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01-27-2017, 06:19 AM
Hey, all! I'm looking for a beta reader or two for my adult military fantasy, Godsfall. (Note: there are LGBT characters and the inclusion of a number of different religions/mythologies, so if either offends you, this probably wouldn't be up your alley.) The novel is complete at around 91,000 words, and I've done a couple passes on edits. I'd love to get a second pair of eyes on it, though.

As far as the kind of feedback I'm looking for, I tend to do a mix of line-by-line, stream-of-consciousness style editing and big picture stuff: character development, pacing, etc. That's pretty much what I'd love in a beta reader, as well. I'd be open to doing a swap for other SFF works with comparable lengths (and I'd really love to find a CP that writes in a similar genre) but I'm in my first year of law school, so free time isn't really a thing that exists for me. If someone would be willing to do me a solid and beta without a swap, I would be incredibly grateful. If you are looking for a swap, I prefer to swap the first chapter to make sure everything clicks. (Please, only books that have at least been proofread once or twice.)

Timeline: For swaps, my turnaround is usually pretty quick. A chapter or two a day, depending on the length of the chapter.

Contact: PM is best. For swaps, please include a book description (genre, word count, short blurb)

I've included a blurb below:

The first god fell from the sky on August 30, 2028, smack in the middle of London. By the time British Armed Forces took it out, nearly two weeks later, the entire city had been decimated.

After twenty years and dozens more godsfall events, the world is a husk of what it once was. To carve out a living in one of the few remaining cities, Rowan Key, an amoral mercenary with voices in his head and fire at his fingertips, puts his knack for strategy to use taking odd jobs for odder people. Good, bad, legal, illegal—he’s not one to sweat the scruples when the price is right. They bring the brawn, he brings the brain, and everybody walks away with a nice chunk of change.

One night, after a heist well done, he’s welcomed home by a colonel with the Anti-Deitic Coalition, who uses a face from Rowan’s past as leverage to blackmail him into joining the ADC’s Hail Mary of a science experiment. Their mission? To use people like Rowan, ones with godsblood in their veins and the preternatural abilities that come with it, to eliminate a rampaging goddess before she reaches her full strength and unleashes it on the city of Nashville. And if hunting a goddess with his patchwork team of Godsbloods wasn’t dangerous enough, the whispers in Rowan’s head have news for him:

The goddess is hunting him, too.