me a dystopian novel, it had better be the most fucking amazing thing ever written.

Contact: PM me with a paragraph-long synopsis and first couple chapters and include your email.

Susannah Shepherd
07-06-2017, 04:01 PM
Availability: Currently unavailable.


Romance (wide tastes but prefer historical, suspense, older protagonists - I don't do sweet, inspirational, new adult, vampires or extreme alphas)
Erotic romance (ditto; comfortable with any combinations of numbers/genders/sexualities)
Erotica (not much into BDSM or similar, but I am OK with a bit of kink)
Mystery, suspense, political thrillers (I'm a sucker for a good conspiracy theory)
Historical (not predominantly military; prefer pre-19th century. Interested in diverse voices.)
General literary fiction (Not coming-of-age or similar. Please, no coming-of-age.)

I don't do SF/F, NA or YA, although I am OK with low fantasy elements in the genres above.

What I write: Erotic romance and erotica, mostly historical. The to-be-written list also includes some non-romance historicals. I tried romantic suspense, because I enjoy reading it, but I suck at it.

Beta Style: I will give you honest feedback on whether your premise, prose style and pacing grab me as a reader. I'll be reading for whether your characters are presented consistently, learn something along the way, and have believable conflicts. I have a good ear for the cadence of prose and natural dialogue. Time constraints may prevent me from doing a full line-by-line, unless you're prepared to drip-feed chapters, but I will point out where your prose isn't working for me.

I cannot critique effectively if your grammar and spelling needs a lot of work (I get distracted by too much copy-editing), so I won't beta anything that hasn't already been tidied up as well as you can. I will want to read a couple of chapters before I commit, and I will say no if your book just isn't my cup of tea.

Experience: I have been doing some crits here and there lately on the various SYW boards: see here (http://absolutewrite.com/forums/showthread.php?329224-Opening-Chapter-Late-1694s-Germany-557-words&p=10193099#post10193099) and here (http://absolutewrite.com/forums/showthread.php?329839-Prologue-Love-Babs-1-300-words&p=10202743#post10202743) if you want an idea of the feedback I might give, depending on what you're looking for. I am extremely experienced in writing and peer-reviewing work reports, mostly narrative documents rather than technical editing, and so the feedback you get from me will be professional and respectful.

Timeline: Depends on real-life workload, but if I can't get something done in a few weeks, I'll let you know.

Contact: PM me with a bit about your work, what editing it has been through already, and a blurb (I want a hook, but no big spoilers!). If I'm interested I'll get you to email me a couple of chapters to see whether it's my thing.

07-06-2017, 10:09 PM
Availability: Currently unavailable, although feel free to message me if you don't mind waiting a bit
Preferences: LGBTQ Science Fiction / Fantasy / Magical Realism, although I'll read anything if it is LGBTQ. I would strongly prefer not to read anything with a heterosexual main plot.
What I write: LGBTQ Science Fiction / Fantasy / Magical Realism
Beta Style: I have a good eye and an ear for line-by-line editing. I like to think of a scene as being made of small parts. If the scene isn't working in the small scope, those small flaws add up to create a weaker work in the grand scope. I focus on character development, emotional atmosphere, and style. Most of all, I prioritize immersion in a story--if something pulls me out of the story, I'll point it out to you, whether that be contradictory characterization, an awkward sentence, or clunky information-delivering.
Experience: I have experience critiquing in formal university workshop settings along with thorough critique-based conversations with writer friends.
Timeline: If it's a short story or relatively short sample (<10k), I should be able to get it back within a few days, but for a longer work it might take me a few weeks to a month.
Contact: PM me with a brief description of your story, and I'll let you know if it's in my neck of the woods.

07-13-2017, 03:02 PM
Availability:Available to beta read
Preferences: Historical fiction with a military / romance preferred. I'm not interested in fantasy, Sci-fi, or paranormal
What I write: I write as I read. I've self published five books, (9 more waiting to go) but on this forum wish to 'give' before asking others to reciprocate.
Beta Style:Probably best described as a 'loving amateur.' I like to lose myself in a book then contemplate it for a few days, write a few notes where I left the story or my mind wandered, then have another read to see if I can put together some succinct thoughts to help you. I am like many in that if I am hitting my head against a wall of bad grammar, spelling and a confused plot I will get an ice pack and politely opt to save my brain cells, (they are far too few as it is.)
Experience: I read when I can. I have a busy schedule, like our prospective readers. I studied theater in Canada and have performed in many different countries across Europe and Asia. I have owned theatre companies (in the UK), French restaurants, hotels, boutiques and even renovated thatched cottages. My family is comprised of professional athletes, artists and designers. We like to have fun. Reading is mine.
Timeline: An 80k book will probably take me two weeks to read twice and write notes etc.
Contact:PM me with a synopsis. They are a bore to write but are usually requested by publishers anyway. If it is my thing and I think I can be of some benefit, we can go from there. Cheers K

Anna Iguana
07-19-2017, 06:57 AM
Availability: I will try to work in anyone wanting to swap poetry; otherwise, I'm currently full

Preferences: free verse, prose poetry, or short stories (about 2,000-7,000 words) that are contemporary fiction (adult or YA), women’s fiction, romance, or fantasy (including dark fantasy and non-graphic horror).

I don't read first drafts, hard SF, or graphic horror. If you're thinking, "I'm not sure if she'll consider it graphic horror..." I'm probably not your target audience.

What I write: adult contemporary fiction, dark fantasy, women’s fiction, prose poetry, and free verse.

Beta style: I’ll mark my reactions as I read. I'll prioritize developmental feedback and look for positives, but I'll also tell you what doesn't work for me. If there are aspects of the piece you’d most like feedback about, please let me know. If there are aspects of the piece you don’t want feedback about, let me know that, too—but if those aspects loom as problems, I may tell you anyway.

I’ll be most help with work that’s already reasonably copy-edited. I’ll assess your prose as well as your story. I won’t rewrite your prose—though, if I give a suggestion, I may offer an example. You can check out my critiques in Share Your Work and Poetry Critique.

If you send me a .doc or .docx file, I'll use Microsoft Word to track changes. If you send me an .rtf or other type of text file, I'll mark comments in in-line with the text.

[B]Experience: I worked as an editor for academic journals, and I have poetry and fiction forthcoming in print. Most important—I read a lot.

Timeline: I should be able to return a short story within a week.

Contact: PM me w/word count and a few words describing your story

07-26-2017, 02:29 PM
Availability: Available.

Preferences: I prefer YA of any subgenre, but I am open to all that is readable. Newbies are fine, but you need a minimum of 20 posts to contact me! I'd love to work with a seasoned or semi-seasoned YA writer. Please nothing with explicit sexual abuse.

What I write: I write YA fantasy/supernatural. I'm currently working through my fifth novel and hoping to get it out to agents this summer. Anyone available for a swap is especially welcome!

Beta Style: I use Word and track changes. You'll get your draft back with my in-line comments and a separate document detailing my overall thoughts and recommendations for categories like Plot/Characterization/Setting/Writing Style and whatever else I find relevant. The in-line comments will be any and every reaction I have as I go through. I try to avoid excessive snark, but I do trend toward blunt reactions, i.e. what confuses me, where the writing slows down, scenes that I find irrelevant. I focus more on improvements you can make and stuff that doesn't work, but I will certainly outline what you do best when I see it, and I always add in positive comments to my overall recommendations document. I will usually line-edit portions of the novel when needed too, but if the plot needs major re-structuring then I will often avoid correcting grammar/spelling/phrasing, etc. until later drafts.

Experience: I've been writing for over ten years with five novels under my belt. I've submitted to agents for two novels, and the last one received some great feedback (though it wasn't picked up, unfortunately!). I have been a member of critique groups in the past and so far have provided feedback on seven novels for AW members since joining a few months ago. None of them sent me burning bags of poo in the mail, so I'm taking that as a sign of satisfaction! I am always available for questions and additional feedback as well, and will offer to critique future drafts when I feel a strong connection to the novel. I can also offer sensitivity reading for LGBTQ subjects.

Timeline: On average, I can get comments back to you within 2-3 weeks. I will always let you know at first contact if that estimate changes so you're aware of any delays. PLEASE let me know if you plan to edit your book while I'm reading, since it's always a bit redundant to provide feedback on something that's been entirely rewritten already.

Contact: PM me with a query or general brief synopsis and your first 500 words. Also give me details on what kind of critique you would like and areas to focus on (if applicable).

07-26-2017, 07:04 PM
I am no longer doing beta reading effective 7/2019

07-29-2017, 12:00 AM
Not Available - just took on a project on August 23 - check back later, please..

Who I Am: An old guy. I have time to read and I read a lot. I know when my day is ending when I pour a craft beer, fire up a good cigar and read an engaging book. When I pick up a book to read, I give it my best shot - I don't put a book down unless I'm just plain bored to tears. If your first 200 words aren't so good, I don't care - even the first chapter won't make me put it down. You'll have to be bad through the first quarter of your book before I leave it to gather dust.

What I read: A lot of history, historical fiction, biographies and the occasional novel. And yes - I love J. R. R. Tolkien. It may be fantasy, but his works read like history. Ken Follett is another author I enjoy. You get the idea.

What I don't read: Youth oriented works, such as fantasy - vampires and zombies bore me. Not into erotica, though an occasional steamy scene is fine. Chic lit - not.

Experience as a Beta Reader: Just finished my first beta - and enjoyed the experience.

PM me if you are interested. I'll work in a Word file, using comments and/or revisions. I am not a particularity tough person, so I won't be body slamming anyone's writing, but I will be honest.

08-10-2017, 03:21 AM
Availability: EDIT: closed for a few weeks as of 8/11/17

Preferences: I strongly prefer YA or NA. I'll happily read contemporary but I have a bigger soft spot for magical realism and paranormal elements. I'm not a huge fan of sci fi, but I'll read it if it's well written.

What I write: YA, mostly with magical realism. I'm working on finding an agent for a fairytale retelling at the moment.

Beta Style: I comment on the document with thoughts, questions, and any grammatical things I notice. Afterwards, I follow up with a letter that goes more into detail on the bigger plot and character problems I'm seeing. I tend to be pretty thorough and I don't hold anything back.

Experience: I've edited my own work time and time again. I'm an assistant editor for a journal, and I've been an editorial intern for two presses. I've also beta read for about a dozen AWers and assorted pals with good results.

Timeline: School is starting again, so it'll probably be 3 weeks to a month. I try to get manuscripts done sooner, but I'm not sure how rigorous my classes will be this semester.

Contact: PM me the genre, word count, and a short synopsis and I'll get back to you ASAP!

08-12-2017, 08:57 AM
Availability: I just put this up so I'm currently wide open. However, I do start school in a bit so I will have to see how that affects my schedule.

What I Read: I'll read short stories; you can send me a few stories of under 2,000 words or so or send me one story of anywhere between 2,000 to like 10,000 words. I'll read poems; you can send me a few pages of poetry. However, poetry isn't exactly my strong suit, but I'll be willing to help anyway I can. If the premise interests me enough and I'm like dying to read it, I might read a novella. Unfortunately, being a full time college student soon I don't think I'll have the time to read any novel manuscripts. As far as style and genre goes, I like to read a rather wide array of stuff. I like scifi. I love real suspenseful stuff. I enjoy both "literary" and "genre" fiction but am blown away when a writer combines the two. To be honest, I tend not to enjoy fantasy as much. Overall, I'm pretty open to almost all genres and styles.

What I Write: I'm a rather young writer and have not tackled my first novel yet so I've only written short fiction. I also write a tiny bit of poetry. I write kinda a variety of stuff, a like to shoot for suspense in a lot of my work.

Experience: I've worked as a copy editor proofreading other's work at a newspaper. I've revised and edited my own work for a while, but overall I'm new to this.

Contact: PM me with the titles of your work, word counts and a short synopsis and I'll get back to you. If I decide to read your work, I would really appreciate it if you would give a few of my short stories a look as well. I won't send a ton, just a few stories or poems.

08-12-2017, 10:38 PM
Update: I'm currently full and will update again when I have more availability.

Availability: I am open to reading a full length novel or two (please have at least first draft done) over the next month - September 2017.
Preferences: I especially enjoy fantasy, particularly in the high fantasy and urban fantasy subgenres.
What I write: As you probably expect, I write fantasy. Currently, I have two unpublished novels. The first is in the hands of a terrific freelance editor right now, and I hope to have it back within the month.
Beta Style: Typically I focus more on upper level stuff (pacing, characterization, etc.), but I'm happy to delve into the weeds of word choice and sentence structure from time to time. I use a strength based approach and prefer open communication between myself and the author.
Experience: Other than my own writing, which I've been doing seriously for about 15 years, most of my editing experience lies in the realm of academic journal articles.
Timeline: This probably depends on the length of your novel and both of our availabilities.
Contact: Feel free to message me!

