View Full Version : May the 4th be with you

05-05-2017, 04:30 AM
So it's Star Wars day....do you have a favorite?

So I was three when star wars came out, but I sure remember being little like 5 playing star wars in the neighborhood, I remember at school we had the theme song on record. What little girl didn't want to be Princess Leia?

When we went to the theater to see the Rogue one it was hard knowing Carrie Fisher had passed away, actually I cried at the end of that movie because of it. I know I'm a sap! But even though I didn't "know" Carrie Fisher, I certainly grew up wanting to be her!

My husband turned 40 this year and he still has his original star wars toys in a box in the basement!

I guess I'll always love the very first one they made, A new hope.

05-05-2017, 05:07 AM
I was happy to see that I was not the only one wearing a Star Wars shirt at my workplace today. In my old lab, that would never happen.

05-05-2017, 05:18 AM
this was my fav childhood SW toy. in the series, Jawas and Ewoks were my fav!


05-06-2017, 05:25 AM

Frankie-OMG my friend had that tree!!!!

I didn't have any star wars stuff growing up....but we used to play star wars at recess, such great memories.