View Full Version : Man seeks beta. Must love SF thrillers.

09-25-2016, 05:50 AM
Hi all, I'm after a couple beta readers for a SF thriller called The Ministry of Detection.

It's set in an alternate 1950s, where Ministry of Detection agent Arthur Winter searches for alien-human hybrids living in secret. After Winter bungles an operation, he's brought in by the minister himself to find a missing Government scientist.

What does Winter find? Mystery, intrigue, action and adventure! The whole nine yards.

It's 70k words, so not too long. This would be a third draft - would need a polish, but at the moment I'm more concerned with making sure the thing works on a macro level. If anyone is interested, I'm more than happy to exchange crits.

Thanks in advance!

09-27-2016, 07:44 PM
Hi. I would be willing to take a shot at reading your masterpiece. Always good to read some alternate history.

Would you be interested in doing a critique swap? I have a revised version of my novel (about 80k) ready for perusal. It's a fantasy piece but I would really like a man's reading perspective (no offense to any gals, I'm interested in your opinion as well, it's just that it's more difficult to find male readership these days).