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12-27-2016, 02:05 AM
Closing this ad : )

While I'm waiting on agents who have my full MS (a historical set in England), I've started working on another novel, but this time it's set in Feudal Korea. I'm polishing up the draft and hope to send it off to agents sometime next year, and so am hoping to find a dedicated critique partner (dedicated, because I'll be taking your story seriously as well).

Anyone interested? If so, please contact me at my email: writerjunehur(at)gmail(dot)com I always forget to check my inbox on this site, which has resulted in missing out on some really great critique partner offers in the past, so that's why I prefer email : )

What I can offer as a critique partner is detailed feedback on plot and character development, creating atmosphere and world building. I'm interested in almost any adult/YA genre, but mainly: historical (the setting can be anywhere in the world), sci-fi, fantasy, anything dark and psychological, and women's fiction.

Here is a short summary of my novel, which is a coming-of-age mystery:

Korea, 1800: The Confucian kingdom has closed its door to encroaching Western powers, but a Catholic priest smuggles himself into the capital and builds a secret society of converts. Then corpses of seemingly random Catholics are discovered.

Sixteen-year-old Seol, an irrepressible slave girl, must assist Inspector Han who has been assigned the case. Together, as they travel from mud-covered alleys to exquisite mansions in search of the shadowy killer, an unlikely bond of loyalty is forged. But their partnership is tested when Seol finds out about Inspector Han’s disappearance on the night of a Catholic’s murder.

Concerned, Seol digs into his life and learns of his vengeful pursuit of the priest. She tries to pass it off as coincidence, but her instinct tells her otherwise when an inquiry into the murders reveal a disturbing pattern: Each victim had knowledge of the priest’s whereabouts. Increasingly alone in her suspicion, Seol finds herself thrust into an adult world where she must confront life’s painful realities and the price of betraying Inspector Han, the one person who wants to help reclaim her freedom.

And here is an excerpt of Chapter One:

The capital lay deep in stillness. The dirt road usually clamored with life outside Changdeok Palace: women crowding fish stalls, farmers carrying their produce, scholars with their silk robes, monks and traveling merchants. And there would always be a mob of children, faces burnt and glistening in the sticky heat, chasing after their rivals.

“Do you suppose the rumors are true, Officer Kyŏn?" Rain pitter-pattered against black tiled roofs as I lowered the satgat over my face, allowing the rain to dribble down from the pointed top and off wide brim. "People are whispering that the king was assassinated.”

Mud squelched under boots as police-officers trudged ahead.

Officer Kyŏn, the last in line, sent me a fierce look over his shoulder. "Watch what you say. The capital is nothing like the countryside.”

He was referring to Inchon prefecture, the place where I was from. A month had passed since I’d left home, brought to the capital to be trained as a police damo, a slave-of-all-works.

01-05-2017, 07:18 PM
Sounds like something that is right up my alley. I wrote a novel with a somewhat similar setting and would like some feedback as well. I'll email you to exchange information.