08-18-2017, 03:39 AM
Availability: I can provide regular and timely input
Preferences: I'm a hard-working editor and I enjoy supporting people in their development if they are eager to interrogate their practice and deepen their writing. I want to read work that the writer has already put consideration into, both by reading widely and writing a lot. I don't mind what genre(s) you read and write in so long as you're passionate and have put the work in. I do particularly enjoy contemporary gothic, sci fi, and experimental contemporary writing.
What I write: I write in a range of styles. My short stories explore themes including materiality, neurodivergence, chronic pain, queerness, and work. I (try to!) write in a lucid, accessible way.
Beta Style: I'm a professional copywriter and editor with a background in fine art and tutoring. So I'm a pretty flexible reader depending on what you most want to work on.
Experience: As above, plus working with friends and writing group peers on their creative writing projects.
Timeline: Flexible
Contact: franceslauradonnelly@gmail.com

James Ryan
08-18-2017, 03:59 AM
Availability: I am pretty flexible but have a 9 to 5 and am also a grad student.
Preferences: Looking for short stories of any kind, can't do any novels at the moment.
What I write:I write erotica.
Beta Style: I am pretty flexible but give that I am a grad school student I am use to reading research papers. I have a good eye for things that might be missing.
Experience: grad student
Timeline: Flexible
Contact:AW inbox

08-24-2017, 04:41 PM
Availability: unavailable at the moment!
Preference: Any genre, novel or shorts - I'm just trying to get my feet wet with whatever I can!
What I write: Fiction, memoir, flash, journaling, self-help, & tech pubs at work
Beta style: New to doing beta reading so I will be mostly looking at flow, consistency, content and grammar until I get to know how this process works better. I am quite professional with my comments and will ask for clarification as needed.
Experience: Write, edit, and peer review technical publications (4 years)
Timeline: Flexible
Contact: PM or email cspayne76@outlook.com

08-24-2017, 11:26 PM
Availability: CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - Likely will be unavailable through the end of the calendar year (2019), but feel free to check back in case this changes
Preferences: Fantasy novels, either YA or Adult. Any kind of fantasy is fine, be it high fantasy, epic fantasy, urban or contemporary fantasy, low fantasy, dark fantasy, fairy tale retellings. I'm even open to some horror so long as it contains supernatural or paranormal elements of some kind. I'm also open to Science Fiction, but I have less experience reading in that genre, and vastly prefer space opera to any other kind of SF.
What I write: Again, fantasy. Mostly epic fantasy or sword-and-sorcery, but I also have a YA gaslamp fantasy series in the works and am preparing to write a contemporary fantasy for my newest project.
Beta Style: I am only available to give general feedback on things like pacing, characterization, plot consistency, etc. I do not do line edits or fix grammar. My process is to read the story and give you overall notes on the entire novel once I've finished reading it. I am a big fan of Mary Robinette Kowal's form of beta-reading, which basically advises the beta reader to explain what they liked, what confused them, and what bored them.
Experience: I've beta read a couple of novels before for friends/classmates.
Timeline: Depends somewhat on the length of the novel, but generally, within a month.
Contact: Please EMAIL me if interested: elizabeth.kat.k@gmail.com. You can PM here if you prefer, but I'm not on this website as often as I would like these days, and it's entirely possible I won't see your PM request for several weeks. When you contact me, please advise me of the word count of your novel/story, and a short sample from the work is also appreciated (a few paragraphs is fine). Thanks!

09-06-2017, 11:45 PM
Availability- Not right now.

Preference- SF/F, mostly. Added points if it veers towards the more realistic side. I'm open to crime/mystery, and like gritty. Always interested in who's writing humor our there, my own sensibilities get pretty salty & bizarre. No YA, please, though the last time I said that I caved and was very glad I did.

Experience- Beta'd many time. Full time bookseller, read a lot. Otherwise pretty unextraordinary.

Timeline- A month, maybe.

Contact- PM me!

09-08-2017, 11:00 PM
Availability: Unavailable right now

Preferences: YA contemporary/romance. I can read any YA, but have read mostly contemporary/romance and can help the most with those genres (exception: superheroes. I'm an avid comic reader/reader of anything involving people with powers). I can read any kind of narrative (dark, gory, funny, etc.), but please no love triangles.

What I write: Surprise surprise, I write YA contemporary, usually with a non-white/mixed race protagonist.

Beta Style: Pretty much whatever you need from me; to be quite honest, I'll be reading for grammar no matter what simply because that's who I am. If you need me to do more overarching story edits, or focus on specific characters, I can do that, as well.

Experience: I have no experience as a beta, but I've been editing my friends' academic papers for grammar/syntax/clarity for a few years.

Timeline: I absolutely love editing, and can edit a full book in under a month (most likely under 2 weeks, depending on work/school).

Contact: PM me!

09-13-2017, 03:56 AM
Availability: Available now <-- belay that; someone snapped me up
Preferences: SF/Fantasy, Nonfiction, Memoir
What I write: Nonfiction
Beta Style: No idea, I'm learning about beta reading; I'm a very experienced nonfiction developmental editor
Experience: I "ghostwrote" (I got cover credit, so not really a ghost) I'm the Boss of Me, which came out in 2016. I beta read (I guess) some short stories for an acquaintance on LinkedIn; he liked what I did. I took part of a course on book mapping, have all the course materials, and am willing to learn by doing; I book map nonfiction, but we call that content analysis. My overall experience developing books is over 30 years. I do my best to be tactful and diplomatic, while being clear. I won't line edit unless you ask me.
Timeline: I work slowly because my day job is editing books freelance, and I often work well into the evening hours. On the other hand, my kids went off to college so I have more time than I used to.
Contact: PM me.

09-21-2017, 06:27 PM
Availability: Available now
Preferences: Fantasy, preferably not YA
What I write: Fantasy, preferably low
Beta Style: First time beta reading, so no idea. But I will say this: if you just want a from-the-gut, no-frills opinion from a garden-variety, bog-standard moron, then I'm your man. And hey, its free, so what you got to lose?
Experience: I once had a CP. Now I don't have a CP

09-21-2017, 08:30 PM
Availability: Hit and miss ... when I find an interesting work I can hit a lot more.
Preferences: Anything except YA, LGBT, Romance, and SF Don't regularly read any of those so can't offer a good beta.
What I write: Historical fiction, Thriller, Humor ... humor usually shows up in most of what I write,
Beta Style: I prefer line by line unless a work has already been well edited by someone other than the author. I have found I miss a lot in editing my own work and assume others do too. If the work has enough problems I will cut off and offer to beta an improved work.
Experience: I done beta reads for a half-dozen or so works, with satisfied writers.
Timeline: varies according to what I am doing and the weather but once I start I usually work quickly
Contact:PM here and we'' switch to e-mail if the project and what I offer match
ADDITIONAL: Honesty provides the most help. I am not a professional editor so look at what I return at opinion of a reader rather than strong judgment. I'll tell you what I see and expect you reject as much of it as you wish. You may need thick skin to deal with my evaluation but I'm never intentionally unkind. I like to work in segments and offer thought while receiving feedback from you.

Victor Douglas
09-30-2017, 02:01 AM
Unavailable Now
Preferences: Genre fiction, Sci-Fi (no fantasy please, except Urban Fantasy), Mystery, Horror, Suspense/Thriller
What I Write: Technothrillers
Beta Style: Glad to provide overall feedback on narrative style, characterization, dialogue, etc. I am no editor, however. Pretty similar to AirandDarkness, above
Experience: A bit. I've done a couple of novellas so far
Timeline: At least 2 weeks per 20K words
Contact: PM

I've had plenty of enquiries to choose from, so thanks everyone.

10-06-2017, 02:02 AM
Availability: Available now
Preferences: SF/F/Romance (ideally with LGBTQ+ characters)! I'm a fan of C.S. Pacat's Captive Prince series and would be happy to beta read anything similar.
What I write: Mostly Fantasy/Romance
Beta Style: Flexible. I've done beta reads where I did an extensive overview of my experience and major takeaways after reading the entire work, and I've also provided chapter by chapter break-downs of what I'm thinking as I'm reading. I do not do line-editing for grammar, spelling or syntax.
Experience: I've beta read a number of complete manuscripts through Goodreads. I also do beta reading through a site called Wattpad.
Timeline: Usually, I'll need 3-4 weeks to go through a complete novel and write up my thoughts. I'll most likely be able to go a lot faster if I really enjoy the work.
Contact: PM, please!

10-08-2017, 01:53 AM
As of October 2017:

Varies constantly depending on work and other projects. I like to read for fun, and will read to unwind after work, and I'm always looking for something interesting. That could just as well be a beta novel or story.

I like to read Science Fiction, and particularly ďhardĒ SF. I also read thrillers with some kind of technical (not only political) background.

What I write:
Iíve written (published) non-fiction for almost 30 years now. Iím only just getting into narrative fiction: my instinct is to go with the SF I love, but Iíve not come up with any stories other than vignettes or technology/setting demos. What I actually end up writing is anybodyís guess, since I decided to ďfollow the storyĒ and not per-determine a genre.

Beta Style:
Iíd like to read on a tablet, in my reading chair away from my desk. General feedback along the lines of a character speaking out-of-character, a confusing jump, an inconsistency, overuse or misuse of a specific phrase, etc. Iíll note in another document. I can copy/paste the passage so you can find it, or use numbering youíve embedded in the file. (E.g. page numbers are hard-coded not device-specific, or sections are numbered, or even paragraphs have numbers in the left margin.)

Line Editing and Copy Editing is something Iím good at, but thatís not what Iím signing up for here. Thatís something I would do at my desk, and charge or barter for. As a beta reader, Iíd say ďThis gets so annoyingólearn how (not) to use a comma.Ē but wonít circle each one for you.

I have a knack for technical editing of complex documents and spotting inconsistencies. Iíve worked as a technical editor for two published print magazines. For fiction, that translates into finding plot holes, and lots of details like ďYou said she was outside; how did she get here all of a sudden?Ē or ďWhen was this supposed to have happened? The timeline is X Y Z and she was still upset at Y so exactly when was this team-bonding experience supposed to have taken place?Ē Those are things Iíve seen in Web Fiction, which seems to be pre-beta quality for the most part.

Iíll read a novel (for fun) quickly.

via PM.

10-19-2017, 07:04 PM
I do thorough, free beta reviews for you. Visit my website.

Availability: I am available with a waiting list
Preferences: historical, thriller, fantasy, sci-fi, cozy mystery, crime
What I write: all the above
Beta Style: I will send you an in-depth review/critique, and do any line-edits per your request
Experience: I have completed multiple betas
Timeline: It usually takes me 1-2 weeks
Contact: please visit my website to see more timeline and waiting list information. You can also apply there.



10-20-2017, 05:00 AM

PREFERENCE - historical, thriller, mystery, crime, Christian, paranormal (ETA: I do not do demons), biography. I'm picky about some scifi and do not do erotica or illicit sex scenes in any genre.

WHAT I WRITE - novels with a flavor of the paranormal, including Christian, historical romance, crime, biography.

BETA STYLE - Intense, straight-foreward review and LBL critiques, and nitpick grammar and spelling, using MS WORD comments or WORKS attachment. Manuscripts that have been edited edited edited, please, but I will read the first paragraph of the first draft and may request more.

EXPERIENCE - never a beta, but have critiqued creative writing and a few SYWs

TIMELINE - Not over 2 weeks, otherwise I'll send a head's up


ETA to determine correct spelling, please make sure the setting is clear.

10-21-2017, 07:42 AM
EDIT: Not currently available!

Availability: Available, for swaps!
Preferences: Prefer Sci-fi/Fantasy but open to almost any genre, adult or YA. No MG, Historic, or Romance please. (romantic subplots are fine).
What I write: Mostly fantasy, usually urban. Some science fiction.
Beta Style: Line-by-line, stream of consciousness, to give writers an idea what a reader might be thinking while they read. Can adjust focus/topics of critique (as well as frequency of the line-by-line notes) to writer preferences.
Experience: I've critiqued a few full books, and dozens of chapters/segments.
Contact: PM here is best!

10-27-2017, 12:20 AM
Availability [as of 08 Nov 2017]: someone snatched me up! I'll update this post when I'm free again. If you're looking for feedback on a short story, feel free to message me anyway--I can usually fit a good short in somewhere.

Preferences: I prefer to read erotic romance, erotica, or steamy romance. These are my strengths. I will also read fantasy on a limited basis.

What I write: Erotic romance, general romance, and straight-up erotica

Beta Style: I tend to provide a mixture of reader reactions, technical nitpicks, and general observations/suggestions for improvement. Let me know if you'd prefer not to receive any of these things, or if you want me to focus on one issue in particular. I like to be thorough, so be prepared for a lot of commentary; and I sometimes inject some humor into my nitpicks, let me know if you'd rather I didn't. I'm a good pick for authors who lack thick skins or are new to having their work critiqued (but let me know if you'd like gentle feedback all the same, please; I will get tough on occasion).

