View Full Version : Anti-Procrastination Writing Buddy!

01-17-2017, 02:08 AM
I'm new, and I procrastinate. Horribly. I went ahead and made myself some deadlines from my outline, and plan to have my first draft written (in 1 week increments) in 5 weeks. The time crunch is purposeful because I'm really someone that needs to: A. meet goals I set and B. learn that done is better than perfect. Plus, I'm always hearing how the best authors are really just great re-writers, so getting the bones down to then mold the rest seems practical. Stuff to know about me:

Name: Cecily
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Education: In school, but I've changed majors so many times that I'm always in the "prerequisite" phase.

Genre: I'm open to almost all forms of fiction (to read), but to write I mostly focus on scifi and dark fantasy. I'm very focused on books and book writing.
Currently Writing: I'm writing about a future in which wealthy people can take revenge on others through multiverse time travel. It touches on themes of misogyny, victimization, social engineering, and empathy.
Feedback: I'm someone who is unoffended by frankness. So long as a critique has contextual evidence (i.e."You're disallowing the reader to make conclusions and truly observe your story when you openly state what you'd like us to know rather than providing context for the reader to deduce your aim. Show don't tell.") rather than being purely pessimistic for the sake of it ("I wouldn't buy it."), I'm game. That said, I'm perfectly comfortable cushioning my own critique to be honest yet kind. People do put a piece of themselves into the work.
Credentials: Effectively, none. All I can offer is my willingness to put the time in. If you write it, I'll read it and critique it if you'd like. I'm really just requiring someone to read the pages that I've written who will keep me accountable to my deadlines. All else, I can take with a grain of salt.

If at all interested, or just wanting to say hello, please feel free to PM me.