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05-02-2006, 03:47 AM
Find a Critique Partner at CritPal

Finding someone with the time, skill, and forthrightness to critique a novel-length manuscript can be a real challenge. You can read a chapter or two in a face-to-face critique group, but you'll only get snap impressions about the material. You can post an excerpt in an online critique group, but you have no way of knowing whether the people critiquing you have any idea what they're talking about. You can show your manuscript to your spouse or one of your family, but you can be sure he or she will absolutely love it. (If not, you may have a bigger problem than plotting or characterization!)

CritPal is different. It's a free service that lets you form one-to-one critiquing partnerships with other novelists. Each CritPal member posts a sample chapter and an ad that details his or her genre, style, experience, what he or she is looking for in a partner, and what he or she can offer. Once you find a likely prospect, you contact him or her by email to set up a partnership. And one that relationship is established, it would last a life time.

The great thing about CritPal is that you and your partner control every aspect of the partnership. You can trade single chapters or entire manuscripts. You can critique completed manuscripts or manuscripts in progress. You can ask your partner to focus on particular areas where you're having trouble. You can exchange revised manuscripts based on previous critiques. Whatever works for you and your partner--and your manuscripts--works for CritPal. So if you're interested, click on this link