View Full Version : Seeking to hire a mentor for short SF/F stories

05-17-2017, 06:15 AM
Hello everyone. I've been writing for a number of years now, completed three novels, sold one, and feel like I have a pretty good handle on what makes a longer-form piece "work." At the same time, I experimented with writing short stories and although I had a few sales, I didn't quite know what I was missing in order to move up to the big leagues (i.e. zines that win awards and/or pay pro rates). In the past few months I made a renewed effort to read a lot more short stories and critical analysis so I could focus more on what makes the short story form tick, as distinct from a novel. Now I'm starting to write some new stories based on what I learned.

BUT: Even though I feel good about what I'm doing, I still don't know for sure I'm on the right track. I'd love to have someone with credentials (i.e. sales) go over my new stories as I finish them (they're going to be approximately in the 3-4k word range) and critique. Note I am explicitly not looking for an editor; nothing against them personally, it's just in this specific instance I'd prefer to talk with another author about their creative approach.

Since this person would likely not consider my own critiques a good trade, I would have no problem paying them a fair rate in cash. Not that I exactly know what a fair rate would be...or even if an arrangement like this is possible. I'd love to hear from anyone who has done or considered this before. How much did you pay? How did you find the mentor in question?

I apologize if this is the wrong board for this question.