Experience: I spend a lot of time on Scribophile and have completed 151 critiques as of this writing. I've also done a few beta reads for writers on Goodreads. I've learned quite a bit from critiquing others' work, and I hope that I can use that knowledge to help improve members' writing here as well.

Timeline: I can critique about 12,000 words in a weekend, and about 5,000 words per weekday.

Contact: PM me, please; we can move to email from there, if you like.

11-11-2017, 12:33 PM
Availability: Someone snatched me up, currently doing a beta. Will post when I have availability.
Preferences: I prefer romance (no BDSM please) or urban fantasy. Edited please. No sex that isn't consensual.
What I write: Contemporary, romance, paranormal romance, or urban fantasy.
Beta Style: I'm blunt and don't do grammar unless it starts to bother me at which time I will point out that it is bothering me, highlighting problems and leaving you a comment to check your MS for grammar. I do reader impressions, general observations, and areas to improve. Thick skin is best: I'm not a hand holder. I'm exclusively MS Word.
Experience: I've beta read for writer friends before. But they know me, understand I'm a tough love type.
Timeline: Depends on the project. Contact me via PM and we can discuss.
Contact:PM is best, please.

11-16-2017, 05:51 AM
Availability:Monday-Thursday; 1pm to 6pm
Preferences:realistic fiction/YA/YA romance
What I write: YA/realistic ficiton
Beta Style:Iíd like to read on my phone or computer. I don't have a a lot of experience beta reading but I will be able to read just like your average reader and not a critic. Iíll note in another document. I would love to help improve your story and give feedback
Experience:I don't have experience beta teading but I read a couple of books a week.
Timeline:I take about a few days to a week to read.

11-23-2017, 07:24 AM
Availability: Whenever :) I'll probably only take one reader at a time.

Preferences: I like YA, fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian (if you must), and really cool and interesting concepts. I don't mind reading romance, if it has an aforementioned interesting concept. Really, if it's interesting and good, I'll love to read it. My only stickler is this: if you're not writing a fantasy, and it's more than 100k words, I don't want to read it. I have a snarky tongue when it comes to fluff, and hate it. 100k words that isn't fantasy signals to me there's too much fluff.

What I write: I write YA fantasy.

Beta Style: I'm probably in between super strict and super relaxed. I know the difference between my opinion and what I think should be changed, and I'll clarify it in the document. I use Word comments and correction tracker. I also often add random snarky comments in the comments haha. I try to blend edit and critique, so you can get the best of both worlds.

I'll finish whatever is given to me, except on the rare occasion that I feel there is such a huge problem that I believe reading more without fixing it would be useless.

Experience: I've edited and critiqued numerous writings.

Timeline: It'll probably take me a little while, like 2-3 weeks, depending on what's going on in my little life.

Contact: PM me with either a little summary of your story, or the query you've written.

11-24-2017, 11:56 PM
Availability: Unavailable indefinitely.

Preferences: Specifically looking for full-length manuscripts, not short stories.
The Yes Please: fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, magical realism (Adult, YA, or MG). Engaging nonfiction in the areas of science, medicine, history, food, or cooking. The odd memoir.
The Meh: contemporary, romance, horror. Tend not to seek these genres out, but I read them if I'm in the mood.
The No Way: Christian fiction, erotica.

What I write: Fantasy and sci-fi for YA to NA to Adult, though nothing's been published yet.

Beta Style: I strive to be supportive and encouraging with my comments, but will never tell you I think something's good if it's not. I don't have a wealth of experience in publishing like some folks here, so I'll be reading as a member of your prospective market rather than as an editor. If you're looking for an informal sensitivity read from a lady who like ladies I can provide that as well.

Experience: A few writing workshops here and there. Worked in my college's writing center as a consultant for a few years. Beta'ed a fair bit of fanfic back in the day (I know, I know).

Timeline: 2-4 weeks, depending on manuscript length.

Contact: Please PM me with your genre, word count, and the premise of your book. If I pass, it is a reflection only of the personal tastes of some random internet stranger, not the quality of your work.

11-26-2017, 02:23 AM
Availability: Not Currently available

Preference: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, YA,LGBT, alternate history, I can do erotica (gay preferred, but all works).

My Stuff: fantasy and sci-fi mostly. I am currently working on a fantasy book (about 28K so far).

Style: I am a linear writer. I am never sure what will happen next in what I write.

Experience: I have read a lot, and am learning to critique. I don't do spelling, and I see grammar only if it is egregious.

What I am looking for: I would enjoy doing some Beta reading and providing feedback on a chapter basis. Ultimately, I would like to find a partner that I can trade stories with.

I prefer to do line by line critique with an overall on the chapter in question. I use a mac, so can share my documents via pages. And am willing to do the same back. Or I can also accept MS Word format — I can do RTF, but that looses any comments I have inserted inline.

Contact: PM, e-mail, smoke signals, I don't do Morse code though (ok I used to, but I don't remember enough to be fluent anymore)

Thank you for your consideration!

11-27-2017, 10:30 PM
Availability: any time if I can fit it into my schedule
Preferences: fiction
What I write: Fiction
Beta Style: I prefer to read a chapter of your opus in order to give you an idea of how well I consider your approach to be, and I can be as brutal as you wish. I only prefer a synopsis of the story with said chapter. My desire would be that whatever I say, should you choose to implement it, could be used for the rest of the book.
Experience: I have written four novels (three published). The shortest is 62,000 words, and the longest is 258,000 words.
Timeline: I will likely take 1 - 2 weeks.
Contact: my real name is Ruben. You can PM me through this site.

*the copyright fee is only $35. It is very easy to do from a computer. I highly recommend authors copyright their most finished version of a book, because even if you do minor edits in the book but the substance remains the same, the copyright is still valid. This isn't legal advice. I am no lawyer, and you should consult one.*

11-28-2017, 07:31 AM
Note: Your work is protected by copyright as soon as you write it. See Writer Beware on why you shouldn't register copyright on your unpublished work. (http://accrispin.blogspot.com/2013/02/why-not-to-register-copyright-for.html) We also have a FAQ (http://absolutewrite.com/forums/showthread.php?58845-FAQ-Copyright) on it.

12-19-2017, 06:03 AM
Availability: Currently available for swaps! :)

Preference: YA (I prefer contemporary, but I'm open to anything!)

My Stuff: My WIP is YA Contemporary

Style: I give a few line notes and then a few paragraphs on my overall thoughts

Experience: I've been a beta reader and CP for a few YA writers

What I am looking for: I would love to swap MS's with someone so we can help each other out :)

Contact: PM me so we can swap chapters and see if we'd be a good fit!

S. Eli
12-20-2017, 05:56 AM
not available until this batch is done

I'm bored and fatigued from writing and I feel like I've secluded myself from the community so I'm gonna open up for beta reading!

I usually just take a month (especially if it's >100K) and if I'm longer I can just be nudged. I usually say if I don't think I'm a fit, and i try to get through the first 50, anyway, so I have something worthwhile to say. I'm mostly useful for overall plot concerns and your books entertainment level, but I'm also a relatively (informed) PC person, so while I usually stop at offensive points, I make sure to gently point out what came across not-so-okay.

I have beta'd for plenty of people. I read across genres, but typically I read Urban Fantasy/Contemp Thrillers. YA & MG are fine. While I'm not a straight romance person, I'll read anything with some drama or heart. >75K is my sweet spot because I'm a binge reader and try to read everything in one sitting.

PM if you're interested!

Victor Douglas
12-20-2017, 06:57 AM

12-20-2017, 08:19 PM
Availability: Unavailable for now.

Preferences: I read mostly adult and YA SFF, so if you write that, I would be happy to take a look. I am not much of a contemporary or romance person, though. Romance elements are fine, as long as they are not the focus.

Beta Style: I give me immediate reactions and comments in line-notes, then elaborate on my general impression afterward. I like to separately go into my opinion on the writing, the setting, the characters, the plot, and overall enjoyment. I'm also pretty flexible when it comes to more specific things I should look for.

Experience: I've done a handful of beta reads and critiqued a few excerpts here on this site.

Timeline: I usually try to finish a beta read within one to two weeks, depending on the length. If something comes up during that time, I'll try to let you know, but feel free to nudge me if I take too long.

Contact: PM me with a short synopsis and the first chapter, and we'll see if we're a good fit!

Esmae Tyler
12-31-2017, 05:52 AM
Availability: Currently unavailable.

Preferences: Adult (as in not YA, not, you know, adult adult) mysteries, thrillers, suspense novels, horror, in no particular order. I can read fantasy, sci-fi, and historical stuff, though I only took As there in my NEWTs. I will consider other things, but the further away from this ballpark we go, the less useful my feedback may be. Clean, finished drafts please.

What I Write: Contemporary speculative M/T/S stuff. We aim for horror but rarely settle for gross-outs.

Beta Style: Ideally I'll get your opening chapter to look at and then we'll have a quick talk about your needs/wants/desires vs. my natural tendencies. I usually do a combination of LBL commentary to provide real-time read-along feedback, along with a general section of observations and notes compiled at the end of a chapter and/or after the entire piece is finished. Not your go-to person for grammar.

Experience: I've read for a handful of AW'ers already.

Timeline: Depends on the project, but should be no more than two weeks complete turnaround.

Contact: PM me and we can chat.

01-01-2018, 02:21 PM
Availability: I tend to read about 2 beta reads a month. I have what I call a 'beta queue' and, if I can't read your novel immediately, you can be added to the end of the queue.

Preferences: I will only read full manuscripts - I am not willing to read chapters or WIP.

I like: YA, MG and historical fiction.

I am less keen on: Fantasy, sci-fi, manuscripts over 100k.

What I write:I write YA and MG (mostly contemporary), but also have two historical fiction novels.

Beta Style: I prefer to receive your full manuscript, read it, and then give you a dot-pointed summary of the things I found good and bad. I focus on 'big picture' items like plot, characters, and pacing. I do not do line-by-lines or editing. I will tell you whether I love it or hate it, or anything in between. Normally, if I parts of the novel I did not enjoy, I will suggest ways that this can be improved.

Experience: I have probably beta-ed 50 or more novels by now, so... A bit.

Timeline: It normally takes me a week or two to read a manuscript, depending on everything else in my life. However, it may take me more than a week or two to start reading your manuscript. You'll be advised at the time you make contact.

Contact: Email macdogald@gmail.com with a blurb concerning your manuscript, the word count, and what kind of feedback you are seeking.

01-05-2018, 04:29 AM
Availability: Updated 4/2/18 - unavailable for now

Preferences: I am the most well-read in SFF, erotica, and romance (if that concerns you), but I will beta any genre. No content restrictions. If you can manage to offend or disgust me, I will buy you a drink. But catchy, bubblegum-flavored YA is cool, too. Surprise me.

What I write: Dystopian, cyberpunk, grimdark, dark erotica, dark romance, black humor, darkness with an extra helping of dark.

Beta Style: Constructive honesty. I want to understand what your goals are as an author, and will assess the ms from the perspective of, "Does this achieve the goal of XYZ?" I will nitpick for logic, consistency, if emotions/characters/events are believable. No grammar or line-by-lines.

Experience: I love to read. Dabbled with self-publishing. Beta reading on AW 24/7.

Timeline: I have time to beta 30-60k/week

Contact: Send me a PM.

Please note: I would like to see a sample chapter before agreeing to a project to make sure my skillset is the right match for your manuscript's needs.

01-08-2018, 09:56 AM
Availability: Available

Preferences: Broad range of humor. 'A Confederacy of Dunces', 'Holidays on Ice', and 'To Catch a Giraffe' all grace my bookshelf.

Not Interested: Please nothing that doesn't fall into a broad range of humor. Please no paranormal, erotica, or tales of forcing people against their will. Gunshot to the head = great. Methodically torturing someone = not so great.

Beta Style: Supportive, but blunt. The blunt feedback has been the most helpful to me, so I give the honesty that I would want. Early structure editing is where I'm helpful. My grammar is worse than my spelling. If you're looking for that final polish I am not the reader for you. I'm more of a steel-wool type.

Experience: Been a beta reader for a long time, stretching back to the East of the Web. Have completed a few beta reads for fellow AWers. Even found my old Volume II post when I was writing this.

Contact: PM me if you need a beta reader for your humor novel or short story.

Advice: Don't be afraid to let others read and critique your work. If you're not sure, share it. Feedback is how every writer improves.

01-16-2018, 11:58 PM
Availability: Available
Preferences: I prefer SF and regular literature
What I write: FSF
Beta Style: Comments in margins, noting grammar that leaps out at me, things that work well/seem unclear/don't make sense...
Experience: Several stories for friends
Timeline: I teach full-time, have to fit things around that...do maybe 6k a week?
Contact: send a PM or e-mail

01-17-2018, 11:58 PM
Hi all 🙂

Iím open to being a beta reader of most genres (excluding erotica please, Iím blushing 🤭)

I havenít beta ed for anyone before and Iíll do a line by line if requested

I write action/adventure sci-fi psychological stuff.

