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06-17-2016, 08:08 PM
Title: The Trump Supremacy: An Ace Nighthard Adventure, featuring MPREG

Author: K.J. Bartolotta, writing as Ace Nighthard

Publication Date: June 2, 2016

Publisher: Smashwords

Format: Ebook

ISBN: 9781311762269

Price: Free!

Logline or Blurb: 30,000 words of hot Republican frontrunner action! When homoerotic male assassin Ace Nighthard is sent on a routine assignment to neutralize New York billionaire and presidential candidate Dagwad Trumpe, he discovers separating business from pleasure is more difficult than it appears. Marvel as Ace and Trumpe explore extreme Omegaverse romance, involving sexual and psychological domination, creative enchilada-play, and knotting, as well as the most thrilling and exotic of niche erotica tropes, male pregnancy!

Link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/640894

Link to author's website: See in signature.