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03-24-2017, 07:17 PM
THE 2017 RISING STAR AWARD FOR UNPUBLISHED WOMEN’S FICTIONhttps://womensfictionwriters.starchapter.com/images/RSAward.jpgThis contest is designed exclusively for the unpublished women’s fiction writer. It offers the chance for priceless feedback from three published authors, plus the opportunity to break out of the slush pile and land on the desk of five final round judges, all acquiring agents of women’s fiction.
The RISING STAR AWARD for unpublished women’s fiction has NO categories. It’s open to all women’s fiction*, from contemporary to historical, mainstream to literary, realistic to paranormal, and everything in between, as long as the story’s focus is on the main character’s emotional journey. Open to all unagented writers who have never been published in book-length women’s fiction (60k words or over).
*Not sure if your manuscript fits under the women’s fiction umbrella? See below under “Contest Eligibility”
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The RISING STAR AWARD is limited to the first 75 entries. Detailed score sheets with comments will be provided to all entrants, and the top five (5) finalists will advance to the final round with one week to update entries based on first round judges’ score sheets and comments. Please note that the RISING STAR is for completed manuscripts and finalists may be asked to submit the full manuscript.
IMPORTANT DATESContest Opens: April 2, 2017 (3:00 p.m. E.T.) for WFWA members, April 30, 2017 for non-WFWA members* (*space permitting)
Entry Deadline: May 7, 2017 (11:59 p.m. E.T.)
Finalists Announced: July 24, 2017
Edited Finalist Entries Due: July 31, 2017 (11:59 p.m. E.T.)
Winners Announced: September, 2017 during the WFWA Retreat
ENTRY SUBMISSION DETAILSAfter registration is complete, submit the first thirty-five (35) pages of a completed manuscript (60,000 words or more), plus a 2-3 page synopsis to risingstar@womensfictionwriters.org. (The synopsis is not judged.)
ENTRY FEE$30 WFWA Members $35 non-WFWA Members
FINAL ROUND JUDGES - LITERARY AGENTSClick here (http://womensfictionwriters.org/Rising_Star_Final_Judges_2017) for the list of final round judges.
RULES & FAQSContest Eligibility
Contest Rules and Definitions
Announcement of Finalists & Final Round
Open to all unagented writers who have never been published in book-length women’s fiction (60k words or over). All work must be the writer’s original work that has not been contracted for publication prior to the entry deadline. Failure to comply with any of the rules may disqualify the entry, resulting in a forfeit of the entry fee.
I have an excerpt of the manuscript on my website. Does that still count as “unpublished”?
For the purposes of the RISING STAR AWARD, ‘unpublished’ means that the novel has never been published in any way and that it does not come under contract for publication by the entry deadline. If an excerpt of the novel appears on the author’s website, it may still be considered ‘unpublished’ subject to the conditions that (1) the excerpt is the only text that exists for public viewing, (2) the excerpt is not available for purchase, and (3) the number of words posted does not exceed 15% of the novel’s total word count.
I’ve self-published my book. Can I still enter?
Sorry, but no. Self-published authors are considered published.
Does that mean that if I’m published in science fiction or romance or poetry, I can enter?
Yes, as long as the manuscript you are submitting clearly falls under the women’s fiction umbrella and has not been published or contracted for publication.
How do I determine if my manuscript fits under the Women’s Fiction definition?
WFWA defines women’s fiction as “stories that are driven by the main character’s emotional journey.”
If, in other contests, your manuscript would best fit under another category such as Romance, New Adult, or Young Adult, it is not women’s fiction and, therefore, not eligible for the Rising Star.
The Rising Star contest is open to the first 75 entries only. One entry per person.
You need not be a member of WFWA to enter, but the contest will open to WFWA members first, and spaces are expected to fill quickly. There is no guarantee that there will be space for non-member entries.
Entry fee: $30 for WFWA members. $35 for non-members.
Entry: First 35 pages of a completed* manuscript plus a 2-3 synopsis (Synopsis will not be judged).
Entries should be sent to risingstar@womensfictionwriters.org
Entries should be formatted as you would for submission to an agent or editor. First 35 pages means the consecutive pages beginning with page one of your manuscript.
The body of each document must be double-spaced (25-26 lines per page), with one inch margins, indented paragraphs, 12 point professional font – Times New Roman or Courier are acceptable. Chapters begin one third of the way down the page.
The manuscript title and page numbers must appear in the headers (top of page) on every page of the partial manuscript and synopsis.
No other personal identifying information (such as name, address, e-mail, or phone number) may be included on the entry.
Entries should be saved as .doc or .docx files with the title name only. For example, MANUSCRIPTNAME.DOC
An entry will be disqualified and the entry fee forfeited if an entrant fails to meet any of the eligibility or formatting requirements.
The RISING STAR accepts electronic entries only.
*Please note that finalists may be asked to submit the full manuscript.
I haven’t included a cover sheet and my name isn’t in the header so I’m okay, right?
You’ll need to check the Properties of your document. In Word, go to the File menu and click on Properties. Delete any personal information. You can have the manuscript title, but not your name or pen name or other identifying information.
Entrants are asked to submit their entries to the WFWA’s Entries Coordinator (risingstar@womensfictionwriters.org) by midnight EST on the day of registration. Entrants who fail to submit their entries to the WFWA’s Entries Coordinator by midnight EST on May 7, 2017 will be disqualified, and the entry fee will be forfeited.
Every entry will be judged by three published authors. Each entry will receive a detailed score sheet from three qualified judges. Judges comments will be encouraged. WFWA cannot guarantee that all judges will comply with this suggestion.
The five finalists will be notified via email and the official finalist list will be posted on the WFWA website on or about July 24, 2017. All finalists will have one week to incorporate revisions based on first round score sheets.
Finalists will be judged by five (5) agents actively acquiring women’s fiction clients.
Winners will be announced in September, 2017 during the WFWA Retreat.
The winner will receive a crystal RISING STAR AWARD. Second and third place winners will receive a certificate.
The first, second and third place entries will receive a badge to put on their website.