Dependent on the size of your manuscript, Iíll do my best to finish it as quickly as possible. I do work full time though.

Iíve revently finished my own manuscript and am having a month off and need something to read!

Hope this helps

01-26-2018, 05:46 AM
Availability: currently unavailable

Preferences: Short stories in anything but romance. I prefer Fantasy and Science fiction when reading novels, but I'm open to anything with the exception of romance (just not a big fan).

What I write: Short stories and Fantasy.

Beta style: I will give you honest feedback. I don't sugarcoat, but I always try to start with the positive. I look at style, comprehensibility, structure, character depth, dialogue, tense, and POV. I do watch and correct grammar, but it's not my strong suit. I've been told I have a comma handicap, lol. If you're looking for someone who can fix all your commas, semicolons, and such, look elsewhere! I been told I give good feedback, but I'll let you judge that for yourself.

Experience: several years of university workshops, a year working on the university journal, and several beta reads here on the AW.

Timeline: It depends on the length of the piece. I'm normally a fast reader, but I do work full time, have my own writing to try to squeeze in, and have two children so it's hard to say how fast I can get back to you.

Contact: PM me and I will provide an email address.

Please do not send me unedited work. Beta readers aren't here to read your first draft, and we're not a free editing service. We're here to point out what you might have missed, tell you what is working and what is confusing or awkward, look for plot holes, etc. I will give your work a fair read, but if after several chapters I'm seeing an excessive amount of problems such as info dumps and passive voice, I will politely return it to you with my reasons and a suggestion to do a little more revision.

01-26-2018, 10:52 PM
Availability: I am currently available.

Preferences: I prefer Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Suspense, and Westerns. I also prefer to arrange swapping, a read and critique for a read and critique. But I am not opposed to just offering beta-reads. I find critiquing the work of others forces me to consider, and reconsider, my own writing.

What I write: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Suspense, and Westerns (imagine that! what a coinkydink!)

Beta Style: I am not a professional editor or proof-reader, so please do not expect such. I will provide a reader's POV on story, plotting, world-building, dialog, and characterization.

Experience: Four-plus decades of avid novel-reading across multiple genres.

Timeline: Depending on the written work and agreed critiquing, a novel can take between two and six weeks - given that I still work full-time.

Contact: Please initially PM me here on AW initially. After we get to know each other a bit, we can progress from there.

02-09-2018, 07:10 PM
Availability: Now, but I only want to read one person at a time for now.

Preferences: SF & F, Horror, Graphic Novels, Historical Fiction (I very much enjoy Military/Naval history), Thrillers (I love a good conspiracy theory, the older and more far-reaching the better). My favorite authors, in no particular order, are Neil Gaiman, Diana Gabaldon, Stephen King, Harlan Ellison, Robert Heinlein, Spider Robinson, C. S. Forester, Patrick O'Brian, Neal Stephenson, Cory Doctorow, Larry Niven, and John Varley.
Please, no Erotica or Romance. Shorter works might be better for me to start out on. A novel would be okay, so long as it's not one of those cinderblocks like Stephen King writes.

What I Write: I have made attempts at writing Fantasy and Humor, with limited success. I've only ever finished a few short pieces, and I have 2 Fantasy novel ideas on the back burner, one of which has been there since 1984, and is getting a little overcooked. I've never been published for pay, just an article in a newsletter and a story in a fanzine.

Beta Style: I don't really know. This is my first time trying to do this, so I'll be kind of feeling my way. I can tell when something's not working, and usually tell why. I can be a little bit of a grammar Nazi when I want to be, but I try to suppress it unless the mistake is particularly glaring.

Experience: Practically none. I co-edited all 2 issues of a Xeroxed weird humor magazine in college, 35 years ago.

Timeline: Again, I don't really know. I'm a pretty fast reader, and can finish most books in a week or less. Reading to critique might take longer. I'll do my best not to drag it out.

Contact: PM me with a synopsis and a sample of the work.

02-11-2018, 04:31 PM
Unavailable right now

Preferences: I'd love to read any genre, as long as there's humour. Preferably a lot of it. My favourite authors are P.G. Wodehouse, Tom Sharpe, Terry Pratchett and Agatha Christie. If I had to pick a genre, in order of preference, fantasy, followed by mystery and science fiction. Wouldn't mind a bit of Lovecraftian horror either.

What I write : Fantasy inspired by the works of Terry Pratchett (Discworld series). Current WIP is called 'Do Orcs Rob Banks?', and a beta reader response from this very group made me realise how vital the role of a beta reader is.

Beta stlye : Mostly I hope to give you honest feedback as a reader, on what I like and don't, while picking up on any spelling / grammatical errors I spot along the way. Probably can't help as much with the deeper stuff like POV, showing v telling.

Experience Absolutely none, unfortunately. But as I mentioned, an extra pair of eyes going through your manuscript can't hurt.

Timeline Fast reader in general, particularly if I enjoy what I'm reading. Which is why I said I would prefer humorous, lighter reading in general. I may get bogged down every now and then with exam scripts to grade, but shouldn't be too big an issue.

Contact PM me with a query and first ten pages of your work

02-12-2018, 02:06 AM
Availability: Can take on a short story swap, as that's what I'm primarily working on now. But if there's *chemistry* I could be talked into reading longer works.

Preferences: Short stories (for right now). Anything except romance/erotica or religious/inspirational.

What I write: I'm working on a collection of short stories based on classical mythology, retold as gay fiction. I've written some longer works in that vein as well as fantasy.

Beta Style: Balanced feedback. I share how I'm reacting throughout the manuscript, and I think it's really important to provide at least in equal parts what I liked/feel is strong vs. what I didn't like/might be problematic. I give line comments and big picture feedback.

Experience: I've done about two dozen beta swaps here at AW and elsewhere with I think quite good results. I've also participated in crit groups and workshopping sessions. I've published seven novels with small presses and have an eighth coming out this year. No BFA or MFA degree, but I've taken creative writing courses and more recently participated in conferences and workshops.

Timeline: I'm pretty fast with short stories unless life gets in the way. I do have a day job to pay the bills. But generally with a short story, I can get comments back to the writer in a week or less.

Contact: PM. Tell me a little about your story and we'll go from there!

02-16-2018, 02:50 PM
Availability: Not available for now.

Preferences: Romance, horror, erotica, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, anything comedic, historical. Those are in no particular order.

Any length from flash to novels.

I don't read:

Anything in present tense
Most fantasy (try me if it doesn't have a Medieval or Tolkien feel)
Military stories
Political stories (meaning stories where the characters are politicians or the plot revolves around politics, not ones which might have a political message)
Sci-fi set in space (alien invasion or set on other planets is fine, I just don't like Star Wars-y stuff)
Non-consensual sex or alphahole-male romances

I'm picky about YA. If much of your book is set in a high school, I'm probably not the reader for you.

What I write: Romance novels, and short stories in sci-fi/horror/whatever I feel like.

Beta Style: I ask for a Word-compatible doc and leave comments as I read about what I like, what confuses me, and how I feel about the characters. I give my overall impressions at the end of each chapter. I comment on whatever occurs to me but I don't nitpick for the sake of it, and I'm constructive about things I think could be improved. In a nutshell, I'm honest but feel no need to be rude.

Experience: I've beta'ed close to 50 novels, including some for AW members. As a writer, I have an agent but no deal yet.

Timeline: I usually finish a beta read of a novel within a week.

Contact: PM me or email me at anna dot m dot kaling at gmail dot com.

Looking forward to falling in love with some new characters!

02-19-2018, 12:57 AM
Availability: Currently available, but please keep in mind I work full-time and am writing my own novel. I'd prefer to swap if possible.

Preferences: Romance/YA/Women's Lit/Contemporary/Comedy/Thriller/Mystery

I'm open to pretty much anything but the above is what I'd consider strengths and what I normally read. I am a Sci-Fi nerd too, so happy to give those a crack.

What I write: Contemporary/Romance/YA/Mystery

Beta Style: I'll give my overall opinion and will focus on things like characterisation, flow, pace, first impressions, etc. Happy to work with you on this. If there's something you want me to focus on, happy to help.

Experience: I've beta read quite a few novels now and have been a critique partner for several. I'm also an English Lit graduate and work for a publishing company.

Timeline: Depends on length of project. I'd say about a week, maybe more.

Contact: angela dot philipsen14 at gmail dot com

02-22-2018, 03:07 PM
Availability: I am currently available.
Preferences: I can read anything, but fiction:horror:apocalyptic (my fave) mystery: thriller etc. are my wheelhouse.
What I write:I write thrillers ( latest needs final edit and betas readers right (not asking, just giving progress) I have one book published on amazon: Riding The Apocalypse, and I occasionaly write and do movie reviews for SIERRANEWSONLINE.COM
Beta Style:I have read a some betas, and read voraciously. < — pardon the adverb. I think my strength is that I know how to write a page turner. I will let you know when you get lost in the weeds.
Experience:2 books Written and thousands read. I am 50 and have been reading my whole life.
Timeline:usually a week or two more.

02-26-2018, 10:43 PM
I am no longer available to beta read until I complete my current read.

Iíll repost when I am available again.


02-28-2018, 12:58 AM
Availability: I am currently not available.
Preferences: Science fiction, Fantasy in adult or YA
What I write: Science fiction :beam:
Beta Style: I can offer opening page/chapter critique with details on where my interest piqued or flagged, dialogue scrutiny, with overall thoughts, etc.
Experience: editorial assistant to Entangled Publishing (romance, young adult in many genres), masters in creative writing, certification in copyediting, some op-ed articles for the Orange County Register
Timeline: First chapter reviews can be given in 2-5 days.
Contact: AMLyvers at g mail dot com

At this time, I can no longer offer full ms reads. Sorry! Could change in future.

03-10-2018, 09:32 PM
Availability: Currently Unavailable

Preferences: Science Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Thriller - I don't want to read your first draft. Obviously, I don't expect the book to be free of errors, but it needs to be readable. If it's not, I'll let you know. I'm not squeamish as far as content is concerned as long as the gore, sex, violence, drugs, and curse words are there for story purposes. I don't know how valuable my critique would be on romance, erotica, or chick lit, but I'm willing to read anything if you want an outsiders perspective.

What I write: Science Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Beta Style: I'm not one to mollycoddle. If I don't think something is good, for whatever reason, I will let you know why it doesn't work for me. I can offer overall critique, chapter critique, and even some line critique (I'm not going to line edit your novel). If you want me to focus on specific aspects of the novel, I am willing to do that as well.

Experience: I've read more books on writing craft than any human being should. I've been a member of several writing critique groups and critique other people's work regularly. I am currently editing my fourth novel which I intend to publish (the first three I drawered).

Timeline: I can comfortably critique 40K words per week.

Contact: PM me here or you can contact me at CoreyJGoldberg at gmail dot com.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

03-12-2018, 07:35 AM
• Availability: Currently unavailable.

• Preferences: I can read anything, I usually don't pick books by genre, I can give anything a try if it catches my eye.

• What I write: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, YA, Crime, Romance...

• Beta Style: I won't be nasty if I need to critique your work, but I will definitely tell you what isn't working, what I believe you should change/add to/remove from your novel, I will tell you the weak spots I find, the strong points of the story, and I will give you my opinion on the plot and the characterization of the characters, as well as anything else I feel should be discussed. If you want line by line notes, we can definitely talk about it. I want this to be a fun experience for both the writer and I, as well as for it to be very useful in the development of the final touches of your work.

• Experience: I have beta'd an epic fantasy novel in Spain, I have an English major and an Anthropology major that works wonders for world-building in Fantasy and for research in other genres (also, my Forensic Anthropology training and my Law School studies are assets for Crime novels/works that want to display crime scenes and/or dead bodies accurately). I'm a very avid reader and I have been writing tirelessly almost a decade and a half. I have five finished novels, though they are currently in translation.

• Timeline: 1-2 weeks. It might take less time, a few days maybe, but if I see that it will take longer for whatever reason I will tell you in advance, I won't keep you waiting.

• Contact: aldara dot thomas at hotmail dot com

03-19-2018, 01:01 PM
Availability: Currently unavailable.

Preferences: High/low fantasy, Thriller, Comedy, Action, Sci-fi, Apocalyptic; any fiction really. I'm not too big on romance as a central focus, and although I'm okay with steamy scenes, I'm not into any erotica.
I prefer to use ms Word, and will not be doing line by line. Please do clean up your draft. I will, of course, point out errors, but I would prefer to entirely put my focus on the story itself.

What I write: High and low fantasy, of which some has romance as a side plot. Have dabbled in slice-of-life and coming of age.

Beta Style: I prefer to beta a chapter a week, and will inform you of my opinion on plot, character, flow, and any other items you want me to focus on. I'd be more than happy if you would include a questionnaire on each chapter regarding anything you would like to know about specifically. The more specific the better; I'm here for you, and your story.

