View Full Version : If you loved The Girls -- Accountable Critique Partner/Swap wanted Adult LitFic/Contemp

11-07-2016, 06:46 PM
It's hard to find someone you can count on to give you helpful feedback and to not bail after reading a few chapters (I know people get busy with their lives, it's understandable). I'm looking to exchange manuscripts with someone I can count on to get to the very end and help me fix any issues I have in my story.

My manuscript is complete at 70,000 words. It is somewhere between Literary Fiction and Contemporary (I'm not the best at categorizing books). If you've read Emma Cline's: The Girls, my story has a similar "feel" to The Girls, with a heavy Wiccan vibe. It's the main character, Phoebe Jansen's, story of love and obsession, with a dark side--murder and suicide. It has sort of a cult-y vibe, also. There is sex in the manuscript, with both male/female as well as female/female relationships.

We can swap the first few paragraphs or the first chapter to get a feel for each other's writing and see if we're the right match. This is the third draft of my manuscript, and I'd rather not edit someone's first draft. I like dark stories, but I'm pretty open about what I will read. (No YA, No Science Fiction, No Fantasy)

11-08-2016, 12:19 AM
Hi there, I think I write with a similar feel to you (and adored The Girls). My current WIP is not ready for anyone else's eyes at the moment, but in the meantime I would be happy to beta read for you - PM me if you're interested.