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03-28-2017, 10:07 PM
My dear writing fellows,

Without abusing any unknown rules to this forum (of which unfortunately i am but a fresh beginner) i would like to use this space to ask whether any of you would be willing to volunteer in offering your knowledge and experience in writing in a Student to Mentor relationship with me. Of course, if there are also any volunteers to create a small group together in which we discuss our experiences, questions and everything else relating to the craft of writing, would be even better.

The reason for my request, is that i am currently working on my book project, but i am rather a beginner in such endeavor and greatly appreciate the assistance of fellow writers like you here. I am 26 years old and speak fluently in English, Italian, Albanian and German (so of course, the possibility to have the interaction in these languages is possible, although English would be the most preferred one).

If among you are people interested in my request please contact me with a private message or even a reply here and we can discuss the next steps. The idea is to preferably create an online group (or one to one session) in which we either exchange weekly emails or weekly audio calls all relating to the craft of writing. If more than one people are interested (and would also be willing to be in a group without any structure of hierarchy or feelings of competition) then i would be willing to take care of all the logistics of making such group active (picking the communication means, opening up a cloud account for sharing material, scheduling the meet ups and any other relevant points.

To the hosts of this forum or anyone who may not react well to my request, i apologize in advance and allow me to explain that by no means is this a way to detract people from the forum activity here (of which i myself would want to be an active user of) but rather, this is a wish to have a rather more private and easily manageable form of communication between a group so that sharing of experiences and information can be made more consistent and personalized. Of course, before concluding my post, i would like to mention that all of this will be done under anonymity and privacy to the comfort of the users, so no demands on this field will ever be made.

I am looking forward to you replies, and thank you again for your attention

Buck Wolls

P.S: Apologies also for posting this thread in two different categories. I just didnt know to which one it applies best.