Experience: I have beta-ed for my writer friends, and some fanfiction writers. I've done everything from dirty edits on grammar, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure, to the cleaner impressions on the story, advice on plot progression, and discussions about characters.

Timeline: A chapter a week. Whether you want to send me your work chapter by chapter along with per chapter questionnaires, or the whole thing at once with a long word doc of questions for the entire thing, it's up to you.

Contact: PM me here, and I will share my email for further correspondence.

04-05-2018, 12:36 PM
Availability: Currently available but only if it fits my wishlist.

Preferences: YA anything, but probably not horror. Not too keen on paranormal stuff either. Would love a YA urban Fantasy, (hold the demons and crap, thanks)

Random stuff I hate reading about: anything that revolves around trauma, abuse, or other un-fun things. Romances are tolerable but only if they are a sub-plot. Magical realism tends to bore me, too.

Random things I’d love to read about in YA: islands, zombies, zombies on islands :) , original stories, the stranger the better, MC’s with unique disabilities, places that are their own subplot (Alaska, or something). Kick-ass Queens.

What I write: Surprise, surprise. I write YA Fantasy usually about kick-ass queens who are weirdos.

Beta Style: I promise that I am not a nasty bitch intent on ripping your book to pieces. I really want to love your book, and make it the best it can be. I will tell you what works, and what doesn’t. But I will not edit your book for you. I will read the manuscript and give you general feedback after I have read it. But along the way, I can email you and let you know some initial thoughts.

Experience: 20 years of reading YA novels. I’ve worked in the publishing industry, too. Timeline: 1-3 weeks for a full manuscript.

Contact: email: idledreams2@hotmail.com

04-09-2018, 12:57 PM
Availability: Currently have exams coming up, but I'll be free from the start of June onwards

Preferences: I prefer works with an element of horror, but I'll read most anything bar non-fiction. I'm fine with both short-stories and full-length novels.

What I write: Horror, mostly psychological. My passion project is a YA fantasy series with a steampunk-influenced setting.

Beta Style: I do a lot of close-line analysis, critiquing what reads awkwardly or could flow better. I will also offer wider critique of the characters and overall story and execution. I will be honest about what does and doesn't work for me, but I'm not overly harsh. I use Microsoft Word, with track-changes and comments turned on.

Experience: I'm still young and relatively inexperienced, but I'm trusted among my friends to provide honest and constructive criticism on their writing. I've also been providing feedback on the Horror and Mystery/Thriller SYW forums since I joined recently.

Timeline: I'm a quick reader, but I'm also juggling university, job-searching, and my own writing. Depending on the length of the text, I should be able to seen you complete feedback within one-three weeks. If that isn't doable, I'll make sure to inform you.

Contact: You can either PM me, or email me at kracey11[at]gmail[dot]com

S. Eli
04-18-2018, 07:02 PM
Last batch did not go well (on my part) so I'm going to try to be a little more rigorous in picking my MS's this time around.

I always go to beta reading (my favorite pastime) when I just can't with writing. Wrote nothing in two weeks and stressed from school! Let's avoid our problems together!

I shoot for a month. I've done much less before (I've had week turnarounds and such, but it's all based on how polished the MS is). I'm going based off of immediate interest, so if I pass it's because I'm either not a good fit, or your first few pages need some reworking (I may point this out). My only promise is to get through the first five, really. (I don't say all this to deter anyone, my last round went really poorly by my standards so I'm kind of lacking confidence right now). I'm mostly useful for overall plot concerns and your books entertainment level, but I'm also a relatively (informed) PC person, so while I usually stop at offensive points, I make sure to gently point out what came across not-so-okay.

I have beta'd for plenty of people. I read across genres, but typically I read Urban Fantasy (I.E. Ilona Andrews or Neal Shusterman (which I count as urban fantasy though lots of people would disagree)/lighter fantasies (as in tone--like Howl's Moving Castle and such), and I like contemp thrillers, too. YA & MG are fine. While I'm not a straight romance person, I'll read anything with some drama or heart. >75K is my sweet spot because I'm a binge reader and try to read everything in one sitting (might be my problem, honestly).

PM if you're interested! Please give me some info on your story (like a pitch, rather than a query if you dont have one) and the word count and genre

05-01-2018, 02:08 PM
Availability: Prefer to beta for only one novel at a time but will make exceptions for short stories or partial manuscripts ie. the first 50 pages. I'm currently working on my own novel so I would prefer to swap if possible.

Preferences: Erotic romance in all of it's forms, no matter how extreme or 'out there.'
The quirky and the weird. I know that isn't a genre but it should be.
Basically anything except Sci Fi (I respect the genre but it just isn't my bag!)

What I write: Erotic romance - currently have one WIP at the moment

Beta Style: I aim to provide constructive but honest feedback - if I have an opinion I won't hold back, so if you're the type to throw a tantrum then please don't send me any work. I have a good eye (or ear!) for character progression and plot arcs, my bug bears are plot holes and continuity errors so if there's one in there, I'll probably find it! I work by leaving comments throughout the document and then a paragraph or two at the end, summing up my advice and opinions. I like to work with people with whom I can have an effective dialogue and am happy to beta again on the same piece after it has been edited/re-worked as long as it was a pleasant experience the first time round!
I don't tend to drip feed comments line by line if I'm reading a novel, but if you've sent me a shorter piece of work then I will usually have time to comment in more detail if you wish it.
Please don't send me trash work! I can't properly beta if your work is full of spelling and grammatical errors, proof read it first before you send it to me. I'm also not a big fan of first drafts, I want you to have done your absolute best with your work before you send it to me. This is simply because I'm currently working on the first draft of my own novel and one first draft in my life is more than enough!

Experience: This is my first time beta-ing on this forum but I've beta'd for many friends in the past as well as been part of critique circles in other forums and creative writing courses. The comments and advice you receive from me will always be honest but professional - I will never tell you to stop writing. Ever.

Timeline: It depends on my real life workload and how large your novel is but I try to get something turned around within two weeks and if I can't manage that then i will always let you know.

Contact: PM me with a synopsis (no spoilers!) and let me know how long your novel is as well as how in depth you want my comments to be - do you just want my overall opinion or something more in depth? This is your novel remember, you call the shots! Also, it would be helpful to send me the first few chapters of your work so that I can get a feel for it and decide whether or not I would be a good match, I know where my beta strengths lie and if I feel that I'm not the right person to beta for you, I feel that it's my duty to tell you that from the off instead of wasting both of our time!

05-06-2018, 12:55 AM
Availability: Available, however, due to current beta reads I am working on, any new work would take longer than anticipated. I am happy to keep accepting work if you are not bothered about a fixed deadline.
Preferences: I'd be happy to read Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Thriller. Extreme content of any kind is fine.
What I write: Fan fiction and short stories - Romance and Fantasy orientated mostly
Beta Style: I can offer constructive criticism. I am happy to read anything from first drafts to final copies, of any length. I can offer help with plots, characters, and language and punctuation. I have Word 365.
Experience: I've never officially beta read for anyone, though my friends appreciate my advice in their works. I have been reading all my life and am currently taking English GCSE (To get into University as my original GCSE's are 10+ years old now!) and my teacher predicts me at a grade 8-9 (A-A*)
Timeline: I have a lot of free time currently, so I could probably turn a read around in a few days, at most two weeks. I would be able to be more accurate on a one-to-one basis however.
Contact: PM with synopsis and length and stage of work.

05-10-2018, 10:00 AM
Availability: Unavailable - too many projects are going at once for me.

Preferences: I prefer Erotica, Horror, Science-Fiction, and Non-Fiction. I will certainly read others, but those are the ones I read the most of and know the most about.

What I write: I actually write very little. I'm a professional audiobook narrator, so I read for a living.

Beta Style: My background is probably a little unusual for a Beta, but other than general flow and critique, I can help with catching grammar mistakes.

Experience: I was a librarian for 12 years so I have read a bit of everything. I'm currently an audiobook narrator.

Timeline: My turnaround time will depend on my current work projects, but should be reasonably quick if you let me have a weekend in there.

Contact: PM me or email me. My contact info is in my profile.

05-26-2018, 07:32 PM
Availability: Available

Preferences: Erotica, Fantasy, Science-Fiction. I don't read Non-Fiction, Romance, or non-Adult Fiction

What I write: Sci/fi, fantasy

Beta Style: Am actually looking for a critique partner. Can do everything except spelling or grammar.

Experience: Been doing this since I was 13.

Timeline: Can do every two weeks

Contact: PM me.

05-29-2018, 12:53 AM
Availability: currently available.

Preferences: I read mainly adult fiction but will read YA if it tends towards the older end of the spectrum. I love anything a bit weird, literary, experimental, dark. Will consider most genres except erotica, horror, or high-fantasy. I am also happy to read short stories and poetry. If you have anything apocalyptic please send it my way.

Beta Style: I use comments + track changes in Word. I will also put my thoughts into a separate document for more detailed feedback in particular areas. I can be gentle if need be, but if something doesn't work for me I will make it clear. Let me know if there are specific things you are looking for feedback on. If not I will give you general comments on flow/character/writing/pacing etc.

Experience: I have beta read for a few people here on AW, and have also critiqued in a writing group.

Timeline: currently 3 weeks.

Contact: if you think we would be a good fit please PM me about your work!

06-26-2018, 07:57 PM
Availability: Unavailable
Preferences: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery (But no Horror). Also please keep it PG rating, I am a Lady, and can be rather sensitive. Also, I prefer Light over Dark stuff. I prefer to have a PDF file format if at all possible. I am not a big fan of Romantic heavy fiction.
What I write: Science Fiction
Beta Style: I will be honest about my feel over a piece. I'll comment about what stands out. If you send me a list of questions I will only open them to read after I finish so they don't affect how I get to know your story. Please send those in a separate file labeled as such, and I'll try to answer them. I will give you any suggestions that come to mind, but don't look for a line by line analysis. And don't count on me to catch your grammar/ spelling mistakes.
Experience: I am rather new at this, I'll admit.
Timeline: Unpredictable,
Contact: Try PM me a summary of what your work is about, and a first page. I'll let you know if it seems like it will work.

07-22-2018, 07:17 AM
Availability: Currently available
Preferences: Fantasy and sci-fi, though I'm open to nearly any type of YA. No horror though, because I'm a giant baby.
What I write: YA Fantasy, occasional NA Fantasy
Beta Style: I'm very stream-of-consciousness, so I often leave comments like "loved this phrasing," "OMG they're gonna get together I'm calling it" etc. in addition to crit. I like to do this so you have some indication of what I was thinking at various points in time, as well as letting you know where you've done well. If you don't like that style of crit though, I can stick solely to "aspect x is good, aspect y isn't working for me because of these 3 reasons." I prefer to use Google Docs because my computer has an ongoing feud with Word, and will crash if it's open too long.
Experience: I've beta read 3 novels for friends and in my college creative writing class had to crit everyone's stories numerous times
Timeline: At this point in time... between one to three weeks? Probably will depend on the length of your novel.
Contact: PM me with a brief overview of the story, word count, and what kind of read you're looking for, and I'll let you know if I'm interested!

Lone Wolf
07-22-2018, 08:55 AM
I'm quite picky and won't beta-read a story that doesn't interest me, sorry. I don't check in here regularly so you might not get a reply for a while.

Preferences: Women’s Lit, general lit, romance if it isn’t all clichť and shallow, erotica, medieval historical fiction, memoir (depending on subject matter), maybe supernatural but no horror.

I would like to read the first chapter or two before I commit as there’s no point continuing if it doesn’t interest me

What I write: a memoir and a mish-mash of historic, romantic, erotic women’s lit with a little fantasy

Beta Style: I will provide feedback as a reader – what works and what doesn’t for me.
Happy to beta read sections or as you go for WIP (as long as not first, rough draft)
I'm not a grammar expert but I will point out what jars me.
I want to be gentle but don't seem to be good at it. Be prepared for blunt criticism

Contact: PM me

07-23-2018, 11:08 PM
Availability: Currently Unavailable

Preferences: 1 full-length novel that's as polished as you can make it.

Genre: Fantasy (YA, NA, Adult, Urban, Magical Realism, Supernatural, Paranormal, Epic, High, Low, Dark, Fairytale retellings, all of it really. I don't even know why I typed all that.)

What I write: Fantasy, of course!

Beta Style: Developmental/Content Editorial Assessment.

I specialize in assessing the content of the story itself. I will assess your story for it's structure, pacing, setting, characterization, plot, conflict, tension and most importantly, the overall emotional experience.

No line edits. No copyediting. No proofreading. I'll shrug off minor grammar and punctuation flubs and will only point out the ones that affect the read, significantly. As in, what you intended isn't clear enough for me to use context clues.

I prefer to start off with just a first chapter critique initially, just so we can see if we mesh well before we go deep into a full read/analysis. The personality is just as important as the actual work! And this will give you a taste of what I can offer you.

