View Full Version : Looking for beta reader for 60k paranormal romance

11-04-2016, 09:20 AM
Hello everyone, I am in need of betas for my 60k word paranormal romance Death Knows my name. It's new adult with cursing, violent scenes and sex.
Here is the first draft synopsis:

Aleida Fuller has lived her life communicating with the supernatural. After the tragic drowning of her brother when she was twelve, a spiritual door inside Aleida was opened, allowing her to speak to spirits. As an adult, she helps people communicate with their dead loved ones. However, being a powerful medium comes with its own negatives. Aleida is the subject of public ridicule and judgment, feeling isolated in her Southern town. Her one ally is boyfriend Deputy Sheriff Ted Walker who employs her at the police station solving unusual crimes.

Rafe Jenner is a reaper on a mission. Hungry for human souls, the angel of death is drawn to the police station by something more valuable than a soul: a new vessel. But Rafe has competition for Aleida's body in the form of Albinus, a demon riding low on the totem pole. He wants Aleida's soul too, but for far more malevolent purposes. Who will succeed in the battle for Aleida's body? Will Rafe change his ways to protect Aleida against an agent of Hell?

I am happy to beta read something of yours. Please PM or reply to this thread if interested :)