View Full Version : MN Emerging Writers Grants- Ends 3/31/17

03-25-2017, 06:20 AM
ENDING: Minnesota Emerging Writer’s Grants (US: MN)March 31

The Minnesota Emerging Writer’s Grants are for poets and authors (fiction and nonfiction) that have lived in Minnesota for at least one year. Only writers who have published no more than two books may apply. Up to five winners earn a grant of $8000.
More information here (https://www.loft.org/resources__awards/grants__awards/emerging_writers_grant/). This event is sponsored by @loftliterary (https://twitter.com/loftliterary).

If the link doesn't work, I found the contest here: https://www.loft.org/resources__awards/grants__awards/emerging_writers_grant/