I'll read your manuscript in full TWICE. The first time I'll read it as a reader and pick up what I can and enjoy what I can. The second time I'll read it as an editor.

You'll receive a separate coaching document from me explaining what I liked, what confused me and what bored me, chapter-by-chapter. The assessment will identify your book’s strengths and weaknesses, and help you devise a revision strategy that dramatically improves the execution of your idea.

I do my best to help make sure the story is as good as it can be. I'll never force you to write my way. It's much more effective to let the words on the page speak for themselves. It's my job to understand what you are trying to accomplish in your book. Once I understand that, it's my job to help you get there.

Experience: I coach and mentor writers as a day job. Learn more about that in my profile. I don't want to spam the thread.

Timeline: Delivery window is 6 weeks from the time I receive the manuscript. Could be sooner. It depends on the extent of your project and also based on backlog from my day job. And I don't want to promise 2 weeks and then have to go back on my word. So, 6 weeks is the safe zone. But we can discuss a reasonable timeline.

Contact (in order of most prompt response time you'll get from me):

Facebook Messenger (https://m.me/michaellmartinjr?ref=w2555483)
Email (michael@mlmjr.com)


PS. When you message me, tell me your word count and premise. :)

08-01-2018, 10:43 PM
Available currently

I am most interested in Nonfiction, creative nonfiction, historical fiction, and literary fiction as well as post-apocalyptic/alternate future sci-fi. I am not a appropriate fit for fantasy, romance, erotica, religious, or supernatural fiction.

What I write:
I edit more often than I write, focusing on nonfiction, academic, and business works.

Beta Style:
I will give you honest, fair, thorough feedback on the overall strengths and weaknesses of your story as well as detailed notes in the margin regarding specific areas where you excel or fall short in communicating your ideas.
I wonít leave you hanging. If I can not complete your manuscript, Iíll let you know ASAP.
I will never share your manuscript. Thatís just rude.

I will provide you with 2 kinds of feedback:
Comments in the margins of the Google Doc addressing specific areas of the book. I may point out when I got bored or laughed out loud, places where things are unclear, where you made your point particularly well, or minute but important inconsistencies/ anachronisms in your plot or dialogue.
An evaluation of specific questions I answered about the manuscript overall. These address larger, overarching issues like flow, pacing, character development, plot, voice, and mood.

My goal is to make you a better writer by pointing out both your strengths and weaknesses. To that end, my notes will be honest, fair, and thorough with both praise and criticism.
I will tell you why I made a specific comment. Hopefully, this will help you evaluate whether my feedback is truly relevant in your next revision.
My comments will often be in the form of a question. I am not here to correct your story, but to give you a look into what your readers are thinking as the story progresses. Not all of my comments will require revision, but rather reflection on your part about whether your readers are feeling the way you want them to at a certain point in the book.
I will not give you specific structural or line edits during a beta read. However, if you like my beta notes and would like help with editing once the beta is complete, we can talk about taking it to the next level.

In addition to working as a freelance copywriter and editor, I also volunteer as a beta reader on the Goodreads forum.

I can usually commit to a turnaround of a week or two.

Please DM me for my email.

How it works:
I'll ask you to send me an email with:
A five-page sample of the book
A description of the storyline/premise of your book in 10 words or less
The length of your manuscript
A deadline for finishing the notes

Iíll let you know if I think I am a good match for your project. Typically, I look at 3 main areas:
Subject matter - I want to make sure I am the most appropriate and qualified reader for your future masterpiece. If I am not part of your target audience or do not have the technical expertise to evaluate your subject, Iíll let you know.
Editing level - As a beta reader, Iím here to make sure your writing flows, the story makes sense, and the narrative is consistent. I do not expect your command of the language to be perfect just yet, but pervasive misspellings, punctuation errors, and poor grammar can make your writing confusing, making it difficult to evaluate. If this is the case, I may suggest you run your manuscript through basic Grammarly and get back to me.
Availability - Iím here to help, not hold you up. I will let you know if I can not complete your work in the time you have specified.

Once Iíve accepted the project, Iíll ask you to provide:
A link to your manuscript in Google Docs.
A paragraph or so describing your goals for the book (What do you want the reader to get out of it? Whatís your message). Writing is about effective communication, and I want to make sure your internal idea/vision of the book matches what you are actually putting downĖ that you are saying what you think you are saying.
A list of areas to concentrate on (like pacing or character development) or specific questions you would like me answer (like, ďIs the dialogue realistic?Ē or ďHow would you describe the voice of the narrative?Ē)
Your preferred feedback timeline. Do you want all of my notes at once or periodic updates? Of course, you may contact me any time during the process with questions or concerns.

What do I get out of it?
Hey, Iím just the beta, so you are under no obligation to me. I could ask for a beta swap, but I am not in book writing business myself.
I am, however, interested in breaking into an editing position at a publishing house, and maybe you can help. If you like my work:
Make me your regular beta
Refer me to a friend
Mention me in your acknowledgements
Send me a testimonial singing my praises
Offer yourself as a reference

Talk to you soon!

08-10-2018, 12:13 PM
Availability: Unavailable - fully loaded.

Preferences: Romance, YA, NA, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal - also happy to look at fantasy if it's not a 1000 page epic.

I'll read anything within these genres.

Let me know what level your work is at (1st draft, final draft etc) and what you're hoping to get out of the beta, what areas you're worried about etc, and I can make that my focus (while still looking at everything else :P). I'm happy to read things at different levels, depending where you need the help most.

What I write: Romances, YA, NA and Urban Fantasy.

Beta Style: I definitely don't like being harsh, but I will be open with what I do and don't like - a critique, but a fair one. I will look at the overall story, characters, arcs and structure. I'll generally pick up any errors along the way - typos, inconsistencies etc. I don't have time to do line edits, but you will get a good amount of notes (if needed) at the end of it all.

Experience: I've beta'd a goodly amount of writers over the last few years (in other words, I don't remember, but it's more than a couple). I'm a long-time beta for an Amazon best-selling author, and have two CP's that I've worked with for a fair while now (one of them several years).

Timeline: 2-4 weeks, depending on my available time, and the length of the project. I doubt I'd be able to commit to something urgent.

Contact: nelldayauthor at gmail dot com (PM is okay, but less likely to get a quick response).

08-12-2018, 01:06 PM
Availability: closed for the time being

Preferences: YA (I won't read anything that isn't YA), Mystery, Romance, Thriller, some types of sci-fi, some fantasy. I'd also like to know where you're at with your novel (ie: what draft), what you'd like me to focus on, etc.

What I write: YA, mystery, romance (what I'm currently working on); also dabble in sci-fi and fantasy. (If anyone would like to swap, I'd be happy to do so.)

Beta Style: I wouldn't call myself harsh, per se, but I'm honest. If something isn't working for me, I'll point it out. I'll look at the main things -- plot, characterisation, story flow -- but if there's anything in specific you'd like me to focus on, do let me know. I prefer to work with Google Docs.

Experience: I've been beta reading for almost a year now.

Timeline: Depends completely on the book itself. I'm happy to discuss things with the author beforehand.

Contact: Send the title, genre, summary (mention what draft it is), word count and the first two chapters of your manuscript to fatimalikesbooks@gmail.com , or PM me. Eager to read your works. Keep in mind that I'm willing to prioritise those interested in a swap, for I myself would like some feedback on my manuscript.

09-26-2018, 01:04 AM
Availability: Seeking full-length novels, will accept up to three at a time
Preferences: Fiction preferred, fantasy especially. Memoirs/other nonfiction also accepted
What I write: Fantasy
Beta Style: I prefer to use google docs or MSWord comments to suggest edits/present ideas. I do not ever edit actual documents
Experience: Been editing fanfics for years
Timeline: 100,000 words takes me a a few hours, if I'm interested. If it's something I'm not as 'into', it'll probably wait until a weekend, when I'll go through it in a 6-8 hour day (I have a lot of free time)
Contact: PM me if interested

I am happy to be your first-read, but be warned I will not sugarcoat. Syntax/grammar errors I simply correct and move along, but if I hate your idea, I will tell you. Politely, but directly. Erotica makes me vaguely uncomfortable. If your book contains erotica, that''s fine. If your book is a vehicle for sex [see: 50 Shades], I'm not the reader for you.

10-19-2018, 10:25 AM
Availability: Generally Saturdays and Sundays for Interview format. Can read shorter chapters (read less than 3 words over a period of a few weekdays). Weekday calls would have to occur during my commute and I would not have my eyes on your writing. So yeah probably not weekdays.
Preferences: sci-fi, fantasy, romance (not erotica), adventure
What I write: Same
Beta Style: I prefer reading for specific questions an author has, but I do make comments about how I feel and what should be changed. I generally don't edit for grammar in longer reviews, but will comment if the grammar gets distracting. Please edit your work before submission. If we are not a good fit, either person can walk away at either time. (For instance, if you find out I'm not your audience or you can't improve with my feedback, you're under no obligation to stick with me. My feelings will not be hurt.)
Experience: Real life, lots. As a beta, none.
Timeline: Depends on length. On weekends, I try to get it back within 24 hours (if length is reasonable).
Contact: via PM only. Will arrange skype/email later if selected and we're a good fit.

10-19-2018, 07:37 PM



Urban Fantasy.

PNR. Am accepting of all pairings (f/f, m/m, m/f). Erotica is ok as long as it's in the scope of PNR.

Horror is also a fav. My preference is for supernatural. I'll read everything from quiet horror to splatterpunk. Just give me a list of trigger warnings.

I'll read other genres if you gift me the right pitch.

Beta Style:

I'll look for typos and continuity errors; I'll give you feedback on flow and characters. But please don't send your first draft or work in progress.




I simply cannot commit the time and energy to them.


In college people used to ask me to proof read their papers and presentations. I've beta read three novellas, three novels, and several short stories.


It really depends on what I have going on. The smaller the story, the sooner you'll hear back from me.


rain (dot) biblichor (at) gmail (dot) com. I request an outline, word count, and specifics.

10-25-2018, 04:36 PM
Availability: Available

Preferences: Completed stories only please. Novella length upwards; happy to read epics if I'm enjoying the story.

Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Steampunk, Fantasy, SF (light on the science... more stories set in space than deeply sciencey. SF I like includes Becky Chambers, Firefly, Hitchhikers Guide.) Historical Romance (particularly Regency).

What I write: Urban Fantasy, sometimes with romance subplots.

Beta Style: Can be flexible depending on what you are looking for. I can look out for spelling & grammar, plot holes, places I think the pace is flagging a bit, characters acting out-of-character, consistency, timelines. I'll also let you know what I'm thinking as I read, if you're interested in hearing that, e.g. my guesses of where plot is going, whether I'm loving a particular scene.

Experience: I've beta read for a few people, including a traditionally published author. I've worked in publishing for the past 3 years and although not in Editorial, my job has involved a lot of proofreading and copyediting.

Timeline: I can do approximately 2-3k per day, potentially more if I'm really enjoying the story.

Contact: PM me with your genre, story length and a brief blurb.

10-28-2018, 02:41 AM
Availability: Available

Preferences: Only romance. No YA romance, though. I will love a sample of the first two chapters before deciding if I will beta the rest of the book. I am looking for books UNDER 60k words.

What I write: Realistic YA, Romance. I'm NOT looking for a beta swap, I just want to gain experience.

Beta Style: Always evolving as I gain more experience.

Experience: Newish, but I have beta read several manuscripts

Timeline: A week or two

Contact: PM

11-06-2018, 12:24 AM
Availability: Unavailable [As of January 1st 2019, I’m not Beta Reading anymore]

I'm in EST time. Please keep that in mind.
Preferences: My preferences are (all ages rating)Children, YA, and Adult. I like mysteries, realistic fiction, sci-fi, adventure, and crime. I also can read other genres outside of that. Though I do not read romance (as a central plot), erotica(sex scenes are okay.), or horror. Triggering topics don't bother me much aside from descriptive murder/gore.
What I write: I had written YA so far. Genres being soft sci-fi/fantasy, realistic fiction, and slight dystopian.
Beta Style: I will do what you ask of me. Keep in mind, you need to be very clear of what I need to do. Telling me by mail or a paper is fine. I am critical about story structure, what makes me bored or excite, and what flat out makes me stop reading or caring about the story. I read about three chapters in a sitting for about an hour each. If you decide to give me chunks I may get back to you faster with my responses.
Experience: My experience is of pure hobby. I'm currently on my second beta review at the moment. One project featured crime/suspense and currently historical/adventure/drama.
Timeline: It depends on the chapter and what is going with my life at the moment. For 25 chapters, it will take about two weeks most and a week at least. I will not read a big story for more than a month. I will not work on more than one story at a time.
Contact: By PM. I go by email address afterwards or by a beta reading website.

12-24-2018, 06:07 AM
Hey folks! Sorry for deleting the other time. I meant to update it to "occupied" and accidentally deleted it.

Anywho, I'm back on the market, as it were!

Availability: OCCUPIED!

