View Full Version : Beta Reader needed for 70k Urban Fantasy (open for swap)

12-04-2016, 01:45 AM
I need someone willing to be a harsh critic for my urban fantasy. It is about 70k words with almost no romance and some swearing and violence.

Imani Wynn has been a pushover her entire life, but when strange things start happening to her, she finds it is high time to start standing up for herself. After receiving what she believes is a fake invitation to the mysterious Skull and Bones type organization, The Society of the Pantheon, Imani believes there are people out there hellbent on making her life miserable. Things turn worse when she finds those same people following her around campus and outside her apartment. She isnít sure if it is better or worse that the invitation to The Society was real and she really is the vessel for a minor Norse goddess. While dealing with this supernatural mess, she must also face her boyfriend showing his true colors, her best friend betraying her, and her grandmother being sent to the hospital.

When Imani finds out other god vessels have been disappearing and one of her new friends is being accused of being behind it, she is determined to prove everyone wrong about him and possibly learn that she is a little more special than she gave herself credit for.

12-14-2016, 07:34 AM
All right, I guess I'll bite. PM me and we can discuss further :)