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05-06-2006, 05:22 PM
Right after I was saved, the Lord begin to use me as an intercessor..I vividly recall the first instance. I had went into a movie gallery, and was talking with an employee. As I talked with her, she started telling me some of her troubles. Tears welled in my eyes, and as I walked away, I actually felt her troubles, and it seemed as if her burdens had been rolled on me. That is when the Holy Spirit took over, and I begin to cry and groan (Romans 8 v 26). After this period that lasted several minutes, I was washed with a peace that passes all understanding and I knew that the one I had interceded for was going to be ok.

I'll share one more instance of intercessory prayer. The field next to me was owned by a family that lived about two miles from me. I was going to clean up the fence row so I went to see the brother who was in charge of the taking care of that 30 acre pecan field. As I began to talk to him, he began to unload all the troubles and things that were bothering him. Every once in a while he would say, "I don't know why I am telling you this, I barely know you". As he talked, the compassion of the Lord began to well up within me, and I knew the Lord would have me intercede in prayer for him. I saw him again about three times within the next two months. Each time, the same thing would happen...He would tell me his troubles, and I would talk with him, tell him I had been praying for him. I talked to him briefly the last time, and felt the presence of the Lord in a wonderful way. As we parted, I sensed the overwhelming peace of the Lord, and knew that things were going to be ok. Two weeks later, this 48 year old man dropped dead of a heart attack, but I knew his soul was ok because the Lord had used me to intercede for him.

Over the past 19+ years, the Lord has used me hundreds of times in intercessory prayer. It is a blessing from him, but it is hard work and takes a toil on you. After these episodes, I feel drained.

Hope what I shared helps in some way.

Irvin Rozier, aka walkin2e