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05-18-2017, 08:48 AM
I'm searching for beta readers / critique partners. I'll be happy to swap with novels in fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, thriller, horror, and paranormal genre written for either MG or YA.

Here' the would be query.

A team of geologists has drilled two kilometres beneath Antarctica to investigate the Permian extinction event which killed off ninety percent of the living species 250 million years ago.

Instead of a meteorite impact crater, they discovered a prison holding a black shaman.

Meanwhile Radha, an innocent and gullible but idealist sixteen-years-old girl, runs away from her secluded family of white shamans with her mischievous baby brothers in order to fulfill her dearest ambition of sharing her knowledge of meditation. She travels to the US and works as a teacher in a School of Consciousness in California where the students have begun to develop Telepathic powers.

Radha's dream world of mentoring bright kids and a happy life with her baby brothers collapses into a nightmare when she accepts to check the weakening prison which was about to release the evolutionary leftover ready to finish off what it had begun. With the help of the Telepathic students Radha faces the greatest challenge evolution has thrown our way and in the process grows into a wise and compassionate woman.

FLYING FISHIE is a 78,000 words humorous sci-fi, fantasy Middle Grade novel with a series potential. Like Harry Potter, this novel brings the ancient myths and monsters back to life in the modern world.

07-17-2017, 01:09 PM
Sounds pretty cool. I can swap a 100,000 word crime novel for it if you like. It sounds like an interesting premise.