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01-06-2017, 07:46 PM
Update (February 26, 2018): I am actively seeking a new CP. I am also looking for willing betas. :)

YA Urban Fantasy taking place in Toronto & New York. Currently just under 80,000 words.

My Book (happy to share more in PMs):
Mack knows when you'll die with a single touch, and the water she's battled is at her mercy. When the strangers she touches turn up dead, and the people she loves become targets, it's all on Mack to stop the murders. After all, she's at the top of the hit list.

I believe in a balance. I am looking for constructive feedback while also learning what's working in my manuscript (I will provide the same feedback).

I am looking for a CP who can work on a chapter-by-chapter basis. Ideally, I'd like to find people who can work on a deadline (I'm really trying to get the ball rolling on this, so someone who can work on a deadline would be perfect!). I really like to work in Google Docs, but that isn't a requirement. :)

Traditional publishing is the route I'm pursuing. I'm fairly experienced with query letters (I work at an agency), and have some experience with synopsis and proposal writing.

Here’s a little about me. :)

I hold a B.A. in English and a graduate certificate in Creative Writing. My writing has appeared on HelloGiggles.com (http://hellogiggles.com/author/bree-crowder/), QuirkBooks.com (http://www.quirkbooks.com/users/bree-crowder), and Bustle.com (https://www.bustle.com/authors/1609-bree-crowder). I have had a guest contribution appear on YAHighway.com (http://yahighway.com). I own a blog: BreeCrowder.com (http://breecrowder.com). There, I talk about all things writing, reading, and publishing. This website will give you a better idea of my knowledge and preferences.

As far as industry experience goes, I was an Editorial Intern with P.S. Literary Agency (http://www.psliterary.com/who-we-are/) for eight months. After a promotion, I am now an Editorial Literary Assistant with P.S. Literary Agency.

I am also looking for a critique partner who is active online. Preferably, this person will be involved in the literary community on Twitter. My social links:

Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/breecrowder)
Goodreads (https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/18221698-bree-crowder)
Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/breecrowder/)
Blog (http://www.breecrowder.com)

If you think we'd make a good match, I'd love to chat with you. Please send me a PM if you're interested.

02-03-2017, 06:51 PM
Update (January 21, 2018): I've received several inquiries about this, so thought I should post here. I am currently seeking a new CP.

02-20-2017, 05:34 PM
Bumping, as I'm still looking. :)

02-28-2017, 01:33 AM
Hi Bree, I've dropped you a PM :)

04-13-2017, 06:29 PM
Bumping, as I'm still looking. :)

09-28-2017, 07:26 PM
Bumping. Actively looking!

10-08-2017, 08:05 PM
You and I might be a good fit. I'll send you a private message with my details.

10-08-2017, 08:20 PM
You and I might be a good fit. I'll send you a private message with my details.

10-13-2017, 11:03 PM
Interested! I'll shoot you a message.

01-21-2018, 07:43 PM
Bumping, as I'm actively looking again! Please PM if interested. :)