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04-02-2016, 10:14 PM
I assume it differs from city to city, but for non-volunteer fire fighters I need to know work schedules for a typical month. 24 hours on, 48 off, repeat? What are the different variations of their work schedules? Also, am I correct in assuming that pretty much every fire fighter cooks when they're on duty, and that most fire fighters can cook at least basic dishes? Thanks in advance!

04-03-2016, 12:02 AM
Usually only a few of the firefighters cook. Some of their cooking would require a paramedic after you finished eating. Cooking is in lieu of other household duties.

Schedules vary widely. 24/48 12/12 mixed like 12/12/24. It really varies on the department and the work needs.

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Jim Clark-Dawe

04-03-2016, 05:47 AM
What do you need? Many work 24 on, 48 off. Many firefighters cook. Some don't work that schedule or cook. So fit your needs to the story.

Keep in mind that some small departments might roll on a dozen calls in a day, with several hours of downtime between. Other departments, like Boston, Chicago and other large cities, are pretty much on scene or on the way to one for 95% of their shift. Some departments may see a fire every two years and the rest are medical calls or traffic accident cleanups. Others see multi-alarm fires nearly every shift they're on.

Firefighters cook things that can be left sitting if they need to run. You haven't lived until you've tried to choke down lasagna that's been reheated eight times in two days and you're taking the first bite. Sandwiches, cereal, eggs, toast, peanut butter, instant rice or potatoes, frozen chicken nuggets and the like are common fare. Almost every agency has a grocery list for the stations, call your local fire department and see what theirs is.


04-03-2016, 06:25 AM
I'm sure this differs widely - here I think they go like, day shift, day shift, night shift, night shift, then several days off. I do know some like to cook, some don't, sometimes everyone gets takeout, heh.

A grocery list for the stations? I'm guessing this too varies, as I've seen my local firefighters debating what to buy and make while wandering the market more times than I can count.

Oh, remember - always take the truck when you run errands, like to the market or to get takeout.

04-03-2016, 03:50 PM
Thanks everyone, this helps. Now that I know I can choose the schedule that best fits my story I can use the 24 on 48 off structure I originally put in there.