View Full Version : Timing in Cane Learning and O&M meetings

04-19-2016, 09:49 PM
Two, hopefully quick, questions on dealing with blindness:

I've found lots of resources on cane training and the four stages of proficiency, but can't seem to get a ballpark as to how long it takes to reach each stage. I know it's going to be individually varied, but still, I need a number to work with. This is for a 14 y.o. MC who has lost 100% of sight.
Related, in a situation like this with sight-loss due to a sudden accident, is it likely that a family could get an O&M specialist to come to their home, or would they visit a center? What's the cost for one/the other? Are they covered by any health insurance/state aid?

Both these questions are for characters living in the US.