View Full Version : Seeking Beta Reader---Modern Fantasy Romance

03-04-2017, 09:53 PM
I don't honestly care what your background is... All I want is honest constructive feedback! Please read the summary below and reply if you are at all interested in peaking in Superors the Pontent!
A human, like yourself, Dolton Carter finishes up his junior year of high school. With a crappy attitude, he enters his summer break. Though just as it begins, the little Virginia town peaks open some SHOCKING secrets. Is it true that the fairytale creatures of the night really do roam around with us? What about half-breeds? Superors? Dolton meets an unusual stranger in the MIDST of it all. Following this event comes countless amounts of chaos. Even his own ancestor goes on a hunt for his head. His own allies seem to hate him for his unreal destiny. The Carter family, who already had a cold shoulder with Dolton, disowns him. Matters get worse when the city council decides to strike their devastating move against the team. Can the inexperienced and shunned human finally summon his courage and save the day? Or will his stubborn uncertainty doom them all?