Preferences: Sci-Fi/fantasy is preferred. It's what I know!

What I write: Sci-Fi/fantasy!

Beta Style:Depending on length, I might be able to do line edits, but if it's a longer work, I'll probably give an overview/thoughts on general things that work or don't

Experience: I've beta read a few folks in my writing group!

Timeline: In the next few weeks, I've got quite a bit of time on my hands! But generally give me a month or two and I'll have it done!

Contact: PM me on here and I'll send you my email!

Thanks folks!


02-01-2019, 12:50 AM
Availability: Closed.

Preferences: Sci-fi/fantasy/speculative fiction, mysteries, thrillers. Mainly adult, but I'm open to some YA. No MG or younger. Not interested in most historical fiction, but if you write Age of Sail books (think C. S. Forester and Patrick O'Brian), I'll be happy to take a look. (Why yes, that is an oddly specific subgenre.) Romantic elements are fine, but no pure romances and no erotica. I don't read much of those genres, and therefore am not a good critiquer for them. No worries about triggering material--I read a lot of dark stuff--but if it's there only for shock value/not relevant to the plot, I'm not the reader for you.

I exclusively beta-read books which are in fairly good shape--it doesn't need to be perfect (if it did, you wouldn't be asking for feedback, you'd be sending it to agents), but if it's riddled with grammatical errors, I won't feel it's ready for beta reading. Along those lines, I don't generally read first drafts that haven't at least been through a single round of self-editing. Unless you're Stephen King or John Scalzi, in which case, send that baby on over. ;)

What I write: Sci-fi/fantasy/speculative fiction.

Beta Style: Varies, based on what the author will find most helpful. Generally, I'll write up a few pages of overall impressions, as well as some notes sprinkled throughout the manuscript as to what I was feeling/thinking as I read. I prefer to work in MS Word or hard copy.

Generally, I'll focus on content rather than grammar issues, though I'll usually note the latter if I see a consistent problem. If you tell me you feel really solid on content and simply want help on a few grammatical or style issues, I'm happy to do that as well. (I will not copy or line edit a full manuscript, however.)

I'll always include notes on what is working for me as well as what isn't. However, I won't be shy about the parts that don't work for me (I won't be mean, but I will be honest). If you're looking only (or even primarily) for praise, we won't be a good fit.

Experience: I've beta read and critiqued numerous short stories and about twelve novels. I'm also a freelance editor, and I've done a significant amount of both content and copy editing over the years.

Timeline: Varies, depending on the length of the book and the depth of feedback.

Contact: PM me with your genre, word count, a quick (spoiler-free) description, and the first 500 words or so.

02-27-2019, 04:51 PM
Availability: Closed. I'm not looking for a swap so don't worry about offering. I'm having a writing slump at the moment so thought I'd spend some time beta-ing instead. :)

Preferences: Adult novels or novellas, please - 20k+. I read and love horror, thriller, romance, erotica, sci-fi, historical, humour... pretty much anything except fantasy. I even read *some* fantasy, but I'm very picky in that genre. Just tell me what your book is about and I'll let you know if I think I can help. My hard 'no's are anything heavy on military or politics, spy novels, epic or Tolkien-esque fantasy, and sci-fi set in space (set on other planets is fine, and I love alien invasions). With erotica, enthusiastic consent must be sought and given. I'm fine with profanity, explicit sex (including LGBT+), and gore... probably not all together, but maybe you can surprise me. :D

I don't read anything in present tense, no matter what genre.

What I Write: Contemporary romance.

Beta Style: My aim is to give you my reactions as if I'd bought your book and was settling down for a good read. When I give you comments I then switch on the writer side to try to fully explain *why* I had a certain reaction, but I'm not looking for flaws for the sake of it. If something makes me laugh, I tell you. If something makes me sit and hold my breath, scared for your character, I will tell you. I'll tell you if I'm confused, if I have questions, if I think a character is acting out-of-character... basically, whatever occurs to me as I'm reading. I'm honest but also constructive and never rude or mean (at least not intentionally!)

Experience: I've beta read many manuscripts from many different writers. I'm a professional writer and editor, though for specialised nonfiction - I'm just an amateur writer and reader when it comes to novels. As an author I'm agented and my first novel will be out with a Big 5 publisher in 2020.

Timeline: I'll generally have a manuscript back to you within a week. It depends how many I take on, but I will let you know and keep you updated if anything changes. Please tell me if you have a specific deadline.

Contact: Please send a PM and I'll give you my email address. I'd like the manuscript in Word or Google docs, because I leave in-line comments as I go.

Looking forward to some great reads!

03-07-2019, 06:31 AM
Availability: CLOSED; lined up a project to read. I'll update when I'm open again! :)

Preferences: YA of all shapes and sorts, as long as it's 100k or less. I truly do love everything YA: fantasy, sci-fi, horror, mystery, contemporary, slightly literary, romance... I honestly can't think of a single genre I won't try in this age category. It's my bread and butter, the thing I truly love to read and write, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Please hit me up with your YA!

What I Write: YA fantasy, often grounded in history or in a historical setting.

Beta Style: I don't do line edits or close reads, but I will give you between one and three pages of general reactions to my thoughts on the overall plot (what worked and what didn't), characters and their relationships, what I particularly liked or thought needed some tweaking, etc. Basically, like someone astutely put above, I beta-read like I've bought a copy of your book and have settled down to read it, giving my overall impressions as I go.

I don't have the time to correct every grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. issue, so please understand that I will not be marking these things. My eyes should not be the first to see your manuscript after you complete that first rough draft. I would like to see the full manuscript in its entirety; I prefer not to work in installments.

I'm simply reading for content, so markings within the manuscript itself will be minimal. Again: I rarely like to beta within a manuscript itself. I prefer to write my thoughts separately, since I feel I can parse them better outside of your document. If you expect in-line edits, we probably wouldn't be a good fit.

Experience: I've beta-read YA manuscripts for a few good writer friends since 2011. I have also completed applications for remote internships at a couple of different prominent literary agencies, which essentially required me to beta-read a client manuscript and offer my thoughts and edits, so I have some industry experience and insight into the process of professional manuscript reading. I spent a year as an acquisitions editor for a digital pulp fiction press, which required reading submissions and passing my thoughts on potential publication to the editor-in-chief. And finally, I also have a degree in professional writing from the University of Oklahoma, so I've spent a lot of years reading, writing, editing, and talking about manuscripts (both mine and those of others) with my professors and classmates.

Timeline: I request a month to read a manuscript and give you feedback. This is the maximum; I will usually have a manuscript turned around within two weeks. But I am a full-time preschool teacher writing novels of my own on the side, so please allow the full month!

Contact: Please send a PM with a description of your novel and your e-mail address. I will beta in MS Word, Google Docs, or an e-mailed PDF, since I rarely leave comments within the manuscript itself. No hard copies, please.

Can't wait to see what hits my inbox!

03-17-2019, 07:59 AM
Availability: Picked up a few beta's to read.
Preferences: I'm open to almost anything, I like to expose myself to all kinds of genre's In the past year I read Harlequin romance, Noir Crime, Cozy Mystery, Suspense, Horror, Erotica, pan-gendered/LGTBQ+, Hard Sci-Fi, and Sci-Fi Opera. I really like providing beta reading for rpg's both rules and setting fiction.
What I write: Historical Romance, near-future Cyberpunk, Crime Mystery, Fantasy
Beta Style: I beta like I've picked up your book off the stack of to be read books, and only have a few hours to enjoy myself. Getting lost in another's world and with their characters. I don't do line edits, will not correct grammar unless it really drives me crazy. I will make comments and suggestions in the margins, what works, what doesn't work. Then, when I've stopped reading, be it a few pages into the work or the entire manuscript- I'll give a page or so about what I liked, where I liked it, and what I didn't. Especially if I have to put it down before the work is finished-I'll tell you why.
Experience: I've been in writer groups, critiquing a few pages of everyone's work each week since 2011. I've also been doing beta reading from other places and groups now for 4 years.
Timeline: I will work with you, my daily/monthly life has some ups and downs so the longer it is, the longer I will ask. Many shorter works I have turned around in a few weeks or a month.
Contact: Please PM me. Toss me word count, your pitch, and email address. I will work with MS Word, GDocs, Libre/Open Office standards, and plain text.

Kat M
03-26-2019, 01:27 AM
Availability: I've got plenty to read and school is starting. Will reopen when I have more time.
Preferences: I usually read upmarket fiction - contemporary/mainstream, women's, and historical novels. If I like your premise, I will read in other genres or lengths, but I don't have as firm a handle on the conventions and tropes. Ask at your own risk.
What I write: Upmarket mainstream fiction . . . I think?
Beta Style: Big-picture, honest. I can tell you what worked for me and what didn't. I don't hold back positives if I see them, but I don't hunt for them either. I give in-line comments and overall comments. I will gladly answer specific questions of yours. I won't do line or grammar edits, though I'll mention if something drove me crazy. As I'm still kind of new to writing craft, I'll give feedback as a reader, though if I notice something from a writer's perspective, I'll say something. I am very open to follow-up questions.
Experience: Not much. You get what you pay for. :) I've critted a few works here on AW and beta-read for three AWers so far.
Timeline: We'll agree on something. I'll get it read and give thoughtful feedback within our chosen deadline.
Contact: PM me. :)

04-16-2019, 02:10 PM
Availability: Available until master's degree starts in September

Preferences: No preferences!

What I write: Until very recently, the occasional diary entry...

Beta Style: I'm still learning what is normally expected of a beta reader, but I'm open to providing a critique, line edit, or something in-between! I'm a wee bit OCD so I like the idea of using Word's Track Changes for proofreading, plus a separate document with a review/critique.

Experience: My interest comes from enjoying reading friends' work (academic and otherwise), and vague dreams of working as an editor someday. My writing experience is mainly academic at this point - I have a bachelor's degree in History - but I'm an avid reader (and TV- and movie-watcher...). Authors I love include Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Colm Toibin, Ali Smith, Sylvia Plath, Andrzej Sapkowski, Elena Ferrante, Angela Carter, and John Irving.

Timeline: I guess this will depend on the length of the piece, but I don't have much in the way of other commitments at the moment - just waitressing part-time and preparing for master's study.

Contact: Please PM me with a summary of your work and the word count, and let me know what style of beta read you're looking for. I'm currently mid-way through an article entitled 'How to Write a Great Critique' so hopefully by the time you get in touch I'll have a better idea of what I'm supposed to be doing ;-)

04-16-2019, 09:05 PM
Accidental deletion on my phone... Oops.

Availability: I'm available.

Preferences: I don't have any genre preference.

What I write: I'm writing a fantasy at the moment.

Beta Style: I'm willing to do whatever is requested of me, I'm no grammarian though. I think my strength is in plots.

Experience: Very little

Timeline: Depends on the type of writing and feedback. I read very quickly.

Contact: PM me first. If I'm interested, I'll send you my email.

04-17-2019, 02:12 PM
Availability: I'm down to clown. Currently unemployed, with ample free time (but see the warning at the bottom).

Preferences: I'd like to beta read something middle grade or YA, but I'll consider adult fantasy/contemporary/historical/anything that isn't thriller, crime or sci-fi.

What I write: I've written several complete fantasy/adventure middle-grade novels and am working on an adult fantasy novella.

Beta Style: I can do overall thoughts, line edits, whatevs.

Experience: I've only ever beta read for friends, but I have critiqued a lot of writing online.

Timeline: I will probably be very slow.

Contact: PM me with a google docs link or something to your first chapter, or some other suitable sample. If it's completely amateurish I won't go any further, but if there's something to work with then we might be able to party.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I have a neurological condition that waxes and wanes (mysteriously, like the tides) and which frequently prevents me from doing writerly things. At the moment I'm in a phase where I'm able to read and write, but I could get knocked on my ass tomorrow and be totally useless. If this happens, I'll have to put beta reading aside until I feel better, which could take days, weeks or potentially even months. So, beware.

05-16-2019, 08:18 AM
Availability: Available in December.

Preferences: Adult fiction, YA fiction, Romance (adult, ya, contemporary, historical, erotica, suspense), Thriller (with a tilt towards psychological thrillers), Mystery. Will accept SF/Fantasy but it has to be spectacular. I will not make it through a subpar SF/Fantasy novel. Won't read horror.

What I write: I write general adult fiction, YA fiction, but I'm working on a YA psychological thriller at the moment.

Beta Style: Flexible, and I can do what you need. I'll give you an in-depth review of the overarching plot/story no matter what, including comments on narrative style, characterization, pacing, etc. I'll highlight glaringly obvious grammatical and syntax errors, and I'm open to doing a line-by-line critique, but be forewarned, the process will be much more slow-going. If something's not working, I like to make suggestions on how to fix it, that's just the way I operate. I'd prefer an open line of communication, so that questions and clarifications can be made throughout if necessary. If the novel is not something I can make it through, for whatever reason, I'm more than willing to be part of your revising process for a brief time to help kickstart your rewrite. As a final note, whatever I like, I'll make known, and whatever I absolutely love, I'll shower with praise. I'm polite, professional, and I'll give you a thorough review.

