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03-14-2017, 04:56 AM
I'm looking to swap and critique with someone. I just finished a short story with an estimated word count of 3000 words. I'll read an excerpt in return of a maximum 6000 words or less. Short story or chapter(s) are fine.

If you're interested, PM or email me at eniac_caine@hotmail.com.

My story is Middle Grade urban fantasy. The title is INFECTIOUS. The first 199 words are below.


The granddaughter of the most powerful witch in the world raised her hand. She stood, and gave Stephen Teacher her sweetest smile. Speaking in clear English, Jong Eun-Yul said, “I promise to be a generous student!”

It’d taken a week to perfectly pronounce the pledge of conduct. Her older sister had helped her every day.

“Very good,” Stephen Teacher said. He walked over to her and held up his hand. Jong Eun-Yul leapt up to give him a high five. Stephen Teacher went back to the front of the class and repeated the question.

“So,” he said to Eun-Yul’s classmates, “what do you promise?”

The five year olds looked up from their seats at the tall black man. He smiled down at them. Slowly and carefully they said, “I promise…”

“…to be a gingerish student,” Kim So-Hyun quickly said.

“…to be a gingerish student,” the other kids said. Giggles spread throughout the class. So-Hyun sat in the front of the class. Eun-Yul popped back up from her chair.

“Teacher!” She shook her head. “Wrong!”

Stephen Teacher only smiled. He gave So-Hyun a high five also. “Next time, right?” He winked at So-Hyun. Eun-Yul dropped into her seat in frustration.