View Full Version : George RR Martin and Stephen King discuss fantasy and writing

06-24-2016, 10:04 AM

Martin and King discuss a variety of topics over the course of about an hour. A lot of fun and well worth a listen.

Laer Carroll
06-30-2016, 05:20 AM
The interview was very interesting to me. Thanks.

Among other highlights was the fact that both started making stories when they were very young, even before they could read, by retelling fairy tales or comic book stories and giving them their own personal twists. By their early teens they were writing a good deal.

Another is that both, when they are working, do so almost every day. Even when that work is not actually writing, but mulling over plot points and character development. Or doing research. The story is in at least the backs of their minds if not in the forefront. This constancy is something I need to development; if I leave a project for long I lose inspiration and the enjoyment of working on the story.

06-30-2016, 09:09 AM
Martin's wrong on his "external evil" point.

Tolkien actually portrays evil as both internal and external. If it were purely external, Gandalf or Galadriel or whomever could have used the Ring, defeated Sauron, and everyone would be happy. Except it doesn't work like that: the Ring feeds off and magnifies what is already there; Gandalf as Ring Lord would be just as much a victory for evil as Sauron. Alternatively, if evil is purely internal, the correct course of action is to drop the Ring into the Sea or give it to Tom Bombadil. Except that that too wouldn't have worked, because Sauron would cheerfully clobber everyone without the Ring anyway. So you're left with having to fight the evil within (temptation) as much as the evil without (Mordor).

And that's even before taking into account Martin's own external evil (the Others). The entire narrative drive of ASOIAF is basically about the inability of humans to unite in the face of a much greater threat.