View Full Version : Searching for a Beta-Swap for Sci-Fi 83k

07-09-2016, 09:38 PM
Hi folks, I'm on the lookout for a beta for my complete 83k sci-fi novel. I'm also willing to do a swap (more on this in a minute). The novel has been through many incarnations and is now at a point where I feel like it's at its most complete and (hopefully) ready for a last couple of betas to take a look at before I make final revisions and then begin the grand query quest. Here's a little about 'Turning the Hourglass':
Dyrne Samson is a historian in post-War New London. But he doesn't use books toresearch the past. Along with his colleagues, he works for the government usingadvanced - and secret - technology to ‘visit’ the past, reporting on what hefinds. As well as keeping his occupation hidden, though, Dyrne is keepingsecrets of his own. He has recurring nightmares about a dead body. He isobsessed with an equality campaigner he only met once. And he is lying toeveryone around him about what he wants to 'visit' next.
At this stage, I'm looking for someone to comment on pace/flow, structure and general reader engagement.
Like I said above, I'd be willing to do a swap with your own MS. I've betad quite a lot of novels now from members here on AW and am an English Lit graduate and teacher so have a fair bit of experience with this. I can also work through your MS fairly quickly over the next few weeks. My preferred genres are sci-fi, dystopian, speculative fiction, paranormal, mystery, thriller, general literary fiction, magic realism and maybe even a little fantasy. Swearing or graphic/sexual content don't bother me.
Let me know if you're interested and we could arrange a three-chapter swap to figure out if it's something we want to take ahead.
P.s. My novel has occasional swearing and no sexual content.

07-10-2016, 04:22 PM
Would you consider YA scifi/paranormal? I'm also looking for a beta, for now, for the first half only. I also have beta experience, and I'd be happy to look at your entire novel in exchange. We could do the chapter swap, if you're interested. :)