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08-07-2016, 09:01 AM
8/9/16 Update: I've found someone to swap with! I will want to do more swaps later on, so I will be back again in a few months. Thank you :)

I'm working on a new novel and I'd love to get some feedback on what I've got going so far. I've got about 12k words down, but I'm only looking to have the first three chapters read, which is about 6 pages in Word.

This swap could potentially be a writing partnership. We could trade more as we get further along in our respective works, if it feels like we're a good match. Please note that I'm looking to swap with someone who has experience. I've written one another novel and several screenplays. I'm familiar with giving and receiving feedback. I'm familiar with the writing and revising and rewriting that this takes. I've worked with a lot of new writers through the years, and as much as I love encouraging someone in their early days, I'm looking for someone who is serious about the craft also (but not too serious - let's have fun with our projects first and foremost!).

This novel will mostly be literary but with some sci-fi and mystical elements worked in. It's about two chefs who meet and fall in love in New Orleans. As they come together and get to know each other they will also be exploring the concept of parallel lives (this is the sci-fi part). They will be exploring if parallel lives are possible, what it means for them and the choices they made and what it says about our concept of reality.

Please note that I give constructive criticism and look for the same in return. While sharing feedback so we can improve is the main goal, feeling supported and encouraged is also important. It takes a great deal of trust to share your work in progress with another and I will never tear you or your work down. I know we all have our down and pessimistic days, but I am an overall positive person. If you want to gripe about how nothing ever works out and the industry is closed by gate keepers then we're not exactly a great match. No cheerleaders required, we all have our down days, but I'm just trying to give an overall feel of me and where I'm coming from.

The working title of my novel is "Cooking in Parallel Dimensions." If you'd like to contact me you can message me here, but the best way is to email me directly: melissa.field@live.com

Thank you and happy writing!

p.s. I'm open to all genres! I enjoy funny, dark, gritty and weird and even a good post-apocalypse dystopian story. I'm not offended by much, however I'm not a big fan of rape/abuse stories. I mostly read sci-fi, literary, contemporary women, mystical/light fantasy and some historical fiction. I've done some beta work on chick lit but I'm not very familiar with romance. I never read YA so I'm probably not very helpful in that realm. If you're unsure just email me!

08-07-2016, 10:47 PM
Hey Melissa,

I'm interested to swap. I have two WIP.

I've been told I'm blunt and don't mince words by a person I critiqued. She loved it nevertheless.
I'm not mean and I'd never tear someone down. Although, if you're new to receiving critiques, you might hate me, because if something doesn't work, I'll be honest with you.

Currently, I have two WIP:

1) Erotic romance at approximately 80k (80% drafted) – sort of an adult version of The Hunger Games + TV series Survivor.
2) Post-apocalypse zombie at approximately 40 - 50k intended to be part of a series. (75 % draft but doing a rewrite) – a quirky tale with dual POV (zombies + Humans).

Criteria: I prefer to do a swap on the first chapter, and depending on if we clicked, we'll proceed from there.


08-09-2016, 07:45 PM
I'm emailing you.