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03-05-2016, 02:22 PM
So, as discussed in another thread (http://absolutewrite.com/forums/showthread.php?316291-I-have-a-problem-with-my-title), it looks like I'm going to have to change the name of my space monarchy due to, well, Greek Nazis.

The original name was The Realm of the Golden Dawn, because it was founded after a long period of brutality and darkness.

For a replacement, I'm thinking either The Realm of the Glorious Dawn, or The Realm of the Bright Dawn.

Thoughts? The name IS meant to be fancy and unwieldy.

Caitlin Black
03-05-2016, 02:58 PM
Could you fit the word "Radiant" in there somewhere?

03-05-2016, 03:59 PM
Could you fit the word "Radiant" in there somewhere?

I think that would turn this into a sentence rather than a name.

Friendly Frog
03-05-2016, 05:49 PM
If you want slightly over-the-top words you can also consider 'resplendent', 'iridenscent' or 'supreme'.

The Radiant Realm of the Resplendent Dawn? It has a nice alliterate ring to it.

Liosse de Velishaf
03-05-2016, 09:36 PM
I would avoid "Radiant Dawn" if possible, as it's the title of a not unknown video game in a very popular series.

I like "The Realm of the Bright Dawn" the most here, I think.

Cobalt Jade
03-05-2016, 11:11 PM
For a replacement, I'm thinking either The Realm of the Glorious Dawn

I favor this one.

03-06-2016, 12:45 AM
The Realm of the Glorious Dawn

Another vote for this one.

03-06-2016, 12:57 AM
I prefer 'Glorious Dawn'. It just sounds grander than 'Bright Dawn'.

Liosse de Velishaf
03-06-2016, 07:41 AM
Changing my vote to Glorious

03-07-2016, 12:10 AM
Glorious Dawn sounds like exactly the sort of self-aggrandizing name an aspiring Space Monarch would love.

03-07-2016, 08:25 PM
Another one for Glorious Dawn.

03-08-2016, 07:46 AM
"The Realm of the Inevitable Dawn"

"Shining Dawn"

"Orlando and Dawn" (okay, not that one)

How about the "Second, Third or Fourth Dawn" if it was the rise of the new (re-incarnated or divine inheritor) Emperor/Leader. Perhaps "whose coming was pre-ordained."


03-09-2016, 12:50 PM
Alright, I'm going with Glorious. Thanks folks.

Say, one other little I could maybe get opinions on: I'm refining the name of the nasty period before the founding. It's a minor thing, but does one sound better than the other: The Long Darkness, or just The Long Dark?