View Full Version : YA Paranormal Romance Betas? "Lovely Desire"

06-12-2017, 12:57 AM
Seeking a beta for a paranormal young adult romance finished at 90,000. I'm open to critiques and am very easy to get along with. If you feel comfortable, we can even beta swap.

06-12-2017, 01:26 AM
Welcome, pxxf!

I can't offer to beta read your book at this time, but I can offer some advice.

It's great that you're specifying what kind of feedback you want, what your timeline is, and what your book is about. However, we as potential beta readers have no idea what kind of person you are, how you respond to critiques, and what you are offering this community in exchange for its members taking on the committment of a beta read.

Some suggestions:

Take your email address out of your post above. The spam bots will harvest it and send you endless heaps of crap otherwise!

Stick around, get involved, and let us get to know you.

Hop down to Share Your Work, critique some stories, and show us that you can give as well as take.

Get to 50 posts and put the opening scene of your story up in Share Your Work for critique (with a note that you're looking for betas), so that we can see what kind of feedback resonates with you and how you get on with each critiquer on a one-on-one basis. It's a great way for authors and potential beta readers to suss each other out and find their perfect match! Because not every beta is right for every book. (For example, I simply cannot stand to read even the most fascinating manuscript if it is full of typos and punctuation errors.)

Be willing to accept critiques on grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc, as well as the larger issues.

06-12-2017, 01:29 AM
Thank you very much for the feed back. It's very helpful.