View Full Version : CP/Mentor/Beta for 90k Upmarket Women's Fiction

09-28-2016, 12:19 AM
Hello, I'm having terrible trouble finding a CP (or a mentor!) to help with my upmarket women's fiction manuscript. Brief details: Multiple POV/LGBT/POC set in England and Romania. The manuscript interweaves the plots of three women aged 19, 40 and 65 whose lives are tragically affected by a politician's death.

Although it focuses on psychological depth, it is fairly plot heavy and features an upbeat ending (but no traditional HEA).
FYI. Manuscript features sex scenes, prostitution, death, interracial relationships and degenerative brain diseases. It also features heart-warming family reunions, love, atonement and graduations! See, it's not all bad.

Ideally I'd like to find someone with a little bit of CPing experience (I have some!), who can turnaround a couple of chapters a week. This draft is a 3rd revision and I have 10k left to write/edit. I'm hoping I'll be ready to start querying at the end of the year. Please (!) only connect if you're committed and not querying yet.

Many thanks.