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05-25-2017, 11:13 PM
I’m looking for beta readers for Pantheon, a three-part, 104,000-word Sci-Fi story with philosophical implications.
The gist of the story is as follows:

In part one, three Greek soldiers appear to die but then regain consciousness in a strange place. Then they meet an old man who tells them he’s no god, but if they want to cling to their lives, they’ll have to consent to a pair of tests. In the first one, they enter a Labyrinth, where every turn means something.

In part two, they are part of a community of 1800 people from every major civilization since the invention of writing and they’ll have seven days to respond to a difficult challenge. Overhead floats a golden coffer with the recorded history of the human race since 79,000BC. Two days before the deadline, the coffer (Pandora’s Box) disappears, and unless someone brings it back, their lives are forfeit.

In part three, Argon overcomes his fears and goes after Pandora. That journey will take him to the depths of the Underworld, and a face-off with Cerberus and the Thief.

You can take on the full work or one part at a time. Thank you.