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04-28-2017, 11:50 PM
So I've decided to do something different for my next novel. I'm going to be publishing it as a web novel, on WordPress and Patreon mainly. However, I need someone to beta read the scenes I write before I put them out to the public. The scenes will be released weekly, on Thursdays, so I'll need someone who's relatively fast. Each scene is only about 500-1,000 words, so you won't have too much to review at one time. I already have an editor, I'm mostly looking for someone to read, review, and tell me what they think!

Ideally I'd like someone experienced with the writing process, and someone who's okay with LGBT characters and themes, and a mostly non-white cast (seriously there's like four white people in the whole story). I currently have two chapters written, and am aiming for the story to be at least 50k words when it's finished. There will be two more books planned in the series, but if you only want to beta read this one, that's fine. I'll be sending you chapters via google docs as I finish them.

Here's the plot/summary for my novel, and a snippet of chapter one! If this interests you, please PM me or email me at thewriterisclean@gmail.com.

As a part of an experiment to create supersoldiers, a group of sixteen teenagers is sent to an uninhabited barrier island off the coast of South Carolina. No one knows how they got there, but one thing is clear: they are not the same as before they came to the island. The teens have been altered, giving them powerful, deadly, and often uncontrollable powers. Bribed by the promise of “fixing” the problems which made their families and friends reject them, the teens go along with the experiment at first, until they discover the truth behind the experiment…

Chapter One

Vermillion DeLuna woke long before she opened her eyes.

She knew she was in an unfamiliar place, even without having to open her eyes, and that was the reason she kept them shut. Waking up in a place other than the one she fell asleep in meant that someone had moved her, and she did not yet know if that mysterious someone was still watching her or not. She decided to stay on the side of caution, and kept her eyes closed as she tried to focus on her surroundings.

She could hear water rolling and crashing against the side of something outside, and tasted salt when she parted her lips ever so slightly, hoping the movement could be attributed to sleep. Salt? That had to mean she was near the ocean, which made the sound of rushing water make a bit more sense to her. But now she knew for sure that she had been moved, and a long way at that. She had not fallen asleep anywhere near the beach or the ocean.

For a moment her sense of smell was overpowered by the salty tang of the ocean, but once that passed, she was able to sense a dense, wooden smell underneath it. It was as if the place she was in had only been built recently.

Lying on her back, she knew that she was on a bed, because it was much too soft to be where she had fallen asleep. Vermillion had been living on the streets for years now, and more often than not her “bed” was a pile of cardboard boxes. It had been weeks, months even, since she had last slept on an actual bed.

Vermillion stayed that way, in a sort of stasis between sleeping and waking, for about thirty more minutes. Although she still did not feel like she was entirely safe, she knew that staying in bed for a long time might draw more attention to herself than she wanted. Besides, she was starting to get curious herself. At seventeen years old, she may not have had the body of a child anymore, but she had the juvenile curiosity of one.