View Full Version : blame it on Rio

11-01-2016, 12:40 AM
Howdy--anyone here from Rio de Janeiro? I need a small assist on some basic facets of life there.

Here we go:

1) If a young couple in Rio wanted to get married in a 'civil ceremony' --would they go to the 'City Hall' of Rio? What is that building or office called?

2) Is there a central 'municipal administration building'? Where is it located? What district houses the government infrastructure?

3) When is the rainiest part of the yr in Rio?

4) If there was a big, official gala--some kind of 'awards-ceremony' --taking place somewhere *indoors* in Rio...is there a very prominent and well-known theater or hall or auditorium? Where such events typically are held? For example, I know Rio has an annual fashion show, is this held in a theater or something?

5) What is the name of any popular cathedral or church in downtown Rio?

Thank you very much.