View Full Version : Newsletter Swap?

11-02-2016, 06:22 AM
Has anybody used a new (to me, at least) service called Newsletter Swap?


It works by helping writers match up with others in their genre to pass on promotions to their newsletter readers. It sounds like it might be worth trying out, but wondering if anyone else has had experiences with it.


12-23-2017, 05:59 AM
Resurrected this, as it's now called BOOK BOAST, and I've been playing with it.

It's quite quiet, you need to make a bunch of requests before you'll get a 'hit' and a place on someones newsletter, but it's worked very well for me in the past few weeks, helping me get a new release in front of some targeted fans.

Plus you only need to accept spots on your own newsletter as you want to, there's nothing forcing you to swap with the person who accepts your request.

So far, it's a winner. I'm over there at https://www.bookboast.com/newsletters/1258 if anybody wants to play.