I'll accept anything- single chapters, a handful of chapters, or full-length novels. However, please be sure to send me a polished piece of work, not the first draft.

Experience: First time beta-reading, but I have a feeling both you and I will enjoy the experience. I've done chapter critiques, mostly on other platforms, as I'm still somewhat of a newbie here on AW, but the authors have always come away satisfied. I don't have any professional experience, but I will say this, whenever anyone who knows me has needed any type of writing reviewed and edited, they've always sought my opinion. I'm well-read, read constantly, and can keep pace with almost any type of writing.

Timeline: This will obviously vary, depending on how well the piece is written, the word count, and the type of feedback you request. I read quickly, but I like to give very thorough reviews, no matter what type of feedback you're requesting.

Contact: PM the title, genre, short synopsis, word count, and the type of feedback you'd like.

05-27-2019, 08:34 AM
Availability: Reading a few manuscripts right now, but feel free to reach out and I'll add you to my que.

Preferences: Adult or YA, I enjoy contemporary, speculative fiction, psychological horror/thrillers, and historical fiction. However, I’m pretty open to most things, especially those on the darker side. Please know, though, that I’m not the biggest fan of romance. I don’t mind it as a subplot, but if your novel is romance heavy, I may not be the best beta for you.

What I write: I write mostly contemporary and speculative fiction, but I’m a write-whatever-I-feel-like kind of person. I currently have a finished gritty YA contemporary and an adult paranormal WIP.

Beta Style: I try to be very thorough when I beta read. I use Microsoft Word and make comments in the manuscript as I go, so you can see reactions and thoughts I had as I read. Once I’ve finished, I do a final write up in which I give my in-depth, overall thoughts on the plot, characters, pacing, any particular things you may have asked me to focus on, etc. I won’t focus too much on line edits, since grammar is not my strong suit and I’m more of a big picture person. I will, however, point out any prose or dialogue that feels off. I can be a tough critic, but I promise I’m not scary or mean. I will compliment the crap out of you if I love something, and if something’s not working for me, I will point it out and tell you why in a constructive way. I will also happily give advice on how to fix things and/or point you to resources that might be helpful.

Experience: I’ve beta read and CP’d multiple manuscripts so I'd like to think I know what I’m doing here, haha! I'm also a writer myself and have been writing seriously for five years now. I've taken a few creative writing courses where I participated in critique workshops and have done even more outside learning about writing. Additionally, I have a BA in psychology, and live with mental illness myself, so if you need help with that rep in your manuscript, let me know!

Timeline: Depends on how busy I am and the length of the manuscript, but somewhere between 3 and 4 weeks.

Contact: DM me with your query/summary, and I’ll let you know if I’m interested or not. Then we can take it from there!

Christopher Marcus
06-22-2019, 12:14 PM

Availability: I reckon can read about 5K words a week, give or take, and respond meaningfully.
Preferences: contemporary fiction, preferably short stories and/or linked short stories (more short stories about the same characters, like Hemingway's Nick Adams stories).
What I write: the same - contemporary fiction in the form of linked short stories (see my profile)
Beta Style: I like to give you the overall picture of how I think character and story work. I don't like to nitpick (much). I'm generally friendly and I only do (and expect to receive) constructive feedback. I don't expect a swap but if we hit it off well, and I feel our styles and ambitions align, I might ask for it.
Experience: I've written fiction in my spare time since 1992 - I have self-published short stories on my own website since 2011. I'm 45 years old and I have a masters in communications and a number of years of experience doing websites and shops for small businesses and generally that kind of life experience you tend to rake up at my age - with deaths in the family, illness and other crap but also the beautiful stuff - travel, raising a family and so on. I read voraciously, everything from the classics to scifi.
Timeline: I could likely give you some usable feedback in a week or two, within the word limit.
Contact: DM me and pitch - we'll take it from there!

06-26-2019, 02:45 PM
Availability: Available.

Preferences: contemporary or speculative fiction in the ~50-80k word range. I'll consider other genres, but bear in mind I will be less familiar with what's already out there. Where possible, I prefer if you can share via googledocs, so I can easily add comments inline.

What I write: contemporary and speculative fiction.

Beta Style: Impressions of plot, characters and style, glaring grammatical errors. Tell me what you want and I'll see if I can accommodate.

Experience: I'm new to this, so I'll keep a list here:

Beta Project 2019: Age of Heroines (Speculative Fiction) (https://absolutewrite.com/forums/showthread.php?343224-Entry-24-(A-SpecFic)-Beta-Project-2019) - received positive feedback for my comments on first three chapters.

Timeline: I'd commit to ~5k/week to begin with.

Contact: PM me through these boards.

07-13-2019, 04:54 AM
Availability: Currently Closed!

Preferences: I'll read just about anything. I'm not much of a history buff, so I can't offer much advice in terms of historical fiction or non-fiction, but I'll gladly critique the written elements.

What I write: Many varieties of fiction, including: supernatural fiction, near-future sci-fi, biblical inspired parodies, dramatic fiction, The Occasional Smut (TM), slice of life, and psych-horror. I've recently delved into poetry and non-fiction memoir writing, but I am far from an expert on any of the listed genres.

Beta Style: I can give you a general overview of the entire piece, as far as consistency of tone, strengths and weaknesses in plot development, and review for redundant language or points that lose a reader's interest. Tell me what you're looking for, and I'll let you know if I think I'm capable of offering it!

Experience: Bare minimum. I've helped review and critique written works in classes and with a handful of close writer friends.

Timeline: Depends entirely on the size of the piece. I would like to say a tentative month or so, but anything exceeding 80k words will likely take longer, and that can change based on the kind of feedback you're looking for.

Contact: Feel free to PM me here, or reach out through email. leondefriese (@) gmail (.com) is the best way to reach me!

08-04-2019, 03:24 AM
Availability: Full up right now.

Preferences: Fantasy and sci-fi are mainly what I read, so those are what I'd feel most comfortable giving my opinions on. No preference between secondary-world and real-world (any place/time). That said, I'd prefer to keep things under novel length for now.

What I write: Mainly Fantasy, some sci-fi. I know what I like, lol.

Beta Style: I've never really beta'd before, so I'm not really sure. I'll do my best to be honest, and work with you to help as best I can! I can also offer an Ashkenazi Jewish and a queer perspective where necessary.

Experience: Minimal, but I'm a quick learner.

Timeline: I have a lot of free time right now, so it shouldn't take me too long to return anything, but I don't want to rush things either, so I'll take a little time to let the story stew first.

Contact: PM me with a little about your story, how long it is, and what kind of beta you're looking for (if you know, no pressure)!

08-07-2019, 05:11 AM
Availability: Unavailable

Preferences: I prefer a polished near-complete draft: fantasy, romance, science fiction, women's fiction, novel or novella-length. If you have specific concerns about an unpolished piece, I can work with you, too!

What I write: Fantasy, with mythological/romantic subplots

Beta Style: I am a details-oriented person in general, but if you let me know ahead of time what feedback you are looking for (plot, characters, big-picture, line-by-line, etc.) I will be happy to tailor my feedback to your preferences.

Experience: Have beta-read for several family and friends, but am just getting my sea legs on AW

Timeline: Likely a week, longer if the manuscript is >60k words.

Contact: PM and include these details: Genre, Working Title, Word Count, and a Synopsis. If you would like to include any other notes, including specific requests, please do so.

08-08-2019, 12:10 AM
Availability: Available

Preferences: Primarily fantasy, science fiction and sci-fi, but most other themes are also interesting. Romance is great, erotica not so much. Can read screenplays, teleplays and traditional manuscripts. Please no non-fiction though.
Since English is a second language, I suppose I will be more useful giving feedback on developmental issues; plot, characters, world-building etc. and impressions on how I feel the story flows etc.

What I write: Fantasy, science fiction and sci-fi.

Beta Style: Will adjust to your need and differences between in styles. I'm not good at being harsh / cruel / mean, but can adjust how direct I will be to your level of comfort

Experience: Within fiction, only a little, though my time as a TA at university. Within non-fiction (term papers) quite a bit from the same period.

Timeline: Don't really know how long things are supposed to take, but I am acutely aware of the agony of waiting for a reply to sent manuscript, and I will do my best to be as quick (but thorough) as possible.

Contact: Send me a PM if think I will be right for you and let me know a little about your project and what I can help with.

Thank you for considering me,

Voodoo Chicken
08-08-2019, 11:30 PM
Availability: Available

Preferences: Memoir.

What I write: Memoir.

Beta Style: I can provide my opinion on narrative structure, voice, grammar, world building and any specific concerns you may have. I tend to be very direct, so I may not be a good fit if you are thin skinned.

Experience: I have been working on my own memoir for a few years now and have studied creative writing extensively during this time. Of course, I am also an avid reader and have been since a very young age.

Timeline: I am a fast (but attentive) reader and should be able to turn around most manuscripts within a few days. However, sometimes life happens. I am almost always online though and typically respond to emails within a few hours.

Contact: Send me a PM.

08-14-2019, 10:52 PM
Availability: Available. But see below for my caveat, please.

Commercial fiction (espionage/military/thriller/suspense)
Upmarket that isn't specifically women's fiction (think About a Boy or Up in the Air)

What I write: Commercial fiction and upmarket, surprise!

Beta Style: I always start with big picture and pacing (especially for thrillers/suspense). Do I care about the characters? If that's there, then I can go all the way down to line edits if requested.

Experience: AW beta reader on and off for eight years. Published non-fiction in Scientific American, Nature Communications, other similar. Half-dozen fiction novellas published in anthologies. Have two novels on submission with fulls requested by agents for both.

Timeline: Usually two weeks. If you need it faster we can talk. If it'll take longer I'll update you.

Contact: Email: my AW username at [g] mail-dot-com.
I don't check PMs that often

Caveat: Aha! The wretched small print. Here it comes. As you've probably gathered from reading the sticky posts (you read the sticky posts, of course, because you rock): beta reading takes a lot of time and effort! So, obviously, send me your ready-to-go-to-the-agent-tomorrow draft.But also, I'd like to expand my circle of beta critique partners. You read in my genres, I read in yours, and we help each other get better. Hopefully this won't be a one-off type of thing. If that sounds like your speed, in your PM please let me know about your writing experience and willingness to swap in the future, as well as a little about your story -- if not a query letter then at least a nice elevator pitch.

08-27-2019, 07:33 PM
Availability: Currently unavailable.

Preferences: Fantasy, dark fantasy, magic realism and off-kilter literary. I am down to read your sex scenes and I love romance. I'm willing to read at any stage of the process, so long as the author is clear about what they are seeking. Examples include final thoughts on a close-as-possible-to-finished piece or a read-through of a second or third draft with focus on in potential plot-holes and problem areas the author would prefer to tackle prior to prettying everything up. Either way, I expect an effort to remove typos. I will respond primarily as a reader.

What I write: Dark fantasy.

Beta Style: I will (1) read your work and (2) tell you what I think in whatever form you prefer. I can say what does or does not work for me and offer suggestions, but I've been warned to be wary of people who know exactly what is wrong and exactly how it should be fixed.

Experience: A voracious reader of 20 years, aside from the five years I was still learning how to read.

Sensitivity: I also have life experiences that would position me to give sensitivity notes for those who specifically desire them. As someone who lives with (now managed) bipolar disorder, general anxiety and C-PTSD from childhood experiences, I can help ensure that these themes are presented in a way that is not harmful to my communities. I also have the whole "growing up poorer than poor in rural Indiana in the 90s/2000s" thing going for me. If these are notes you actually want, make sure to mention them and inquire further. Keep in mind that these would be informal notes and my experiences are specific and will not apply to those of others.

Timeline: Something I could finish prior to Sept. 24 would be best, but I can deal with spill-over. I will probably only accept one project for now.

Contact: Send me a PM.

09-09-2019, 02:59 PM
Availability: Currently unavailable

Preferences: Looking for someone to swap my MG story (31k) with. I'd prefer something short <60k. MG or YA ideally. I'm not too fussed with genre except no memoirs or biographies please.

What I write: For work, I write science non-fiction (both the peer-reviewed stuff and general public friendly blogs and articles). For avocation, I write middle-grade.

Beta-Style: I'm happy to match you. If you're doing mine line-by-line, I'll do yours line-by-line with a general overview. Otherwise, I'll give a summary of my thoughts at the end of each scene/chapter and pick out key parts as examples of what I liked/didn't like.

Experience: I have formal training and a few years experience in science communication. I think my best asset as a Beta reader is I am a 'Young Adult' so I can give a review from the perspective of your intended audience (if you write YA). I have Beta read one other book before.

Timeline: My caveat is that I'm doing my PhD and that takes priority, but I'd aim for a 1-3 week turnaround.

Contact: Pm me